Inspired by Hilary Duff's song Hide Away

Disclaimer: I do not own Lizzie McGuire or any of its characters; the plot is mine.

Hide Away:

A Lizzie McGuire Story

Chapter 1

"Hey Lizzie," David 'Gordo' Gordon said as he walked over to his best friend, who was also his girlfriend.

"Hey Gordo," Lizzie McGuire said.

The couple stood and smiled at each other, savoring the short moment. It was interrupted when their other best friend, Miranda Sanchez, quickly walked over to them.

"Did any of you guys finish the math homework?" Miranda asked hopefully.

"Hello would be nice," Lizzie joked.

"Hey," Miranda said absently, waving her hand slightly. "So have you?"

"Hold that thought," Lizzie said before she went over to her friend, Kate Sanders, who was coming down the hall.

"Wait..." Miranda whined. Gordo gave her a questioning look.

"What?" She asked.

Gordo just shrugged, "Nothing. It's just..."

Miranda sighed while she prepared herself for one of Gordo's mini-speeches.

"You could ask me for help too, you know."

"Well I did say 'you guys,'" Miranda reminded Gordo.


"Just help me," Miranda said with a smirk.

Gordo silently agreed while Miranda got out her math homework.

While Gordo assisted Miranda, Lizzie made her way through various people to get to Kate.

"Hey Kate," Lizzie said warmly.

"Oh, hey McGuire," Kate said in an annoyed tone while she stepped around Lizzie.

Lizzie frowned in confusion and annoyance while people flew by around her. What was that? I almost get turned into a living pancake, and all she says is 'Hey McGuire?'

"I'm kidding, Lizzie," Kate said. She tried not to laugh while she made her way back to Lizzie.

"Very funny," Lizzie said sarcastically. She frowned in slight annoyance, but started to smile again when she realized the humor in the situation.

Kate was about to say something when Ethan Craft walked up to them.

"Hey Lizzie, hey Kate," He said with a smile.

"Oh h-hey," Kate said awkwardly.

Lizzie smiled encouragingly at Kate. Poor Kate...and I thought I was bad around Ethan.

Lizzie thought back to the many times she had tried to talk to Ethan, before they were friends.

Well...maybe I wasn't that much better, but she's Kate Sanders! She should already know how to talk to cute guys.

"I have to get to my, uh, first period class," Kate said suddenly before she hurried off without looking back.

Well, Kate is human too. "..Bye," Lizzie mumbled to Kate's retreating figure.

Ethan just stared after Kate with a confused look. "Later Lizzie," He said with a sigh.

"Later Ethan," Lizzie said. She tried to smile at him, so she could cheer him up, but his gaze was focused on the ground.

"What was that?" Miranda asked while Lizzie worriedly looked after Ethan.

"I don't know," Lizzie confessed. "But I'm going to find out."


Matt McGuire made his way down the middle school hall. The same middle school hall Lizzie had fell down in multiple times just the previous year.

No, he had not snuck in posing as the new kid again; Matt was actually starting middle school.

Just as Matt opened his locker, he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder.

"Oh, hey Lanny!" Matt greeted his best friend. He was glad to see a familiar face.

Lanny Onasis gave Matt a weary look while gesturing to Matt's hair. Matt was unable to reply to Lanny's comment, due to three girls who came up to him giggling.

"Hey ladies," Matt said smoothly, which made the girls giggle more.

"MOVE!" A voice called from behind the girls. They instantly moved aside to reveal Melina Bianco.

"Melin—hey!" Matt said as his other best friend dragged him to a corner, away from the girls.

"What did you do to your hair?" Melina boomed.

"What's with all the hair comments?" Matt groaned "All I did was let it grow out."

Matt hadn't seen Melina or Lanny since the beginning of the summer. Matt, along with Lizzie, had been grounded for the remainder of the summer due to him putting Lizzie's graduation video on national television, and her secretly impersonating a famous pop-star.

Melina sighed. "All those girls like you now."

"Really?" Matt asked surprised.

Lanny nodded and gestured to Matt's hair again.

Matt made an expression of understanding and said, "Oh, I get it! Because I let my hair grow slightly past my ears, girls like me now."

"Great catching on," Melina said sarcastically. "Now let's go!" She demanded.

Matt shrugged before he shut his locker, and followed his two friends down the hall.