It's Saint Patrick's Day at the House of Anubis and to celebrate Amber's forcing everyone to go to a special dance. Parings are Fabina, Jera, Peddie, Amfie, and Moy!

IMPORTANT: Mick cheated on Mara that's why she's hanging out with Jerome, and obviously Mick's back and no one really cares but kind of Joy.

Chapter 1:

"Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina, Ninaaaaaaa!" Amber hollered as she ran place to place looking for her BAF Nina Martin, but she was nowhere to be found.

The blonde popped her head in the kitchen but only Mara and Jerome were there.

"Have either of you seen Nina around? I have something important to tell her. Oh, Mara! I almost forgot you have to come too okay?"

Despite Mara's protests she allowed the boy-crazed girl to pull her away from her tower of desserts she'd been making with Jerome.

"Don't you dare eat any of that without me Jerome Clarke!" she yelled at Jerome gave a thumbs up, but looked longingly at the mountain of chocolate, whip cream, fudge, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and a variety of cookies.

"What's all this fuss about Amber?" Mara complained as she was dragged up to Amber's room.

"I'll tell you later, you stay here while I try to find the rest," Amber instructed before darting away.

Who would've a girl could move so fast in a pair of high heels like that.

Mara sighed as she plopped down on Nina's bed wondering what on earth was so important that Amber had to drag her away from Jerome was.

In the short time of five seconds another girl was pushed into the room like Mara had been. It was Patricia of course.

"Do you know what Amber's going off on?" she questioned but Mara shook her head.

"Eddie and I were kind of in the middle of something," she complained unhappily.

Mara smirked, "What? A full out snogging session?" Patricia blushed furiously as yet another girl was pushed into the room.

This time it was Joy who was looking very confused as to how she'd gotten there.

"One second I was in my room reading a magazine about how to get already taken guys and then the next thing I know I'm in here. What happened?"

Patricia snickered a bit at the look on Joy's face. "Amber abducted us because she has some sort of big announcement she wants to make," Mara explained.

Then the door burst open and Amber came in with a very upset Nina. "Remind me why the heck I'm here again?" Nina asked moodily.

Amber closed the door behind her and looked at each one of us individually with a solemn expression before she began to squeal.

"Guess what? There's this dance called the Saint Patty's Ball, and we're all going! Yay!"

"What?" Patricia demanded.

"It's going to be absolutely lovely! Nina and Fabian will go together, and Patricia and Eddie, me and Alfie of course, then Mara and Joy will have to decide who wants Jerome or Mick. Probably Mara with Jerome and Joy with Mick since Mick cheated on Mara and they broke up," Amber explained completely ignoring Patricia.

"Wait why can't I go with Fabes?" Joy whined and everyone rolled their eyes.

"Because Joy, Fabian likes Nina not you, so just get over it already okay? Okay then. Now outfits, we're all going shopping tomorrow and no buts."

Everyone groaned as they thought of the going out shopping all day and having Amber pick out outfits that they'd never wear in their lives.

This was going to be torture.


"I'm not putting that thing on Amber, not now not ever," Patricia insisted cowering behind a rack of dresses.

But Amber was persisted, "Yes you are Patricia Williamson, this instant."

Knowing there was no escaping Amber the terror, Patricia snatched the dress from her hand and grumbled something under her breath about how Amber should just let her pick out her own dress.

When she came out immediately everyone burst into laughter and Amber looked like she'd just found the cure for the common cold or something equally brilliant.

"Patricia you look like a princess!" she squealed and Patricia rolled her eyes.

"That's the problem," she snarled.

You see Patricia was clad in a floor length, ruffled covered, mermaid, puffy green dress with much too high black heels, a black ring that was much too classy and not gothic enough for Patricia, and a black flower bedazzled clip in her hair which also was sported green extensions.

"Wow Patricia, I like the new look," Joy commented, laughing her head off with everyone else.

Amber, unseen by Patricia, took out her phone and starting to take pictures.

Eddie so definitely owes me one, she thought in her head thinking back to the favor he'd asked of her earlier that day.

"Okay Patricia you can change into this now, I don't think that dress is really you," she told her and Patricia gratefully ran into the dressing room with the new dress.

The girls were still laughing until, "Let's pick out Joy's dress next!"

Amber squealed happily, thinking of what horrible dresses she could force that awful Fabina destructor of a girl. I can almost see it now, she thought evilly.

Eventually Patricia had finished changing and was walking cautiously out of the changing stall.

"How do I look?" she asked nervously playing with the hem of her dress.

"You look absolutely fantastic Patricia!" everyone chorused and it couldn't have been truer.

Instead of the horrifically non-Patricia dress she had on before that made her look like a princess she had the coolest gothic looking, Saint Patrick's Day dress in the world.

It was knee length and sleeveless with miniscule black ruffles at the top, had a cool laced pattern down the front until it reached about her hips were the dress flowed away in three layers.

The patterning along the entire dress was too amazing to describe with words.

On Patricia's right hand was an almost elbow length glove that didn't cover her fingers except there was a little loop where her middle finger went through.

She had black boots that were nice yet they had no heel and they were completely comfortable.

Around Patricia's neck was sweet necklace that spelled 'BLACK HEART' in cool lettering, and a dark green flower ring sat on her index finger perfectly.

"You're defiantly getting that Patricia, no buts. You look gorgeous," Amber announced to her and pushed her back into the stall so she could change back into her normal clothes and they could search for something that Joy could wear.

In Joy's hand though she already held a dress that we couldn't quite tell what it looked like.

"I'm going to try this on, it looked beautiful on the rack and I know Fabian will just love me in it!" she gushed and both Nina and Amber glared at her but she either didn't notice or didn't care.

Once Patricia had finished she skipped inside and began to put on the mysterious outfit.

The Anubis girls all sat bored out of our minds as they waited for Joy to finally be finished. When she did come out all jaws had dropped.

Joy was in an impossibly small, green, deep 'V' neck dress with the high heels any of them had ever seen, even higher than Amber's.

From her ears dangled enormous gold tear-drop earrings and gold bangles rattled around on her wrist.

And that was all she had on; I repeat, all of it, and it was enough to make anyone want to vomit their lunch which Amber and Nina nearly did.

"Well, do you like?" Joy demanded in a voice that meant, say yes or face the consequences.

Heads bobbed up and down vigorously not wanted to enrage Joy the Terror.

"Good," she smiled and went over to Patricia.

"Is that all you're wearing?" Patricia questioned slowly.

"Of course silly," Joy replied giggling. Patricia looked uncomfortable.

"No necklace?" she asked hoping her friend would say yes but her answer was far from that.

"No way, wearing a necklace would distract from everything else," she explained and Patricia eyes begged for someone to step in and save her, but the rest of the group was too shocked to speak again.

Joy kept rambling like no one else could hear them, "Anyways, adding anything else wouldn't only be a distracting from the more important things, it would be like taking fashion tips from Amber. It would be completely useless and in the end totally ugly and hideous."

Behind her Amber looked murderous as she slowly took off one of her blue high heels and began to raise it above her head.

Quickly Mara and Nina held her back, not exactly wanting to clean up a murder later.

"Let's look for something that Amber can wear yeah? I think that'd be a good idea. Don't you Joy?" Patricia asked loudly hoping Joy would get the message to shut up and act civilized.

She nodded her head all ditzy-like and Patricia groaned in her mind.

Was her best friend really that big of a jerk? When had that happened, or had she always been like this and she hadn't noticed till just barely?

Joy went into the stall to change back to normal and Amber was still fuming but Nina had taken away her shoes so that was good.

"Come on let's find something worthy for the great Amber Millington," Mara suggested and the three left Patricia to wait for Joy outside the dressing rooms and on a small black bench.

The trio got back before Joy had finished changing.

"How come it's taking her so long? She barely had anything on in the first place!" Mara whisper shouted so that Joy wouldn't hear her.

Patricia laughed and Joy emerged from the tiny, mirrored room with her dress/accessories in hand.

"I'm going to go buy this while all you do whatever it is you're going kk?" and with that she left without waiting for a response.

"And I thought she couldn't get more unbelievably tasteless," Amber muttered, stomping out of sight. A door slammed loudly and a bolt secured it tightly.

In a fifth of the time it took Joy to change Amber was back out strutting around blissfully.

She was wearing a stunning green dress with multiple layers at the bottom and was fitted perfectly at the top.

Her high heels were matching and were normal height and seemed significantly tiny in comparison to Joy's.

Her jewelry was simple and cute, a green and gold bracelet, not too flashy, a four leaf clover ring that sat on her index finger like it was made for it, and a necklace with three pretty gems and a delicate heart on top.

"So?" Amber asked, already knowing how good she looked but wanted to hear it from her friends, minus Joy. Who cares what she thinks?

"You look extravagant Amber," Nina informed her and Mara nodded her head.

"It's Queen Material," she agreed. Amber's already wide smile growing wider at each comment.

"Now you guys can search for Mara's dress whilst I change back into my other clothes," Amber told them excitedly then added, "But I have to okay it before she tries it on, we don't want to be here all day trying on a hundred dresses."

Mara rolled her eyes and Patricia and Nina both dragged her to the racks after racks of dresses.

"Kill me now," she mumbled under her breath so that no one could catch it, but Patricia did and she started laughing loudly ignoring the looks she was receiving from other customers.

We found what looked like the perfect dress for me and showed it to Amber once she was out of the stalls.

"Jerome won't be able to keep his eyes off you one bit!" Amber exclaimed causing Mara to blush madly once she emerged from changing.

Unlike everyone else's dress so far Mara's was a deep olive green, boarding black and if you glanced at it you might of thought that it was.

Mara was decorated with a gold bracelet and a heart shaped ring with stars on it and written on the side was 'I want the sun.'

Finally she had on her silver, Anker charmed anklet that she never took off even if it clashed with the rest of the outfit.

Her shoes were just flats the same color as her dress but with a small gold lining around the top (AN/ Sorry I forgot to add the shoes on the URL further so just imagine them).

It was plain and simple, yet with her jewelry and features Mara pulled it off making it seem extremely fin and elegant.

"Mara you're getting that okay? So don't put on anything else got it?" Amber demanded and Mara just nodded too happy with the dress to argue about anything with Amber.

"Now go and change so we can pick out Nina's dress for the dance that will make Fabian drool," Amber said and Mara scampered back into the locker-like room.

"My dress is already going to have Fabes on his knees," Joy sneered and Nina glared at her peeved off for sure but didn't sink to Joy's level.

Amber couldn't resist though, "FYI Joy, Fabian doesn't like you. He never did and he never will so give it up already okay? You're driving me insane just leave Fabina alone because Foy or Jabian or Jobian or whatever stupid name you call it isn't going to happen, ever."

Joy looked unfazed, probably because she'd heard it more than a thousand times. "Will see," was all she said.

After Mara had finished up, Amber wasted no time searching for the perfect dress for Nina to try on.

When she'd found the right one she was scared when the first five out of seven weren't the right size.

Thankfully the last one was though or else we might have never found Nina a suitable dress for the dance, Amber thought gratefully.

"Here you go Nina, try this one. You'll adore it, I promise," Amber vowed gleefully. Nina just smiled and left to swap outfits on.

When she came back Amber gasped, she looked so completely and totally amazing.

Her ring and bracelet was nice enough the ring with its silver and green intertwinement and the almost glistening starfish bracelet.

Nina's gray flats with little, petite bows on top were cute too. But the dress was by far the best.

It was a light, soft green that was close at the top then flowed away, and a single strap went over her shoulder perfectly showing off just the right amounts of everything.

"Fabian better thank me after this dance for getting you that dress Nina because you'll rock his world in that," Amber told her and all heads nodded in agreement that is, except Joy's.

"I think you look hideous, there's no way Fabes would go out with you looking like that. You might as well just give up and save him from vomiting and you from complete humiliation," Joy quipped in her snotty tone making everyone look at her with wide, angry eyes.

"You're kidding right Joy? Nina looks fantastic, I wouldn't be surprised if Fabian thought he was in heaven and Nina was an angel when she walked down the stairs with the rest of us before we left for the dance," Mara told her and Joy shut up but held her head higher like she was above the rest of them.

"Well, now that we're done we should probably grab some food and head back to the house," Amber said, breaking the silence that had taken hold of all of them.

"Oh, yes I'm starving," Patricia agreed and Joy rolled her eyes.

"You're always hungry Patricia," she pointed out and Patricia stuck out her tongue at her behind once Joy's back had turned.

"I'll just take these to the register," Amber announced and left in a hurry.


"How did it go?" Fabian asked once the girls had returned bags in hand.

"It was great Fabian, wait till you see what we got," Amber gushed ecstatically.

"Yeah Fabes, I know you'll just loved the dress I picked out!" Joy told him grabbing tightly onto his arm her nail digging into his skin.

"Joy, let go of Fabian and leave him alone alright? Let's go upstairs to our room we still have that massive history report due in three days remember?" Patricia pointed out and proceeded to drag her out of hallway and up the flight of stairs.

Fabian looked extremely relieved once she was gone, Nina too.

"Now that she's gone and all… Fabian are you going to ask Nina to the dance now?" Amber asked innocently causing Nina and Fabian to both stutter and blush.

Sighing Amber made her way to the kitchen but not before saying, "Later then, okay guys? Cool. Come on Mara let's go and maybe Fabian will man up finally."

That was chapter 1, I hope you liked it. I know Saint Patrick's Day isn't for a while but I wanted to get it started so I could post the final chapter then. Pictures on profile! R&R!


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