Sorry guys for not updating at all. Feel free to flame me all you want because a writer who says he writes something and won't is a piece-of-shit. So incinerate me with your words people!(Always wanted to say that).

Well, I opened my eyes once I received this from Cnguy21:

Btw you really should do an author's note about the reason as to why you haven't updated Sports Day for a while. You owe your readers that much, I'm sure some of them may be a little angry. Btw NT6 is nearly out so make sure to look at its cover if you haven't already.

Sigh...I know. I expected to do it a bit sooner, but there were complications. I had exams and tests, it's getting harder too because I just entered the AP program in Biology, and economics next year. Another reason is that I'm going to get my own book published in Thailand. It's not a 100% chance, but it's better that I take the shot instead of regretting it later. And another is that Sports day to me, after a revision, seems too amateurish. I decided to put it as a side project as I think of a more new, more intriguing TAMNI fic. Surprised that I'm still a TAMNI writer? Don't be. I love the series, and I respect it's writer. I went to Kinokuniya the other day and nearly bowed to the shelf that held all the TAMNI books, plus there was a TAMNI movie promotion in one of the NT 5!

Warning: I'm not dumping Sportsday, I just don't know how to continue it because I turned this fic into a strange direction too soon. Kazuma has a knack for placing actions at the right place and time, and as expected, I don't. So as for all of you: please visit my profile to vote for the next TAMNI fic. Well, this is Kevslave signing out. I hope you all a Merry Christamn(two days ago already) and a Happy New Year(two days in the future)!

Oh yeah! Poll closes at midnight New year, Thailand time!