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*-* Stepnogorsk, U.S.S.R, 01 20 hours, 15 November 2012*-*

The treetops rustled as the flocks of birds flew from their nesting places, rudely interrupted from their sleep. Startled, they hurriedly escaped from the dangers of the area, squawking their fear and displeasure from that sudden shot that had roused them. They filled the inky blue sky before disappearing behind the grand mountains a few miles away. Not a single bird was left in the sky to bear witness to anything that happened in this secluded place.

Silence fell as the birds flew far away, bringing that racket they were making with them. Not a single beep could be heard. The silence was cold and unbroken, just like the snow piling up on the dirt paths that winded around the abandoned city of Stepnogorsk. A chilly wind blew through the area yet no one shivered. A blue flag emblazoned with two stars that was once the symbol of the once lucrative mining business of this town now lay on the barren ground sadly. The colours had faded and so did its pride. When the pride of this business diminished, the people of this town began to move away to find new opportunities. No one stayed. They needed to survive.

The wind that had filtered through the empty, semi-destroyed buildings now flitted over to the flag that laid together with the rubbish that was never cleared over the years. The wind picked up the flag and they flew together, past an alleyway that was overshadowed by a bald tree.

A young man walked out of the shadows and his hooded eyes watched the flag passing him, the wind carrying it in its stead. The man raised his shocking blue eyes as he stared at the crumbling barrenness of the city that was going to waste. The cobalt blue eyes hardened as he took in the remains of a once- rich city. His gloved knuckles whitened over his TT-30 which was splattered with blood, just like the front of his dark fur jacket.

The man was still young; his face holding hints of plumpness from his boyhood but his eyes had aged faster than the rest of his face. They were of a sapphire blue that was as deep as the ocean. Anyone who stared into his eyes would be mesmerised by the depth however, they would wonder why those eyes held no spirit. It was dead and as hard as a stone, cold as it observed the area. His nose was of a fine shape, not too angular nor was it too flat. His high cheekbones and slightly pointed chin were a sculptor's dream and his dark, runaway hair was of a messy chop but that just enhanced the handsome man that he was soon to become.

He stood at 6 feet tall, dressed in a dark fur jacket and a tight pair of jeans that too was lined with a silvery kind of fur. On his feet, he had worn a pair of black boots and his feet was nestled in the soft, warm insides of his wool socks that he had pulled up high to his shins to protect him from the stinging cold. His hands were gloved in tight, black leather with pads on his knuckles to cushion any impact he might receive if he punched something or someone. Under his jacket, a black, wool turtleneck was pulled up to his chin as well. He was well protected from the cold that had gone below -5 degrees Celsius.

Absentmindedly, he tucked his gun in the band of his tight jeans that was also lined with fur. He raised his left hand to wipe a streak of blood that slashed his left cheek into two parts. His gaze sharpened as he looked back into the alley. His eyebrows furrowed as he glared at an unknown thing in the darkness before turning around to face the broken shambles of the city. He frowned and he lowered his dark head and threw the hood of his jacket over his head, shadowing his face completely. Taking a deep breath, he began to walk out into the open area and down the dirt path. Each step he took left an imprint on the snow but was covered by the falling snow, leaving no traces of his presence behind.

Soon, a flash of light and the sound of an engine running filled the ghost city but they soon disappeared. No one was there to witness anything.

* Stepnogorsk 08 45 hours, 15 November 2012 *


A sudden shout broke out, making every single tourist jump a feet into the air. Their tour guide looked around, panicking over the safety of her wards. She hurriedly did a head count before rushing off in the direction of the scream, hoping with all her might that no one was hurt. She did not want to get fired from the tourism agency, not when the economy was so bad. Speeding up, she shouted a few words of comfort to the startled tourists who had so wanted to see a ghost town.

In front of her, a pale woman dressed in winter clothes stumbled out from an alleyway, her mouth opened agape, her eyes staring at something that the tourist guide could not see. She was pointing at something and strangled noises were coming out from her open mouth. Frightened, the tourist guide hurried over to investigate what had scared the poor woman.

The tourist guide did not expect to see what was right in front of her eyes. A dead body was half-covered by the snow which was stained by black blood. The face of the corpse was in shock and fear, his eyes wide and unseeing. His skin was of a sickly, paste colour and his eyes had slightly frozen over. Ice had settled in his nose and open mouth as well as his ears. She could not see where the wound was from but she could guess that it was through his heart.

She looked at the dead man with a mixture of fear and horror. She was about to scream when something caught her attention. It was a card that was stuck in the snow in front of her foot, glistening. She bent over to pick up the card.

It was an identity card. An identity card from America.

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