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Harry once again flew few feet in the air and hit hard ground. He was covered in scratches and bruises, his body was exhausted and he prayed it was time for him to die. He had never felt such agonising pain, pain which was worse than death itself: his breath was short- air necessity he couldn't have at the moment, he couldn't bent his right knee due to the wound and couldn't get up from exhaustion. While he was lying on the wet ground, two shadows appeared above him. He waited for certain death.

'So this is how heroes die.'

Bellatrix sat at the big table, surrounded with Ministers of different fields and their advisers, some army men and women, along with few union Representatives. She hated those meetings, she truly despised Voldemort for leaving her to deal with this crap.

''Madame Black, we have picked up some movements through all of Neutral territory, especially in France and Spain.'' Minister of Defence stated

''What kind of movements?'' Bellatrix questioned uninterested. After all, movements against any government was nothing new and taking care of those people usually was much more problematic and pointless than just letting few heated idiots and bunch of rebellious kids let it out of their systems. They would scream on top of their lungs on some sort of protest, then they would repeat action few times and then they would quit.

''I don't know ma'am.'' he replied nervously

That answer made Bellatrix stop writing and look up at him sternly ''What do you mean by that?'' she asked ''How could you not know and brought it up in a meeting?'' she demanded to know

''I don't know what's happening, we're in the middle of an investigation and we thought you should know.'' he stammered

''What exactly made you believe there is something going on?'' Bellatrix asked suspiciously

''Well, Madame,'' he swallowed hard ''Igor Karkaroff warned us about gathering of army in Asian house, the tension between two Houses are rising.''

''Tension between Asian and European house was always present, it was mostly caused by Igor's wish to rule over whole Euro-Asian Empire.'' replied Bellatrix

''It's the stories, Madame.'' he tried once again

''Stories?'' she questioned again, now already at the bring of snapping at the man

''You know how it is Madame, word gets around and people start to talk, pray and hope.'' he paused ''We both know, Madame Black, that both walls and altars have ears.''

''Continue with investigation, but do not brought it up again until you have some firm evidence. Understood?''

''Yes, Madame.'' he nodded in submission.

After finally concluding the meeting, Bellatrix exited the room, put silencing spell around her and April and marched towards her office while barking orders at her assistant:

''Move my appointment with Charles for tomorrow morning, send files which Minister of Defence will deliver to you to my home office, make sure the construction wizards that were hired to renew National Magical Creatures museum know that it must be finished by friday because grand opening is on Sunday.''

''I already did that, Madame.''

''Do it again, you never know with those fraudsters. Make sure the butterbeer isn't in their reach, as well.''

''Yes, Madame.'' April almost ran with her small feet after Bellatrix, while both women were followed by April's enchanted pen and notebook which wrote down each of their words

''Also, contact Jones and tell him that I want full report on Karkaroff. And I mean everything- I want to know what he eats for breakfast, when he poops, who is he talking with and what about! I want to know who he sleeps with, what deals he's making and why. I want everything on that report- what he sees, thinks, what he thinks he knows and what he does not know! Are we clear?''

''I understand, Madame.'' nodded April ''You will know when he poops.''

''April...'' Bellatrix growled at her

''You will have his full profile, Madame, don't worry I will contact Jones the moment I step into the office.''

''Good.'' nodded Bellatrix ''Is there something new I don't know about?''

''Nothing came actually, nothing of importance anyway. Few calls about some donations, invitations and many of those things, just like every day. I listed important ones in your schedule and divided the rest to your advisers to take care of them.''

''Good, did Voldemort contacted the office?''

''No, not yet.'' April swallowed a bit, knowing Bellatrix would be pissed if Voldemort didn't come back soon to take over for a little while.

''How are preparations for the ball coming along?'' questioned Bellatrix, knowing that the ball in hers and Hermione's honour would take place next weekend. She was excited for tonight as well, because Hermione would come to dinner at her house.

''Preparations are going perfectly, Madame.'' April smiled ''Everything will be ready before the night of the ball.''

''Excellent.'' grinned Bellatrix

''What the hell is wrong with him?'' Tonks asked Hermione with a frown. It was Harry's third day of training and he was still on first exercise site; Hermione, Minerva and Tonks though of 7 different exercise sites Harry would have to master. Each one would be harder than one before and each would include cardio elements such as running, jumping and climbing; witchcraft elements: casting spells and charms and also learning element- where he would be thought a new charm or spell he hadn't learn in school.

''I believe he's waiting for death, if I can judge by that look on his face.'' sighed Hermione and shook her head ''Harry, it's enough for today.''

''What?'' boy asked, feeling energy suddenly come back into his body ''We're done?''

''No, we're done for today.'' Hermione said sternly, successfully cutting Tonks off ''Go to Ris and he will heal you, you need to be ready for tomorrow.''

''But...'' he started to complain

''No buts!'' growled Hermione and Tonks wondered did she even have an idea how similar to Bellatrix she behaved sometimes

''Fine.'' boy huffed as he got up and limply went off to find Ris ''I though I was supposed to kill Dark Lord, not be killed by two of you.''

''Well, if you continue to do this marvellous job, don't you worry- he'll kill you long before you will draw your wand.'' commented Tonks, but Harry just walked away leaving two women in the training area.

''He sucks.'' stated Tonks as she sat down on one of sand bags and rubbed her tired eyes

''I know.'' Hermione replied ''I think we need to start from basic training.''

''Hermione, this is basic training, remember? You went through this as well.'' Tonks rolled her eyes

''I know.'' said Hermione as she sat down beside Tonks ''But let's be honest- Hogwarts isn't one big playground. We don't have any real training- we don't run, we don't play sports, nothing. It's not all that surprising that he can not run long or jump without breaking some bones or skin.''

''So what should we do now?'' asked Tonks with cynical laugh ''Make him run and do basic gym training?'' she snorted

''Yes.'' Hermione nodded

''What?!'' yelled Tonks ''You're out of your mind!'' she stated shocked ''We don't have time for that.''

''Well, we have to make time then.'' said Hermione ''We shall post-pone exercise sites for a week.'' she held her hand up and Tonks held back her comments ''One week, Tonks. One week in which he will have three cardio trainings a day, which will include everything he needs to master to pass each and every exercise site we made for him.''

''Only one week.'' growled Tonks still thinking idea was horrible ''If he'll suck after a week, I shall personally take him to Dark Lord himself and let him kill him.''

''Fair enough.'' laughed Hermione as she watched Tonks angry stroll

''We need to contact Dumbledore.'' Hermione stated as she entered the kitchen and marched towards the tea kettle

''Why?'' asked Minerva who was sitting at kitchen island, drinking tea and reading the newspapers

''Harry can't run.'' stated Hermione seriously, stirring her tea with honey

''What?'' Minerva laughed as she looked at serious Hermione

''It's not funny.'' grinned Hermione ''Their level of physical condition is terrible!''

''You're serious!'' Minerva gasped in amusement

''Of course I am!'' Hermione smiled, trying to sound serious ''When did you see kids in Hogwarts run or do sports?''

''I...'' Minerva trailed off ''When they're young?''

''Yes, but in school?'' questioned Hermione ''Never.'' she shook her head ''We need to tell Dumbledore to adjust their training accordingly.''

''I will do that this afternoon, I have to go to Hogwarts anyway.'' nodded Minerva ''You're having dinner with Bellatrix?''

''Yes, I do.'' nodded Hermione ''I'll try to get some information, as well.''

''Just be careful.'' Minerva stated ''Hermione, just don't forget that this is a mission.'' she paused ''Don't get too attached honey, she's on the side we're trying to dethrone.''

''I know.'' whispered Hermione, knowing she had already crossed that line what it seemed like century ago. Hermione often wished she could just ignore that annoying part of herself, oh how she wished for that.

''Hermione, she's seductive and beautiful- I know that.'' sighed Minerva, even though she knew Hermione had formed some sort of attachment with Bellatrix. Despite that, Minerva firmly decided to constantly remind Hermione who Bellatrix really is and hope it would keep the girl on the track. Bellatrix wasn't the one she wanted for her little girl, Hermione deserved better. ''I already know her- I've seen her wrap people around her finger- both men and women. She had men kneeling at her feet with a single word and women in her bed with tempting glance.'' she paused ''I also saw her killing brutally and without mercy. So don't let your guard down, Hermione. She will tear you apart without mercy.''

''I understand that.'' Hermione said firmer ''I already told you, this mission will succeed and Voldemort will be taken care of.''

After dinner, Hermione and Bellatrix decided to move to Bellatrix' living room. It was spacious room with big sofa and two armchairs around large fireplace while walls were covered in bookshelves with different coloured books on them. Based on colours and size of the books, Hermione knew they weren't stacked properly and there weren't any organisation among them, whatsoever. Hermione presumed that the room was only for private usage, since there weren't any portraits of Black's or any items that would yell money and power.

''Here you go.'' Bellatrix interrupted Hermione's thoughts by giving her requested drink

''Thank you.'' smiled Hermione and moved to sit on the couch while looking and grinning at Bellatrix who followed her ''So how was your day? I only realised I didn't even ask you.''

''It was fine.'' Bellatrix slumped her shoulders

''Okay, then.'' said Hermione ''You don't have to share, Bella. I just thought that maybe we could talk about usual stuff.''

For Merlin's sake Bellatrix! What the hell do you think she'll do when you tell her about your day? Run away from boredom? She's taken the oath you can trust her.

''You're right, I'm sorry.'' Bellatrix smiled ''It was okay, I had meetings all morning then I looked over some files that Minister of defence left for me. Apparently he suspects some sort of fall out will happen in Euro-Asian Empire and that it is all fuelled by the same people who tried to rebel against Voldemort.''

Hermione gulped at the information ''You're getting ready for war?''

''No'' Bellatrix laughed at Hermione's scared face ''Of course not. Those happened before, you know. They tried to make some sort of resistance, but they never succeeded. They could not keep their mouths shut, so we easily knew when something big was going to happen-we found out the names and made arrests before anything happened. Sometimes we even get detail plan of what they'll try to do and we stop them momentarily.''

''They must suck.'' Hermione said quietly

''Yeah, they do.'' smiled Bellatrix ''I don't like doing the job, you know.''

''Really?'' asked Hermione, surprised with the answer ''How come? I mean, why do you do it then?''

''I made a deal with Voldemort and that's all there is.'' explained Bellatrix ''Despite popular belief, my word is golden, when I give my word that is a guarantee that I will do it.''

''Do you hate doing it then?''

''No, I don't.'' sighed Bellatrix ''It's boring, but I can make changes where I see fit.'' she said ''I miss battle, though. I'm made for battle, not for sitting and talking.''

''Why would you wish for war?'' asked Hermione, sounding aghast

''I don't wish for war, I wish for adrenaline.'' she paused, looking at Hermione's eyes excitedly ''I wish for taste of victory.''

''Victory is reached through rivers of blood.'' Hermione replied with firm voice ''Blood of innocent people, people who were dead just because they were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.'' she locked her gaze with Bellatrx' once again ''Women and children who did nothing wrong.''

''I don't approve of civilian casualties and everybody knows that.'' argued Bellatrix ''There have been numbers of Death Eaters I have put on trial because of suspicion they have committed a crime against civilians during the war. Whoever was found guilty, they served their time.'' she paused ''Hermione, you know that no matter who fights that there will be collateral damage on the way. You can't change that. When something is not useful and is in the way, people will get rid of it, no matter how cold it sounds. Killing of innocent people who aren't a threat isn't by the book, but eliminating a threat- who knows too much is necessary.''

''Really?'' Hermione asked shocked

''Yes, Hermione, really.'' Bellatrix answered drinking the rest of her drink

''How long will it be before I'm a threat, someone who knows too much?'' questioned Hermione ''When will I become a collateral damage?''

''Never.'' said Bellatrix firmly, honesty ''You're...''

''I'm what?'' challenged Hermione

''You're the only exception.''Bellatrix answered ''You're never going to be like them, you know that. I proved as much when I took the oath.''

''I know.'' sighed Hermione knowing Bellatrix was right about that ''I just need to get over the idea of you killing people like it's the easiest thing in the world.''

''I'm sorry Hermione, but it's my job.'' Bellatrix said ''To rule over our country and keep it the way it is, no matter what.''

''No matter what?'' Hermione questioned

''No matter what.'' confirmed Bellatrix, then moved closer to Hermione and took her hand in her own ''Just like with you. I'm with you in this forever, no matter what it takes.''

''You promise?''

Bellatrix took a deep breath and with a courage, she believed she never possessed looked at Hermione ''I promise.''

After she had escorted Hermione home, Bellatrix disapparated back to Black's manor and poured herself a generous amount of fire whiskey. She closed her eyes and savoured the taste that currently burned down her throat.

''Love is about trust, it's believing that she will catch you when you fall. It's faith she has in you, it tells her that she can trust you.'' Andromeda said ''Love is made to be earned, you can never make someone love you. Earn her trust and you'll have her love.''

The words of her sister echoed in her head and she sighed once again. Maybe both Andromeda and Narcissa were right- she never had a real relationship, she never allowed herself to believe another completely. She had believed it would only make her vulnerable, why would she voluntarily make herself weak?

Her obsession with Hermione stopped being obsession awhile ago, she wasn't sure when it had all changed, but it had and for the first time in her life- she wanted to make herself vulnerable. All of a sudden, the idea of having weak spot didn't seem so bad.

Hermione changed her clothes and with new determination she marched in preparation room, where Minerva, Tonks and Andromeda were talking about some things Zen had proposed during the last meeting.

''We need to step up our game.'' Hermione said angrily, leaving three women in silence

''What happened?'' asked Minerva, frightened Bellatrix did something to Hermione

''They know something is happening.'' Hermione breathed ''Bellatrix said she's not worried because there were attempts to overthrown Voldemort before, but that rebels sucked too much and they made arrests.''

''Now wait a minute...'' Tonks started getting up from her chair

''I won't wait a second, let alone a minute!'' yelled Hermione, then marched towards the table, banged her fists on the table and looked Tonks straight in the eyes ''I'm there risking my life, I can be discovered any minute and you didn't have a decency to tell me that passed attempts have failed because your ''she glanced at both Minerva and Tonks ''members couldn't keep their mouth shut?!''

''Everything is alright. Nobody knows about the plan.'' assured Tonks

''But they know enough to start blabbing something is happening.'' Hermione huffed ''I suggest you go and warn your members that things are being watched closely.''

''Fine, I will.'' Tonks growled and left the room in anger and embarrassment

''Did something happen?'' asked Andromeda ''Did my sister do something to you?''

''No, nothing happened.'' Hermione shook her head ''But we both know what would happen if she would found out about all of this.''

''She was always like that and I can understand why you want her, but Hermione watch out for yourself. She's sensual, but dangerous, do not forget that.''

''I've seen her wrap people around her finger- both men and women. She had men kneeling at her feet with a single word and women in her bed with tempting glance.''

Hermione remembered Minerva's words and then she remembered the scene in Andromeda's house

''She has toys, not lovers.''Andoremeda took few steps towards Hermione ''She'll play with you, your mind and your body.'' Andromeda leaned and whispered against Hermione's ear making young witch gulp ''She'll fuck you in every way possible, make sure everybody knows that you're her whore and then she'll leave you at the floor as old possession. Just like all those before you.''

''We need to make sure this doesn't fail. We have to beat both her and Voldemort.'' Hermione stated, even though she would swear, she could hear her heart break.

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