Chapter One

Emily couldn't help but let her eyes wander back up to the blonde media liaison's office. It wasn't the first time today either. Emily was sure she had feelings for the blonde but was obviously never going to say anything. If she did it would ruin there friendship and JJ's straight anyway. It obviously wouldn't work. That's what she kept telling herself, no, that's what she had to keep telling herself. She thought back to the first time she saw JJ.

She was in Hotch's office with her things and there was a gentle knock at the door before she walked in. It took all of Emily's strength not to let her jaw drop to the floor, because it would have. She was beautiful. Ocean blue eyes, blonde hair and the way she dressed, she knew how to show off her petite frame in all the right places. She remembered just staring at the agent before realising she was gawping at the blonde and then immediately offered her hand out to the blue eyed agent.

"I'm Agent Emily Prentiss. I'm new so…," Emily said trying to keep her cool.

"I'm Agent Jennifer Jareau, but you can call me JJ. All my friends do," the blonde agent said before shacking Emily's hand with a smile on her face. Emily couldn't help but smile back. The handshake had lingered for longer than it really should have and the two woman only let go when Hotch cleared his throat behind them.

"JJ, while you here, why don't you show Emily around," Hotch said.

"Sure," JJ said.

Yep. That was the first time Emily saw her, and from that moment Agent Jareau had captured her heart. She had known her for a couple of months now and they were best friends. Emily still hadn't told the blonde agent her biggest secret, that she was gay. She liked to be discreet about it, only telling people if it was absolutely necessary. In this case, that mean non of the team knew. She preferred to keep this one to herself. She didn't know how JJ would react and she certainly didn't want to ruin their her friendship with the younger agent.

Emily glanced at he clock. 3:30. She had another hour and a half before the team was allowed to leave. Concentrating on the paperwork at the moment wasn't an option. She decided to make some tea hoping that it would stall the slight headache she felt coming along.

Emily kept her head down as she headed to the coffee area in the corner of the bullpen, accidentally walking in to someone else who was there. Her head immediately shot up to see JJ and she froze. She couldn't open her mouth. She always wondered if the blonde actually knew what she did to her, physically and mentally.

"Em, you okay?" JJ asked, slightly worried. Emily hated it when people called her Em, but with JJ it always felt different. It felt right.

"Yeah… Yeah. Sorry. I should have looked where I was going," Emily explained rather rapidly.

JJ lifted her hand to rub Emily's forearm, causing Emily's heartbeat to increase dramatically. She could never control herself properly around JJ, she always lost it.

"It's okay Em. It's not like I haven't walked into people before," JJ replied with a giggle. JJ left her hand on the older agents shoulder for another few seconds, which to Emily seemed like a lifetime, before continuing to her original task of making some coffee.

JJ walked up to the side and turned the coffee machine on. "You have tea

right?" JJ asked.

"Yeah. Cut down on the coffee," Emily explained.

"Cut down on the coffee. You don't drink it at all. I honestly don't know how you do it because I would probably die if I didn't have coffee!" JJ exclaimed. Emily let out a laugh which JJ soon joined in with. "Oh, that reminds me, I have to text Will to buy some more coffee," JJ mumbled. Emily tensed at the mention of Will's name. That was another reason the brunette agent would never confess her feelings to JJ.

JJ glanced over at Emily and saw this reaction. She had notice whenever Will's name popped up into a conversation the brunette would either excuse herself or would automatically tense and try and hide behind her walls again. JJ thought she knew why but would always doubt the possibility. JJ always thought Emily was jealous. JJ wouldn't mind if she was to be honest.

She remembered when she first set eyes on Emily. She fell, hard. She tried not to show it and she tried not to think about it, but she knew she had feelings for the blonde. She's straight though, that's what she had to keep telling herself. She had told Garcia, but didn't trust anyone else enough to tell them. She would just try to push the feelings to the back of her mind, but they seemed to somehow get stronger and resurface. She was awoken by the all familiar sound the kettle made that meant the water had boiled, soon followed by the coffee maker.

Emily reached her hand out to grab the kettle but was blocked but JJ's hand on hers. It was so soft and gentle. Once again the brunette's heartbeat rocketed. "It's okay. I'll make it for you," JJ said, throwing Emily one of her signature smiles.

"Thanks," Emily said.

"No problem," JJ replied. 'Never will be for you' JJ thought. 'Oh god! Where did that come from!' JJ was awoken but her thought by Emily asking if she was okay.

"Yeah," JJ assured.

"You just seemed to, sort of, zone out…," Emily pointed out.

"I know just, thinking about one of the cases in my office. I'm fine," JJ explained. This time when JJ smiled, it was the smile she would use with the media. The smile that meant she was keeping something from Emily. The smile that meant there was something she didn't want anyone to know.

"There you go," JJ said before hurrying back to her office. Emily stood there startled slightly. Had she said something. She didn't think she had done anything to offend her. She just shrugged before heading back to her desk. An hour of paperwork and she could finally go home and relax. That was probably easier said than done.

Emily sat on her desk sipping the tea. She wondered how JJ had made it so perfectly, being honest, she probably made it better than Emily would have done herself. She glanced up at the clock again. 4:30. Okay so she had half an hour, she could do that. She decided to take a wonder to Garcia's liar.

As she approached she heard people speaking in there already. She leaned closer to the door so she could hear better. The second voice was definitely JJ's.

"What do I do Garcia?" JJ asked.

"Well, I don't know. Talking is always a good option. Maybe you should just talk to her more often you know, just to see if she sends and subtle hints your way," Garcia theorized.

Her… Emily thought to herself.

"So, how are you and Will doing?" Garcia asked. Emily nearly walked away form the mention of his name, but curiosity got the better of her so she decided she would listen to the answer instead.

"We're still not getting on well. He wants me to leave my job and I can't do that, he knows I can't do that. Now he's moved in, which in my defence I didn't ask him to do, we are arguing constantly. I don't think it's going to work. I want to end it, I just don't know whether I can. I don't want to hurt him," JJ cried.

"I know JJ, but keeping this from him for longer only means that when you tell the truth it will hurt more," Garcia said apologetically.

"I know… I know…," JJ mumbled.

"And… Well if you tell her… About your feelings… Then," Garcia hinted hoping JJ would finish the sentence.

"But you don't know that! Nobody knows that! She doesn't even seem to notice me," JJ sulked.

"Honey, trust me. I've seen the way she looks at you for the simple fact there is never a time when she isn't looking at you. You need to talk to her," Garcia explained.

"Thanks," JJ said and Emily heard the all too familiar sound of JJ's high heels make there were to the door. Damn it! Emily thought. She managed to dive into what looked like a store room before JJ opened the door. Close call.

Emily didn't know whether to go to Garcia now or just sit at her desk for the next ten minutes. She couldn't get one question out of her head. Who was the woman JJ was talking about? She decided to go into Garcia's office and see if she could extract any information from the technical analyst.

"Hey," Emily announced as she walked in. "Is JJ okay?" Emily asked


"Yeah. Why wouldn't she be?" Garcia asked.

"No reason," Emily drawled. Garcia looked towards Emily with shocked expression. Has Emily heard everything me and JJ have just been talking about!

"Well, I'm going to head off. Seems it's time to go and I am exhausted," Emily said.

As soon as Emily left her liar Garcia texted JJ straight away. She hoped Emily hadn't heard the whole thing, actually, she hoped she hadn't heard any of it.