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Demons are immortal; this Hannah knows with dead certainty. Demons can only be killed under certain circumstances and one is safely hidden away inside of her. A demon's promise is not set in stone and can be taken back at any time, twisted to fit a broader sense than the one intended, and when they follow orders, they do so through loopholes left by their contracted humans. A demon will never follow an order exactly as it is given.

Even if she has been swayed by Luka's pure emotions, her nature still remains, and as she follows her late master's final order, she cheats him out of it, partially. They cannot be together – Alois, Luka, Claude, Hannah – because Luka and Alois' souls have been eaten, Claude is dead and she can't die. There is no one to wield Laevateinn, no holy angel in sight to smite her with godly anger, and she cannot will herself into nonexistence.

As the island crumbles all around her and Claude's eternally wounded form, dragging them both down to the bottom of the ocean, she closes her eyes and falls into a deep slumber. The dark depths are cold and calm. There is an unimaginable peace there, even though she can clearly feel the groaning of the earth and the shifting of the boiling hot magma underneath. She will stay there, at the bottom, until her contract with Alois is fulfilled. 'Forever together' means until the souls of the two boys have been completely digested and Claude's humanly form has fallen apart and his bones – crumbled into dust. She will savour the souls of her last contracts slowly and when Claude Faustus disappears from physical existence, the promised forever will have come and gone and Hannah will rise again, nameless and free.

But for now, there is the cold and quiet depth that envelops her in darkness and drowns her in unholy peace.