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It was an pretty ordinary morning gat Sunnydale high School, well, as normal as a day at the high school built directly on top of the mouth of hell can be, anyway. It was early, and all of the students were just now arriving at school.

Willow and Xander walked in the front door together.

"Have you seen Buffy?" Willow asked Xander.

"Not today,' replied Xander. "I think she came in early to study for the history test later. She spends so much time slaying, so I guess she needed the extra study time."

"That makes sense," responded Wiloow. "Oh yeah, before I forget, have you heard about the new girl?"

"What new girl?" asked Xander surprisedly.

"I am not sure," responded Willow with a look of surprise on her face as well. "I just heard about it a minute ago. She's apparently coming here from Jacksonville in Florida, or somewhere near there."

"Huh. I wonder what she's like," wondered Xander aloud.

"Me too," responded Willow excitedly.

All of a sudden, Buffy was running down the hall.

"Oh, hey Buffy!" happily shouted Willow as she waived to her friend.

"No running in the halls!" yelled Principal Snyder meanly at Buffy as she ran by him. She then sloed down to a walk as she walked up to Willow and Xander.

"So, have you guys heard about the new girl?" Buffy asked her friends.

"Yeah," they both respinded.

"I saw her walk in a few minutes ago. I think she has history class with us," stated Buffy.

"Well, let's go to class and find out," said Xander.

A few minutes later, history class had started.

"Good morning," the teacher greeted everyone. "As you may or may not know, we have a new student today. She will now come up to the front of the room to introduce herself."

A girl then walked to the front of the room. She was sort of pretty, and had pale, white skin. She had waist length raven black hair, and gorgeous blue orbs for eyes, yet her eyes almost seemed to shift colors. She was skinny, but didn't look anorexic or gross or anything.

"Good morning," the girl shyly greeted the class and bowing her head slightly. "My name is Erika Serpentia Ivory Sparrow. I have recently moved to Sunnydale from Jacksonville, Florida with my mother. I am very pleased to get to meet all of you." She then went and sat down.

"Very good," said the teacher. "Anyway, we're going to have that test now."

All of the students groaned.

Buffy's intuition told her that there was more to this mysterious girl than meets the eye…

Later that night, Buffy was patrolling in the graveyard. She had only seen one vampire, and she had staked it, so it was relatively quiet. She was just about to go ahead and go home until… she saw a group of AT LEAST 12 vampires feeding on a girl with blond hair in front of a crypt! She was already dead, but Buffy had to stop the vamps! She sprung into action!

Buffy staked the nearest one, turning it to dust. The other 11 all went at her at once.

"Ugh… There are too many…" groaned Buffy in an annoyed voice as she staked another.

All of a sudden, the vampires grabbed her, and she couldny get away!

"Ugh! Let me go, you stupid vampires!" screamed buffy.

All of a sudden, cross bow arrows hit the two vampires holding her. They turned into dust.

"What?" said Buffy confusedly.

"Shatter!" yelled a voice from where the arrows had come from. Just then, the stained glass from the crypt exploded, hitting several of the vampires.

All of a sudden, Buffy saw a girl her age backflipping towards her and the vampires. It was Erika, the new girl in school! She began to fight the vampires with her bare hands, and Buffy did too. After awhile, they managed to defeat all of them.

"So, you go and fight vampires too?" asked Erika.

"Uh, yeah," replied Buffy. "I'm the slayer."

"Really?" asked Erika surprised. "I've heard of the slayer, but I've never met one. I myself go and fight vampires, as I was trained to do so by my father. He was killed by vampires, which is why my mother and I moved here. I also train in witchcraft, which helps me to fight vampires."

"Oh, ok," replied Buffy. "Thanks for helping me out there."

"No problem," replied Erika with a smile. "I have to go, but I'll see you at school tomorrow!" She then left.

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