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This is my new story and I really hope you like it. I've thought about writing it for quite some time and seeing how Hourglass and No one mourns the wicked will be finished soon, I decided that it was the time to bring you a something new.

Note 1- Harry Potter Universe you know doesn't exist in this story. Here, I create history and characters you know will probably be modified.

Note 2- If I owned) something as big as Harry Potter, I'd be on Malta or in Paris right now having fun. Since I'm not, we can safely assume I don't own anything.

Special thanks- As I said, this was in my head for months now, actually 5 and half months, but I haven't started to write it because there was always something missing. Now I've found it- this story's plot was inspired by the movie The Help I I highly recommend it and the romance in this story was inspired by crumpledquill's video Resistance. Every video is amazing, but Muse and Bellamione in one left me simply breathless. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

And now, the story :)


Prologue (this should be a conversation, but just from one side-you'll get it)

(If this is meant to be a one sided conversation, quotation marks should be used for every sentence from here to the end to show the reader that he is speaking)

''Every wizard and witch remembers the stories they were told by their parents and grandparents when they were little. In those stories good always won.

But I'm afraid that our story doesn't begin with happiness. Quite the opposite, it begins with terror,a bad ending and an epic beginning.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, a cruel and vicious man better known as Lord Voldemort managed to overwhelm the forces of good and drive them into hiding. He and his most loyal Death Eaters rule the Wizarding world spreading horror and hunting muggleborns down. Most of the Pureblooded wizards joined him and accepted him as a ruler to save their lives, the ones that didn't are hidin even today. Yes, even today- 11 years later.

Some say that Voldemort is indeed a good ruler who gives his people everything they need and you could argue that it is true. Every man and woman who are loyal to him are protected and taken care of. People aren't hungry and they have jobs, he is not foolish enough to risk a revolt over such simple things as food or money. So what is so bad about the man, you ask?''

''His deeds, my friend, are what condemn him the cruelty he posses has never been seen, the paranoia that lives in his mind caused the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, jealousy and fear drove him to kill good and skilled wizards, loyal to him or not. His mistrust led him to trust only one person in this world, his right hand- Bellatrix Black.

Of course you've heard of her, you old fool. She's the Bringer of Death, Devils Offspring. Cruel and sadistic that one is, like her master. Some say she's his wife, but I've been close enough, too close and too long for my liking to know that she isn't. She prefers the company of women and her madness can even make Voldemort flinch so he never tried anything. She was one of his most important lieutenants during the war. She brought him victory experts say. Whenever he is doing something, she rules in his name and judging by the laws they've legislated latel, I'd say she's in command now.

He is rather paranoid and obsessed with making himself immortal, so I would say that keeps him busy. It's his curse, wanting to rule. He fought for it and practiced his whole life and now that he is on the throne, he's not ruling but looking for a time frame, for eternity.''

''Yes, I presume it's evident from my talk that I'm a little crazy. Speak up you old fool, my hearing isn't good anymore!''

'' Ahhh, no he didn't always look like a shaved, snake nosed infant. He was alright looking 11 years ago, but during a fight or something he ended up looking like he does now. In fact, there is an interesting tale about that. Some say he did an unforgivable ! yes! he killed people with unforgivable curses, I know! But, he never killed an infant! The ancient laws decree anyone who tried to kill an infant would suffer death by the very curse they cast."

''I know he didn't die! He wouldn't be the strongest wizard of all time if he died. It's a legend, if you don't want to hear it I'll stop.''

'' Alright, but stop interrupting it will lose effect if you keep badgering me with questions. Legend says that a young married couple who fought against Voldemort, hid in abandoned house in the middle of a forest. Voldemort had just won the war and declared himself ruler, but his bliss was interrupted by a storyteller who shouted in the middle of the town square that his executioner was born that day. He killed the woman on the spot, but her words haunted him, so he sent a search party to locate children born that day. Problem was, not one single child was born in hospitals that day. He figured out that the child had to be a muggleborn because they were the ones hiding and that was the only reason why a woman wouldn't give birth in a hospital. He searched for over a year, until he found the abandoned house in the middle of a forest. He and Bellatrix Black went there and executed the family, Voldemort himself killed the child, but not without a cost. He lost a part of his power and it left him looking like he looks now. Though some say that maybe he killed the wrong child.''

''What? The muggleborns , yes. In the first months all muggleborns that were hunted down were either killed or imprisoned, but later Voldemort decided that they were to become servants in the Ministry, street cleaners and slaves in factories. Ones who weren't captured emigrated to different countries or the Muggle world. Those crazy enough to stay are hiding underground and just like rats, come out only to eat. Terrible life that is I tell you. Dehumanizing. A life I wouldn't wish on a mouse.''

''Hurry now my old friend, I hear somebody calling my name.''

''Mr. Slughorn!'' a nurse of a St. Mungo's psychiatric ward called

''Yes?'' the man asked looking up

''I brought you your potion Mr. Slughorn.''she said slowly

''Alright.'' he responded and drank it

''How are you feeling today?''

''Much better, now that the wind is changing.'' Horace Slughorn smiled ''It'll bring new order.''

''I think we should move you back inside.'' said the confused nurse more worried about the spark in man's eyes then his ranting.

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