Every second that slipped by was hell.

Minutes felt like years.

I felt like screaming.

Mr and Mrs Brisbane were at Grace's bedside, crying and hugging her while doctors pushed needles in and out of her. Isabel was called in by a nurse who had a fresh layer of vomit on her blouse. The vomit stank of wolf.

Cole moved over to my table, "Dude. Whatever happens tonight, your seeing her again." He said. I smiled meekly, "I'm not joking, I'm gonna get you in there Sam-" A wailing noise came from the heart moniter in room where Grace was.

It was followed by a woman's voice screaming, "No! Not my baby!"

Cole put his hand on my shoulder and I sank down in my seat.

A few moments later a different nurse walked out, red rimmed eyes, "Mr Sam Roth?" She asked and I jolted up in my seat, praying she had come to tell me Grace was okay and asking to see me. It was a false hope.

"Yes?" My voice broke.

"You were Grace's boyfriend right?" I nodded. The word 'were' destroyed all hope. "Well come through here with me please.." She began to walk away from the table, only pausing once to check if I was behind her. I got to my feet and followed her to a room which reminded me of a chessboard. Black and white.

"Please take a seat." She said. A few other people were in there, Isabel, Mr and Mrs Brisbane and who suprised me, Olivia.

I took the only seat there was between Olivia and Isabel who were tearing up.

The nurse inhaled and the exhaled twice, very slowly.

"I'm regretful for telling you all this but Grace passed away." She looked at me, "She became very stressed and asked for Sam. Over and over." Olivia and Isabel broke down at my side. "Sam was the last thing she said."

I couldn't take it anymore and rose from my seat and ran from the room only to collapse crying outside.