Summary:  About as far from sappy as a poem based on a complicated romantic relationship can be.  This is sort of how I think things'd be between B&S by the end of the show.  Vaguely spike-POV

Disclaimer:  only vaguely-buffy, so only vaguely theirs. 

Note:  I know I'm a writer at heart, because the urge to spew out prose and verse always hits me at the most obscure and uninteresting moments.  I came up with the beginning of this while washing dishes in the dirty deep-sink in my garage, eyeing a wriggling upside-down ear-bug and bemoaning the renovations my kitchen is suffering through.  ::resigned sigh::  At least they tell it'll have corian counters.

A Long Time Coming
By Rashaka

It's been a long time coming
And we're both a bit worse for wear
With hands a little darker
And eyes a little longer
And no one to blame but ourselves

It's been a long time coming
So I won't be surprised at you
I won't say it's all been fun
I won't laugh like it didn't hurt
Or that doubt never passed my way

It's been a long time coming
Too many turns on the dance floor
But no crowd to hold us in
No great song to measure by
'Cept all the ones we couldn't hear

It's been a long time coming
And yeah maybe I got there first
Yet didn't I tell you then
And didn't I say yesterday
I'd drown forever waiting on you

It's been a long time coming
You went to heaven 'fore coming to me
And you'd drop dead first? Some joke
If that's the new scale of things
Well second-best to heaven ain't bad

It's been a long time coming
The world might've even ended
I'm not counting anymore
Because you're here and I'm here
And it's been a long time coming


Read & review, please.  And all you nasty little gutter-thinker smut fans that saw the title and shat giggles, well you get a snap on the wrist for ruining you own enjoyment of my very serious poetry, and a demented thumbs-up for creative one-track thinking.  And those of you who didn't think of it till I mentioned it, well, if the poem's bloody awful then at least you got a good joke out of it to ease the pain. ;)  I hope you laugh a good …five hours straight…. ::snicker::