Her door wasn't locked, but she cracked a small smile at how much the team respected her privacy. "It's open."

The doorhandle shifted and Robin peeked his head into the room. "Megan made cookies, and they're not burnt this time. Coming out?"

Zatanna shook her head, and didn't speak further. Robin noticed the slightest sign of tear stains and the dampness of the pillow on Zatanna's bed - his eyes softened somewhat, unnoticable behind the sunglasses he wore.

"Then how about I come in?" He asked, but didn't wait for a response to saunter over next to his new teammate. He wouldn't let her push away everyone, because that never worked to ease the pain. Not for Bruce.

Not for him.

"Robin, please." Zatanna looked away from the younger boy, obviously uncomfortable with him in the room.

"Please what?"

When she looked again, Robin was balancing on one hand upside down from a box. His head was slightly tilted in curiosity. Yet not even the ridiculousness of Robin's pose brought a smile to Zatanna's face.

"I already said...I just need some alone time."

Robin flipped to another box, this time perching upright. "Has it done any good?"

Zatanna didn't answer.

"Yeah, it usually doesn't. When you're alone, the voices seem to just haunt you more." Robin's voice took on a different tone that Zatanna didn't normally associate with the cheerful word-twisting boy wonder.

'Zatanna...I love you.'

She wanted to hate him a bit - for being so correct. But she couldn't. Not when he looked so vulnerable himself.

"Have you lost anyone before, Robin?"

"Yeah." His answer was so soft she barely caught it. It was almost as if she imagined it, because seconds later, the boy wonder did another flip off the box and landed right next to her on her bed. "You know, your father's not really gone. Even Nelson didn't spend his whole life wearing the helmet. Just think of it as a bit of an extended vacation. We can even skip the kidnapping this time."

He tilted down his sunglasses and she caught a glimpse of brilliantly blue eyes that winked at her before they were once again obscured by those glasses.

"Yeah." She cracked a tentative smile - if Robin had let her in this much into his private life, a smile was the least she could do. The trust, the reassurance, the small hand wrapped around her shoulder in a slight hug. They all worked wonders on bringing back the sense of security she lost along with her father. Except her father wasn't really lost - just temporarily occupied, she reminded herself

"I wouldn't mind if you kidnapped me one more time though - I heard those cookies need saving."

"Depends, are you up for the mission?"

"Race you there, boy wonder!"

And just for a second, while smirking at Robin's baffled face as she knocked him backwards on the bed to get a head start to the kitchen, she felt that everything would be okay.

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