Okay so here's this is the very end and I really hope y'all will enjoy it! I'm going to give you a summary of what's happened with each couple and then there's a short chapter after!


Joy and Mick-

After graduating from college, and going through their ups and downs Mick and Joy were married.

They have five kids (Someone needs a new hobby [Hint: It's Joy]) and one on the way.

The oldest is Roger who's 15, next is Patrick Louis who just turned 13, then the twins M&EM they're called because you never see one without the other and are identical. M stands for Marissa and EM is short for Emily Mary, and they're both 9 years old. Their other child (That's been born already) is Christen and she's 7. The baby that's currently on the way is a boy and the name they've picked out is Johnny.

Mick got his dream job and plays professional football (or soccer) while Joy co-owns a fashion line with Amber who's again her friend.

The happy family lives in a lavish house near by the river Thames (as close as you can be) away from Liverpool…

Amber and Alfie-

Alfie proposed to Amber multiple times (four) and finally she agreed.

They're now happily married and have one little girl and like Joy and Mick they are currently expecting.

Their girl's name is Nicole Marie (3 years old) and their other not yet born kid is going to be a boy named Alex Frederic (FR-Fabian Rutter, ED- EDdie, ER-jERome, and IC- mICk).

Amber co-owns a fashion line with Joy called Anubis Boutique and Alfie somehow landed a job as a lawyer who deals with family matters (whacked up right?), and is surprisingly really good at it too.

They live close by the Campbells on the Thames too, but instead live in a nice apartment building with a lovely view of the famous drawbridge.

They still keep in contact with their other friends and once every two weeks they all get together and talk while the kids run around and play together.

Amber still makes Nina go shopping with her sometimes too even though Nina insists that it's all too expensive for her...

Mara and Jerome-

Jerome finally brought out the ring and proposed to Mara who of course said yes!

They've been married for just about four years now and have just one kid that is three years old, but they are thinking about adopting one from a foreign country very, very soon. It took forever to decide on a name for the kid they already have and they agreed on the name, JJ (Jerome Junior) which after a lot of persuading, convincing, and pleading Mara had given in to.

The name suits the boy too, he's the spitting image of his father in every physical way but his personality and interests are just like his mom's.

Mara became one of the most accomplished doctors in Liverpool, England. From the encouragement from Mara, Jerome decided to become a business man and he's got something good going for him.

The small family lives near Anubis House in a modest apartment building and are always happy to come and visit their friends that live in the house.

Patricia and Eddie-

The lovely couple has been married for a little over a year and they have no kids, yet... They are excited beyond belief to get one in hopefully the near future, along with all their many friends, and can't wait.

Mr. Sweet finally approved of Patricia and now it's less awkward during diner when he comes over.

After college about the time Joy and Mick got married, Eddie and Patricia moved in together into the same apartment complex as Jerome and Mara (right across the hall).

They too had wanted to adopt a child in need like the Clarkes and have already sent the forms to the agency.

They're keeping their fingers crossed and if all goes well they might adopt a teenager since they are less likely to be taken in by families. Even if they are it's unlikely that they won't try to run away at one point or another.

Patricia and Piper are still in contact and you'll be pleased to know that Piper has a boyfriend and they're going strong (His name is Sean and he's thinking of proposing soon)...

Nina and Fabian-

Happy as can be the pair has four kids and is living in their dream house.

The children consist of Sarah Mel who's 13 and her name is Amber's and Joy's last names together, the fraternal twins are Jasper and Marcia ages 6 (Marcia is Mara and Patricia together), and the last kid in the house is a boy name Nathanial and he's three just like his best friends Nicole Marie and JJ (Amber & Alfie, and Jerome & Mara's kids).

Their home that they live in is one and the same Anubis House! After the cool shut down and Victor had finally passed away the house was put on the market and almost immediately they'd gotten it.

Girls were upstairs and boys down just like before except Sarah and Marcia had to bunk so that Fabian and Nina could have their own room in the same room that used to be Nina's all those years ago yet now it was no longer purple and extra girly with all of Amber's things.

Life is perfect and their friendly get togethers (AN/Is that how you would spell that?) once a month were always great when everyone came over and they had barbeques together and the adults talked while the kids played around. Imagine in a couple of years what the kids of these once trouble-magnet teens could get into.

All the mysteries, adventures, and drama that await them in the future…


A stream of kids ran across the lawn as fast as their little legs could carry them laughing over themselves. The smell of meat cooking filled the air with a delicious scent that made your mouth water longingly.

"Christen be careful!" Joy called anxiously as her child faltered and almost fell onto her face.

From the grill her husband Mick smirked, "She's a tough one honey, don't worry."

"Yeah, she's as hard as nails. Just like her godmother!" Patricia agreed pointing proudly at herself causing everyone to laugh.

JJ and Nicole ran around in circles trying to catch the other when Nicole tripped on an exposed tree root. Roger was nearby and helped the girl up only to notice something gold was shining in the ground. The rest of the children grouped up behind him as he pulled out the object.

It was a golden jackal figurine with the inscribed words, 'Cleopatra's heart lies deep within, with a new search to begin.'


Yeah, I know the endings stupid but I hated not to finish up so…

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