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Chapter Seven:

Sakura decided not to show up at his apartment two hours later like he'd requested. What she'd decided to do was hole up in a bathroom at the grocery store so she could cry in peace, and more importantly, so he couldn't find her. How could she do this to herself again? Only this time it was going to be worse. She'd never gotten intimate like this with Sasuke, that hadn't even been on the menu. Her feelings were so problematic.

By the time she left the bathroom, with splotchy eyes to boot, she knew Kakashi would be gone on his mission. Leaving the store with the intent of breaking into his apartment should've made her feel guilty, but she had to know if he left her anything, like a letter. Something to indicate that she'd hurt his feelings or at least pissed him off by not showing up. But when she got there she found nothing but a neatly made bed and pushed in chairs around his dining room table.

"I'm pathetic," she mumbled around a sniffle.

The next three days were hell as she contemplated giving her virginity to someone else. Not because she wanted to, but because she wanted to see his reaction when she told him that she didn't wait for him. And maybe she did want to do it, she was thinking about it after all. Maybe she wanted to let him know that her world didn't revolve around him or maybe it was herself that really needed to realize that.

She knew she couldn't really do it and lying, the next best thing, would break his trust in her. Breaking trust like that with Shinobi was taboo. It just wasn't done and she didn't want the relationship to be irreparable. So on the day he was to come back, she swallowed her pride and did what she'd promised she'd do before he left. She stripped naked and slipped under his sheets.

She waited for hours for him to come back. Sometimes these missions can take a little longer and coming back at a certain time wasn't always an option. It was coming around midnight now though and she found herself wondering if there'd been a bump in the mission. She decided he'd be home soon and promised she'd only shut her eyes for a little bit.

It was laughter that woke her, a woman and man laughing between kisses that made a smooching smack every time their lips touched. Sakura had dimmed the lights before she'd gotten there, but she found herself rapidly blinking, as if the light was too bright, and she sat up, clutching the blanket to her naked chest. It wasn't a bright light. It was just Kakashi, French kissing a brunette.

Sakura held her breathe, not sure what to do or how to feel as the woman's red dress strap fell down her shoulder. Kakashi helped it along, roughly exposing her breast. Sakura clutched her chest as a sharp pain shot through her heart. She bit her lip to keep from gasping and her other hand burrowed into the sheet still covering her chest.

Kakashi hiked the woman's leg up around his waist and shifted his hand to the front of his pants. The sound of the zipper going down seemed to echo in her ears. It was the last straw as she stood up from the bed, wrapping the sheet completely around her as she quietly slipped into the bathroom.

Honestly, she was hoping they'd see her or at the very least hear the door shutting behind her. Kakashi was a highly trained Shinobi, but in the throws of passion a bomb could've gone off and he wouldn't have noticed.

"Yes, put it in me. Shove your cock inside me."

Sakura's mouth dropped open in horror as the long deep groans from both the woman and Kakashi let her know that he'd followed the brunettes demand. How could he do this to her? Had this been going on for the past two months they'd been fooling around? Was it a lie when he'd told her it would just be her while it lasted?

He did say that hadn't he? She hadn't misunderstood?

Sakura shook her head frantically. No, she'd understood perfectly. She bit into the palm of her hand so hard she could taste the blood seeping into her mouth. He'd lied to her. Shinobi's don't lie to their comrades. She probably wasn't that to him anymore the moment he dry humped her in that kitchen though. She should've known after that stupid bonding party she'd become nothing but an object to him, an object that just happened to get him off.

She hadn't realized she'd been backing into the corner of the bathroom next to the tub until her back hit the cold tiles. She slid down the wall, her eyes burning from unshed tears, as the realization of everything that was happening hit her. He'd lied to her and he was fucking another woman in the bed she'd just been lying in ready to offer him everything.

She stayed crouched in that corner, trying to cover her ears from the loud pleasurable groans and skin smacking, but it was like a train wreck. Only instead of watching, she listened. Hearing Kakashi orgasm was like a knife in her heart and the tears flowed with a vengeance. When they were finally both finished, she heard a faint conversation before hearing the front door slam shut.

Shivering from the lack of covering the blanket offered yet she still couldn't bring herself to move. The shock of what she'd just witnessed was crushing her. So she stayed in that corner for an hour, planning on escaping after he fell asleep. When the time passed, she sniffled and rubbed at her running nose, feeling mentally and physically broken. Too broken to get to her feet.

But now was the time to get up, she couldn't embarrass herself even more by letting him know she'd been there, that she'd heard everything, that she'd been waiting for him naked for hours to come home only for him to come home with someone else. She waited like a dolt. God she was so stupid.

It didn't matter that he made it clear it wasn't a relationship. It didn't matter that she promised to keep her feelings set aside so they could continue. It didn't matter… she dropped her forehead against her arms just as the door swung open.

And there he was in all his glory. Sated and naked and just beyond the door she could see papers lying on his coffee table. He hadn't been asleep at all; he'd been doing his paper work. In that moment she didn't know what would have been more embarrassing, leaving in a sheet and having him sitting there hunched over his work, or what was happening right now.

At least he had the gall to look horrified, but Sakura knew it had nothing to do with her splotchy red, tear stained face or running noise, not even her nakedness. It couldn't be that, because that would mean he cared about her, and he'd made that very clear three days ago.

"Sakura! How long—um-" He stopped and Sakura knew the instant he realized just what it was she witnessed. He cleared his throat and bowed his head with what she hoped was shame. He settled his hands against his naked hips before talking again. "What are you doing here?"

Okay. Not what she expected…

"What am I doing here? What am I doing here? What am I doing here!" Sakura leapt to her feet, forgetting that it was the sheet covering her nakedness. "I thought that we had-that what we had agreed to was an arrangement and y-you said as long as we were in that arrangement it would be exclusive. I should've figured you were a fucking liar. Shinobi be damned, you are simply a man." Sakura spat the last word with such disgust that it would've made even the most jaded woman pleased.

"Hey," he said, his face showing anger so quickly that Sakura had to blink to make sure she'd seen it. He was usually so carefree that she anger was surprising. How dare he? What did he have to be angry about? "You never showed up that day. That day I asked you to, that day before I left for that mission."


He shrugged, his shoulders and arms both raised dramatically in the air. "I figured you couldn't handle it, not letting your emotions get in the way and decided to end it.

She scoffed and tossed her hair behind her shoulder. "Did you ever think that something came up? That I couldn't make it? You were the one after all who made it blatantly clear we weren't in a relationship so you respond like I broke up with you?"

He frowned and licked his lips. "Did something happen that day?"

"Yes! You hurt my feelings and I didn't want to face you at that moment. I didn't want to stop-to stop whatever the hell it is we were doing, but I guess it wasn't enough for you," she snarled and side stepped him to get out of the bathroom. "Liar!"

"I am not a liar," he said, trying to sound calm.

"Of course you are. And a bastard. All that time you said it would only be me, how many times did you fuck a girl after I left?"

"You don't get to do that," he yelled. "You don't get to make me feel like the bad guy. I didn't cheat on you. We were never in a relationship!"

She turned and sat at the edge of the bed, cringing at the musty smell of sex and fresh ink. She bent to get her clothes on the floor. How could he not have seen them? "Maybe not," she said, slightly angry that it came out as a hoarse whisper. "But it felt like one and I waited for you!"

She tried to finish that line without her voice breaking but it did and the tears started again not soon after. "I waited for hours. I was naked, in the bed, when you came in with her." She stopped to give him an accusing stare. "You didn't even see me."

It was in his eyes as he flinched. He had never meant to hurt her and she could see that, but he did hurt her. She felt the fight draining from her and her shoulders slumped with defeat.

"Look, Sakura-" he said and reached for her.

"N-no," she said and swallowed. "I get it. I'm sorry I was such an inconvenience to you."

"Oh come on," he groaned. "This is why I don't do relationships." He growled the words and gestured wildly with a hand. "This right here!"

She couldn't stay here another minute. Why that was what had pushed her to forget her clothes and wrap the sheet around her like a toga, she didn't know. She just couldn't stay here. She darted for the door only to have Kakashi cut her off. His hand smacked against the wooden panel in front of the door.

"Where do you think you're going?"


"We're not done here."

"Yes, we are."


She hissed, "What do you want from me?"

He brought his naked body closer to her. "It was a misunderstanding. We can still keep this arrangement going."

She blinked her eyes wide with disbelief and horror. "Are you serious?"

He nodded misinterpreting the context of her question. "Of course! I still want to teach you. I-" he paused looking down at her with a twinge of surprise and perhaps realization before continuing. "I still want you."

"You had me, until two hours ago; I was yours, completely yours, but not anymore. Please move."

He let out a chuckle of disbelief. "Wait-"

"What Kakashi? Are you that hard up to deflower a virgin? Is that what it was with me? Well, I have a whole list of girls who need their cherry popped… that may even have their hymen in tack. Does that turn you on?" She spat the words with more venom than she thought she could muster in that moment. If her heart wasn't in the process of slo-mo shattering she'd be proud of herself.

"Here, I'll give you numbers," she finished and tried to head towards his table where the papers from his mission were still left askewer.

"Can you just stop?"

"No, because when I do I feel like I'm suffocating," she cried out.

"Don't," he whispered and turned his gaze away, his eyes now focused on the wood panel his hand had smacked against. "Don't look at me that way."

She sighed. "What way is that, Kakashi?"

"Like I broke your heart."

She gave him a small smile and tilted her head. "You did."

She ducked under his arm and walked out the door. This time he didn't try to stop her.