Hello guys! This is my sequel to "What if Kaa meets baby Mowgli?" which was requested by an author whose name I've forgot. Originally I didn't want to make a sequel but I've a request on my PM which means private messaging on my profile and the author gave me lots of ideas to do this kind of story. So I've changed my mind and here I am doing the sequels but only temporally because this story only has one chapter which would be like what would happen to Mowgli after he was raised by Kaa. Take a chance to read this sequel and find out. After this short story, I'm moving on to Baloo and so on in order. I did the prequels in my versions with Kaa, Baloo, Shere Khan, Hathi, Louie, and the vultures. Then coming soon, I may do another Jungle Book story "A human son for Bagheera" but I may have to rechange the title soon because I'm not sure if it is a good title or not and I have to work on thinking up good titles. That story would be like what would happen if Bagheera actually adopts Mowgli. I have to also rethink how many chapters should that story have.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I was rambling a little too much but go ahead and read on. Skip the disclaimers if you want to.

Disclaimers: I don't own anything from Disney and the original book from Rudyard Kipling. But I do own this story that has been created by me. Also, please don't claim any of my stories as your own creations but you can make up your own versions if you want to.

10 years have passed in the jungle. All was calm and quiet as the sun rises up and all of the birds flew in the air. Their chirping, shrieking, and squaking fills the morning air. They were all quite happy and comfortable to be with each other's company. But what they didn't know that they have become a nuisance to some animals who were still sleepy.

Especially to Kaa who felt deeply annoyed as he uses his coils to cover his head. He then spoke out "*Groan* Oh great, why do thossse birdsss alwaysss make too much noise every ssssingle morning? Couldn't they jussst let other featherless animalssss have ssssome more ssssleep? Oh Mowgli! Do ssssomething about thosssse noisssse makerssss and bring ssssome of them to me and then you can get sssome more ssssleep".

A 10 year old human boy woke up from his bed that was made out of large tree leaves and nods his head to his adopted father "Ok father! I'll bring them back for you! *yawn*". The boy whose name was Mowgli was raised by Kaa who found him when he is an abandoned newborn baby and was wrapped in a cloth and held in a basket on a boat that was close to the riverbank but there was no trace of his real parents who remains a mystery and forgotten by their son who has no memory of what their faces look like when they are still alive. Now he thought that Kaa was his real father who cares about him and taught him how to hiss like a snake, how to hunt for valuable preys to bring home to his father, how to climb up the trees to eat some fruits and drink from cool rivers,and how to avoid enemies like Shere Khan, red dogs, and baboons (The ones from the Disney TV show "Jungle cubs* whose names I've kinda forgot but please remind me about what they're names are).

Mowgli was also taught to avoid humans even though he has never seen them but he has no idea that he was also one of them. But Kaa has his own reasons because he doesn't want to give away his adopted son to no one else until he's all grown up and finds a mate of his own. Mowgli is like a treasured boy that Kaa loves as a son and he can't afford to lose him. Kaa is also very protective of Mowgli when it comes to predators who wants to attack the boy and Kaa ties him with his coils and hide him in the trees to be unseen so that Kaa can hypnotize his enemies to make them leave his adopted son alone.

Now Mowgli is 10 years old and he told Kaa that he is quite confident and unafraid of predators since he learns how to defend himself just in case if Kaa wasn't around to protect him. Kaa wasn't happy at first since he is still worried for Mowgli's safety, but then he eventually changes his mind and decides to let Mowgli hunt for him because he knew that Mowgli needs to learn how to survive in the jungle and stay alive.

As Mowgli walks outside his adopted father's cave to look for the source of the noises that gave him and his father a hard time sleeping, he eventually notices a bunch of parakeetswho were perching high in the trees and they hadn't seem to notice him.

Mowgli smirks to himself "Heh...this is gonna be so easy...it's a good dad taught me about climbing trees by watching how bears and panthers climb since I don't have reptile skin...and I'm glad that I know how to make bird traps...but I'm gonna need the exact tools to make one".

He then pick up some vines, branches and twigs and uses them to make a bird cage. He then makes the bottom of the cage out of branches and vines too and make them tighter. He then places in some fruits like mangos, oranges, grapes inside the cage to fool the birds.

He hands the cage on a tree branch and hides in the bushes to wait quietly while holding a thin vine that can automatically close the cage when it is full. Eventually, a dozen of parakeets flew into the cage like a flock and began the fruits like crazy.

(Take notice that you cannot feed them avacadoes and chocolates because it can kill the parakeets).

Mowgli smirks "Oh yeah, they feel for my little trick...heh he" and pulls the thin vine immediately. The captured parakeets chirps and flapped in the cage with alarm after it closes. Mowgli then gets out of the bushes and wraps the thin vote around the cage for more security and more tighter than before. He picks it up and runs back to his father's cave "Dad! Hey dad! I got 12 parakeets today!"

Kaa woke up quickly from the sound of Mowgli's voice and his face gleamed with happiness as he sees his adopted son presented to him a cage full of 12 trapped parakeets "*gasp* Good job my ssson! And they are vey good for breakfassst but not for you. Take that thin vine out and leave it open for me".

"Ok dad" said Mowgli who places the cage in front of his adopted father. He then unravels the thin vine around the cage and opens the cage in front of his father. Mowgli then yawns "*yawns*...I'm still tired...can I go back to sleep for a few more hours dad?".

Kaa smiled at him and touched his left cheek softly with his tail "Of coursssse. You need more hoursss of ssssleep. It's good for your health. Go back to ssssleep ok my sssson?".

"*yawn* Ok...I'll see you later dad when I get up from my sleep a few more hours later" said Mowgli who nods his head and yawns at the same time. He then slowly walks back to his bed and plops face down and snores softly.

Kaa chuckles at his adopted son with amusement "That'sss my good boy...it'sss a good thing that I would never eat him or any humansss...because he'ssss now my sssson..." and then he turns back to the frightened parakeets who cornered themselves backwards in the cage with fear in their eyes as they look at the python who wants to eat them for breakfast "Now then...I feel like it is time for breakfassst...pleasssse look at my eyesss and come forward...becausssse I'm sssstarved".

The last things that the poor helpless parakeets could remember was the coloful hypnotic swirls in Kaa's eyes and being swallowed inside Kaa's mouth like vore.

So how do I do so far guys? Do you like the vore ending? Let me know! Oh and thanks for reading this sequel to "What if Kaa meets baby Mowgli?" and wait for the upcoming sequel to "What is Baloo meets baby Mowgli?". ^_-