"How can you manage to eat all those infernal sweets?" Kneesocks, one of the famed Demon Sisters, asked.

"I just can. They're way too delicious. Besides, you should try some." Stocking, the Anarchy Angel, said.

"No thanks. Sweets are bad for your health. I follow a low-fat diet in order to keep my body beautiful."

Stocking snickered at her. "Oh please Kneesocks, loosen up a little will ya? I thought demons were supposed to be trouble makers…" Stocking cooed.

"That is a common misconception. As a high-class commander demon, it is imperative that I follow the rrruuurruuess!" She exclaimed.

"That's another thing. Why do you always roll the 'r' in the word 'rules'" Stocking inquired. It was arguably the most notable thing in the Demon Sisters manner of speech.

"What do you mean?" Kneesocks asked, genuinely curious.

"Say 'rules'." Stocking said.

"Rrruuurruuess!" Kneesocks shouted.

"Ugh, never mind." Stocking merely sighed, as she went back to her sweets.

"What exactly are you eating?"

"This? It's called 'Tiger Pudding'. It's amazing! I think I might even recommend it on my Sweets Blog!" Stocking proclaimed, seemingly lost in the pudding.

"You have a blog dedicated to sweets?" Kneesocks asked, partly not believing it.

Stocking nodded. It was Kneesocks turn to sigh. After about a minute, Stocking managed to finish her pudding, only to whip out a box of chocolates.

"Wha-? You aren't full?" the baffled demon questioned.

"I wouldn't say full, just less hungry." Stocking said, albeit pondering.

"Anyways, these chocolates came from Heaven!" Stocking said as she gazed at them.

"From Heaven? They can't be all that great…" Kneesocks said.

"Oh? Implying that desserts from Hell taste better?" Stocking said mockingly.

"I told you I don't eat sweets, angel."


"Ah, right, sorry…Stocking." Kneesocks said, somewhat embarrassed. She couldn't recall referring to Stocking by name before.

"Don't worry about it." Stocking mused as she started to eat the chocolates.

That was one thing Kneesocks liked about Stocking. She was much more down-to-earth compared to her…"provocative" sister.

"Are you sure don't want any chocolate?" Stocking asked.

"Yes, I'm sure." Kneesocks said, assuring the angel.

"Hey Kneesocks."

"What is it n-" Before she could finish the sentence, Stockings lips brushed against Kneesocks'. Kneesocks' face was turning all shades of red. Her sister Scanty would even say she was as red as a beetroot. What seemed like an eternity, Stocking pulled apart from the kiss, while both of them panted. Stocking giggled.

"Stocking…" Kneesocks said, captured in the moment.

"You always did blush easily. So, what did you think of the chocolate? Tastes better from my lips huh?" Stocking said, boasting in a way.

"I…I don't now what to say Stocking. That was…incredible. I was wondering…if I could have seconds?" Kneesocks asked.

"Oh? Wouldn't that go against your 'rrruurruues'?" Stocking said playfully.

Kneesocks merely chuckled. "Screw em'. I have my Stocking." Kneesocks said as she began to embrace the angel.