"Haymitch!" I shouted impatiently as my fist banged on the wooden door.

"Comin'" His slurred voice called from inside the house.

I sighed and looked at the snow covered streets.

I pushed a strand of stray pink hair behind my ear and pulled the noisy box of beer bottles closer to

my side.

Babysitting Haymitch, I thought with a huff, is one of the most degrading tasks I have ever had to do

in my entire life.

"Mornin' Eff" Haymitch greeted as the door swung open releasing a foul odour the I wouldn't care to


I took a long, deep breath and forced myself into the warmth of his house.

"Good morning, Haymitch" I greeted with what I hoped was a friendly smile.

He gave me a crooked grin and ushered me towards the kitchen.

"Put em dan anyweere" He said grabbing a bottle and chugging it back.

"Put the bottles down anywhere" I corrected.

"Exactly!" He said waving his hands.

I rolled my eyes, put the alcohol on the table and sat on a chair.

I stared at Haymitch waiting for him to make conversation when his light blue eyes fogged over and he

became very distant.

After I few minutes I sighed and went to stand next to him

It is a lady's duty to make polite conversation.

"What are you thinking about, Haymitch?" I asked in my sweetest voice.

He snapped back to reality and gave me a crooked grin.

"Me first kiss" He replied.

I raised an eyebrow and looked him up and down.

He looked like a man that has never been kissed in his life and the way he acts in the presence of a

lady is disgraceful.

"It was with Maire Collahan on the day I was reaped" He continued and took another swig of beer "When

was your first kiss?"

He stared at me expectantly and I turned my head a way, a light blush covering my cheeks.

Never, I though sadly.

I was about to turn my head back and explain that this was an inappropriate subject to discuss when to

hard, cold and alcohol tasting lips crashed on to mine.

"There" He said "Your first kiss"

I stared at him, my eyes wide and mouth agape.

"What? I din't do owt!"

"You didn't do anything!"


"I wasn't agreeing with you, I was correcting. Your grammar is appalling!"

I grabbed my hand bag and stomped towards the front door.

"Where you going? If you leave then who's going to babysit me? Hmmm?"

I slammed the door and smiled slightly.

My first kiss.

Albeit it was with a drunk and possibly insane man.