Ethan Mars drives to the mountains by car. As he drives, he recalls of how he is married to Madison Paige, a journalist of the American Tribune. The place where they first met is in a hotel. This is also the place where they met the second time. The third time of their meeting is when the cops are pursuing him. The fourth meeting was in the same hotel again. Ethan and Madison make love on that night. When he woke up, he is enraged to discover that she is a journalist, but forgives her anyway. Later on, they met while Ethan is trying to free his son, Shaun, by the hands of the Origami Killer. They managed to escape Lt. Blake's clutches by surrendering with their hands up. Since after the incident, they got married and move in an apartment with the two of them living with Shaun. Madison convinces him to have a vacation after all this. She suggested to have a vacation to a hotel that's never been familiar to them: the Overlook Hotel. Ethan finds it a good idea; that way, he could think of his architectural plans.

He goes to a hotel and observes the surroundings before him. As he looks for parking, there is a free space in the middle so he parks his car there.

Upon walking inside the hotel, Ethan sees the people inside are looking good. He looks at his left to see two women reading travel magazines about the country they're living on now; on to his right are two men having a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. He walks forward to the receptionist.

"Hi," Ethan said. "I'm here to see Mr. Ullman. My name is Ethan Mars."

"He's at his second to your right."

Ethan makes a smile on his face for an answer. "Thank you."

He goes on his way to his right to Mr. Ullman's office. Upon entering, he looked at the man who looks in his 50s and to his left is a man who looked in his 40s. Nevertheless, he accepts the interview with these two.

"Are you Mr. Ullman? My name is Ethan Mars."

"Good to see you, Ethan," said Mr. Ullman. "Oh, and the other man you'll get a chance to meet is Bill."

"It's good to see you, Bill," Ethan lifting his right hand and holds Bill's left hand, gesturing of shaking hands.

Mr. Ullman said, "Now that you're here, you want some coffee before the interview."

"If you're going to have some, I don't mind," was the reply emerging from Ethan's mouth.

"Have a seat while I prepare the coffee," said Mr. Ullman.

"Thank you," Ethan is putting himself down to a chair to his right. This is the perfect position.

I hope I'll get a good interview.