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It would seem that Sheldon really did know what was going to happen. Leonard would not allow Penny to take their children "clear across the other side of the country."

Penny was so glad Skype was invented, Sheldon and her talked to each other most nights, she didn't even mind staying up late each night due to the time differences. They talked about his work, about her life, about her impending divorce, about their hopes and wishes, about their love.

But this week Sheldon had been away in Texas, visiting his family, and had only been able to speak briefly on the phone a couple of times. She missed seeing his face everyday, but he told her he would be back in LA on Sunday evening.

It was Saturday afternoon, Taylor and Angelo were with their father and his new girlfriend Karen for the weekend. Penny liked Karen, she was a Dr of Physics that Leonard had met at work, she was smart and very pretty and she was nuts about Leonard, Taylor and Angelo liked her too and she liked them. Penny just wished that somehow she could be with Sheldon, but she wasn't going to think about it just now, today she was going to give herself a pedicure, later she had a bottle of wine and a romantic movie set aside for her evenings entertainment.

Knock knock knock, Penny.

Knock knock knock, Penny.

Knock knock knock, Penny.

Penny looked at the door, her heart skipped a beat. She placed the nail polish down on the table and walked over to the door, and opened it.

"Sheldon!" She jumped up on him, almost climbing him, and kissed his face repeatedly.

Sheldon's arms slowly went around her waist, lightly patting her back. "May I come in?"

Penny jumped down onto the floor, releasing Sheldon from her grip. "What are you doing here?"

"Penny I have something to show you, but you need to grab your jacket and come with me."

Penny looked at him, and rushed up to kiss him, slowly this time.

"Very nice, but the taxi is waiting." He replied.

She just laughed. "Are you here for the weekend? Did you come from Texas? How is your mom?"

"Penny the taxi is waiting." He repeated.

"Yes, yes, yes, coat, bag, phone." She was flustered, trying to make sure she had everything.

"Keys." Sheldon called to her.

"Yes, yes, keys, keys." she grabbed her keys, followed Sheldon out of the apartment. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise." He smiled at her.

"Sheldon, it is so good to see you." She grabbed at his arm as they descended the stairs.

The taxi drive took them to Queens. "Sheldon why are we going to Queens?"

"Patience Penny and all will soon be revealed."

Just a couple more minutes and the taxi pulled out the front of a white brick single fronted house. Sheldon paid the cab driver and motioned Penny to follow him out of the cab.

"Sheldon, where are we?" She looked around her.

"Follow me." He opened the gate and pulled a key out of his pocket and opened the front door. "I will need to get the locks changed of course." He motioned Penny to walk in.

She walked into the front reception room, the house was empty of furniture, she turned to look at him and smiled. "What do you mean get the locks changed? Sheldon is this your house?"

He shook his head. "Yes I finalised the paperwork yesterday, picked up the keys this morning."

Penny could feel the tears coming and couldn't stop them. "Seriously, you're not joking are you?"

"Penny I rarely joke."

"But what about your work?"

"Oh I've been in New York all week."

She interrupted him "Sorry, how? I got calls from you and they said your were calling from Galveston, Texas?"

"Penny, I have an IQ of 187." He cocked his head at her. "As I was saying, I've been in New York all week and I've just accepted a position of Head of Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at Rockfeller University, I start in one month."

"Oh my god Sheldon, that is brilliant. You did all this for me?" She wiped away the tears with her jacket cuffs.

"No, I did all this for me." He looked at her. "I don't want to be alone anymore Penny. Penny I want to be with you."

Penny walked up to Sheldon, no man had ever done as much to be with her, "I love you Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper." she ran her fingers up his T-shirt front and then wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her level and kissed him.

Sheldon pulled away. "The house has four bedrooms, one for you and me."

"We have a bedroom? So people can come into your bedroom?" She teased him.

"Just you," He smiled at her and continued. "One for Taylor and one for Angelo, the neighbourhood has an excellent family rating and good schools, so I assure you it is safe for the children, and there is an extra room too?"

"What is that for?"

"For my trains."

"Of course."



"Do Taylor and Angelo like trains?"