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Part 1

-Yawn- A certain spiky haired boy was yawning while being half sunken in his desk. The boy normally was swamped by misfortune, but the past few days seem to be quite OK from the boys point of view. But he knew that the longer he stays without misfortune, the more in trouble he'll get when "the mother of all misfortune" gets loose. Just when Kamijou had that sudden thought, his name was called from behind of him.

"Kamijou Touma! Are you sleeping in class!" Kamijou did not have to turn back to know who that was. It was his classmate Fukiyose Seirei giving him another lecture. "Don't tell me you're to lazy to even face me when I'm talking to you!"

For some reason, Fukiyose's so called "talking"wasn't getting through to Kamijou at all. It was probably due to the fact that he was still suffering from his injuries when he came back from g to do Hawaii. That's why he's head was hazy and his neck was too stiff to turn back.

"Ah! Don't be so harsh towards Kami-yan" a voice was heard just as Fukiyose's frustration level reached it's limit. This voice was even easier to predict. It was probably the voice of a certain triple-agent accompanied by an annoying smile from the pervert next to him.

Once again, the boy who was the topic of the conversation, continues to slump in his chair.

"You have nothing to do with this!"she responded "So stay out of it!"

"Ah! Give your cold words to Kami-yan. Not me."

"Yeah! Enjoy being a tsundere towards Kami-yan" Aoagami started taking part in this verbal brawl.

"who are you calling a tsundere!"

"You're right Aogami! Why have I not seen this before. We have a full-pledged tsundere in our class right now!"

"But why does it have to be Kami-yan!"

"Yeah he has all the good stuff'" Just as the pervert duo made that statement, the blue haired one got an uppercut right under the jaw, while the blond haired one ate a fist with his temple.

The spiky-haired boy slightly turned his gaze towards the three of his classmates and yawned.

'everything looks peaceful' he thought before Fukiyose swung her fist toward his semi-unconcious body.


Kamijou was forced to stay after school because it seems Komoe sen-sei had something

to say to him. Just as the boy took a chair to sit on the opposite side of her desk, the 135 centimeter tall teacher started talking. Her posture and face seems serious.

"You're going to be pulled back a year Kamijou-chan" The world fell into complete silence for about minute before Kamijou started to spout out something that can't be considered human language


The news wasn't supposed to be shocking to Kamijou. HE's been otherwise missing class because he's been beating magicians or recovering in the hospital. Not to mention that he's already stupid to begin with. Not being expelled almost seems like a miracle already. But receiving these news so suddenly can make any create his own language.

Luckily Komoe-sensei was close enough to Kamijou that she under stood every word. "Iknow thiscould be hard on you" she continued with a forced smile "that's why I asked the school board to give you a way out"

Those words seemed like light from above shining on the unfortunate boy. Kamijou held his homeroom teacher's hands tightly with sparkling eyes. The message being sent from his eyes can make any human feel awkward.

"Well, since Kamijou-chan wants it that bad then well.." the small teacher rummaged through her small cute bag and pulled up a paper what seemed like a registration form and handed it to her student who was already at his lowest.

Kamijou signed it without reading the information within the form. He'll regret signing it the next morning.

The paper said "participant registration for the tokiwadai public sports festival"


In a certain apartment, there were 5 tenants cramped into one living room. There wasa little girl with brown hair watching TV with a high school girl who almost looked like her ,just more sinister. On the couch sat a woman in a research gown watching the two of the "sisters"interact with each other. The other end of the couch sat a teenager with white hair and scarlet eyes. There was also a well-endowed women in her late twenties wearing a track suit.

The scene almost seems heat-warming from the outside. But everyone in there is a monster in their certain fields. The little girl was 200001st clone created in the "misaka network" to be their superintendent. The high school girl was also a clone. But she was created to receive the negative thoughts of all the Misaka clones and was created to destroy the number one esper who was now sitting on the edge of the couch. The women with the research gown was one of the people who created the power enhancement programs. The woman in the tracksuit was a member of the academy city's "Anti-skill".

Right now the women in the tracksuit was holding a piece of paper in front of the number one's face.

"What's it this time Yomikawa?" he addressed the person's name with a low irritated voice "an irritated voice " a sport's festival?"

"That's right, you're too weak. You need to exercise"

"Good" Accelerator said while reaching for his choker "Now Ican kill you with no regrets" Yomikawa just responded with a smile and said "You can't scare me-jan"

Yomikawa swung the paper back and forth as though she's playing with Accelerator " I know now"

"What is it?" the boy raised an eye brow.

"You're afraid of loosing-jan" Those words seem like a major offense to a person who was ranked the best in the city full of espers. A person like Accelerator could not loose to anyone in this city when it comes to power alone. But as he thought about that, he remembered a boy who has defeated him twice with just his right hand.

"You still can't convince me" he sighed in boredom making the woman give a frown.

"What you're joining the sports festival, misaka seems interested" the high school girl turned and took part in the conversation.

"You should go says Misaka as Misaka imagines Accelerator with sweat dripping down his body like a hunk!" the ten year old girl also started talking with drool dropping down from her mouth like a pervert fantasying about his favorite star in bed with him.

"Physical activity could be good for your health. I always see you so skinny" finally everyone in the room suppported Yomikawa's idea. The city's number one was now in the middle of an intense pressure just like when he was fighting an angel in Russia.

Accelerator just rubbed his temple and muttered something a person he knew loved to say



In a cafe somewhere in academy city, sat three girls who people would consider good-looking. They were waiting for someone to return with their drinks. While waiting, a girl with a tall and slender figure to go with her soft tea-colored hair was reading a registration form to join a sports festival in Tokiwadai.

"I thought you weren't interested in this stuff" said a girl with shoulder length brown hair.

"It's different this time" the tall girl said while biting her nail " The event will not be broadcasted and their seems to be quite an amount of powerful espers joining" she closed her eyes to ponder something " What do you think Takitsubo?"

The girl who was asked just nodded and said " I just got word from a person who works for the board of directors that Accelerator, Kamijou Touma, and a few level 5's are joining" everyone on the table was shocked on how can a person like Takitsubo would know such things

"I didn't want to know" she continued " Just this high school girl with a large forehead told me this so that I can give word to you guys"


"When I asked, she said 'So that it could be interesting'"

"..heh...So she wants to test the skills of the city's strongest esper..." Mugino chuckled with a dark aura emitting behind her back.

"What's going on?" Hamazu Shiage entered when he felt the sudden chill run down his spine.

"Hamazuraaaaaa" Mugino called him with a tone she used when she tried to kill him back in Russia.

"...Yes?" He responded like a whimpering dog.

"Get a car ready for tomorrow" she said while nearly breaking into an insane laughter " we're going hunting"


"Ack" a teenager wrapped full of bandages got up from where he was lying, vomiting blood as he did.

"Slowdown. You're not ready ye..." A researcher tried to stop the boy but then he got swung to the wall by an intense strength. He died instantly. The boy didn't care about it. Anger was in his mind and his eyes which was not covered by bandages were full of rage.

"You 're going to cause me trouble after I just saved you" a voice which sounded like a man yet also a woman, an adult yet also a child, a saint yet also a convict was heard coming from a radio attached to the corpse of the researcher.

"...Aleister...Crowley..." the boy said in exhaustion.

"You'll have to wait another day" the sound told the boy to be patient " You'll get your revenge tomorrow Kakine"


At Tokiwadai, the students are preparing for the sports festival tomorrow. Tents are being set up, the arenas are being prepared, and some of the students are preparing for the events tomorrow.

"Move it to the left a bit...yeah that's it!" a middle school girl with short brown hair was ordering around somw of her classmates where to put the tents.

"Phew! That's all done" Misaka Mikoto wiped her sweat and smiled at her accomplishment. She was helping her classmates and her underclassmen prepare the school campus for the festivities tomorrow. All was fine for her until someone was calling her from behind.

"Ah! Misaka-san you look fine"

Misaka turned towards the direction of the voice and doesn't see anyone. That means there was only one person who would do this. To be specific, there was only one person. The sound was identified by Misaka to be 5 kilometers away and was sent telepathic. Tokiwadai's fifth level 5 was the only person who can do this. It seems Misaka doesn't want to argue with her now.

"Well if you want to be like that" she laughed while speaking telegraphically " We'll see whose the best in Tokiwadai tomorrow"


An old man with a calm face was talking on the phone. He seems to be smiling without changing his expression.

"Thank you" he hung up and then talked to the young man in front of him who was expecting an answer. The boy had a white headband on his head with a rising sun on his shirt. The man smiled as he sopke. " you're allowed to enter the match tomorrow Gunha-kun"



Kamijou felt a sudden chill ran down his spine as he thought of tomorrow.

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