Title: Tangled X-Men Virsion

Disclaimer: I dont not own the Tangled or X-men

Rating: T

Paring: Kurt/NightCrawler x Scott/Cyclopes

A/N:please take in mind i did not really proofread this. no beta reader either so be nice.

One is a drop of the sun fell to the on a Cliffside near the sea, where a fell grew a flower. The flower looked like a lily only blue with yellow swilling patterns.

This flower is more than beautiful, this flower possesses magical ability.

A cloaked figure appeared from the woods near on the hidden Cliffside. A woman's fiery red hair stood out against the blue cloak that covered her body. In the moonlight shined over her pale skin I was covered in wrinkles. This old woman once had a beautiful name, Raven, she had long ago abandoned it when she became A which. Her name now was Mystique. The witch he hated people, was every bone in her being. There was nothing more that she hated than other human being. She was no longer human. This greedy woman used the magic of the flower to replenish her youth. Her wrinkles faded the aches and pain of old age dulled. Her new found youth lasted only a few seconds. The blue and gold flower was pure as life itself, to use it for oneself is greedy. The flower was cursed to protect it from greed. Mystique's skin turned blue and scaly. She found that the flower mutated her genes. The flower gave her the gift to change her shape. Man, woman, boy, girl, kingdom guard, or thug; anyone or anything.

Years passed since the flower was first found. A kingdom develops on a far off the island. The king and queen were loved and adored by all. Rejoiced when Queen Charlotte became one with child; she was almost ready to give birth when she fell ill. King Erik sent all of the Kingdome's guards to find a mystical flower, that said to cure any disease. The guards left on boats to the main land. On her cliff, Mystique saw the men coming. As the voices grow closer mystique panic, did not want the flower to found. She put camouflage over the flower to hide it, but as she ran away she knocked off the camouflage. Exposing the flower, she hide in the bushes and waited. Unfortunately for her when a man saw the flower. The man took the flower that king.

The flower always been into a tea, and if it to the queen. The Queen gave birth to had a healthy baby boy. Sadly the curse of the flower became the babies curse as well. His skin was blue and furry, his eyes will golden yellow just as bright as a flower. He only had three fingers at each hand, and only two toes on each foot. His legs look like ones of back legs of dog. The most unusual feature was the tail that waved with his emotion. Despite his appearance King Erik and Queen Charlotte loved the boy was all their heart. The king and queen released a flying lantern to celebrate the boy's birth.

That night Mystique Central palace, more specifically the prince's room; no one saw a tiny ant climb up the side of the castle.

"Hello my beauty" mystique and softly in a gentle voice to the sleeping child.

/flower gleam and glow

Let power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine.

Flower gleam and glow

Change the fates design

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine.\

The Prince's hair (not the fur) began to glow. Mystique felt age drain out of her, she was young again not in appearance but in energy. She took a look of the boy's hair in her hand, cut it. That hair turned black, she she looked at Boy's head the part of the hair that she cut had turned black as well. Mystique realized to keep her flower she needed to take the baby with her.

From their chamber Erik and Charlotte, herd their child's cries and ran to him. They were just in time to see it hooded figure with glowing yellow eyes out jump off the balcony with the new prince.

Every year King Erik and Queen Charlotte release of flying lantern in hopes that it prince will return.

Mystique to the boy deep into the woods to a secret tower; mystique raised the boy as her own. Every year the lost prince snuck of his room to watch the floating lights that appears ever night on his birthday. As he stares at them in awe he can't help but feel that they were meant for him.