I was inspired by a lonely chocolate chip muffin sitting atop the kitchen stove, and well...I ended up with this insane plot. XD I don'tsown DP and enjoy this random plot created in my brain!

"The last cupcake..." Danny declared as he pulled out the scrumptious treat out of the plastic container. He looked catiously around the Manson's large kitchen before returning his attention the cupcake. "And it's all mine! Bonus!" he laughed. He was about to pop it into his mouth when a hand snatched it from him.

"Not anymore!" said the cupcake snatcher, who swiped some frosting off on their finger and stuck it in their mouth. "Mmm... Vanilla!" Danny growled as he attempted to get:

"My precious... My own! GIVE ME PRECIOUS!" he cried as he tried to swipe it from the thief.

"You'll never get it!" the thief scoffed as they backed slowly into a cupboard. Danny looked down and noticed too late a disaster about happen. He slipped on the unnoticed rag, bumping the thief into the cupboard, as pure sugar fell into Danny's mouth.

"Oh... No... This is bad..." commented the cupcake thief as Danny swallowed the lump of sugar. A crazed look filled his eye as he ran towards the frightened thief.

"SAMANTHA!" cried Danny in delight. He ran over to her and squeezed her. "Now we can live in peace and RAINBOWS!" Sam growled and shoved the happy go lucky lad off of her.

"SAM! IT'S SAM!" she hissed as Danny continued to squeeze her.

"I wuv you sooooooooo much!" declared Danny. A tint of pink spread across Sam's face.

"Really?" she asked softly, but quickly slapped herself. "He's on a sugar rush for Pete's sake! Why would he say that otherwise?"

"Sammmmmy!" giggled Danny as he twirled around in circles.

"GAH!" cried Sam as she watched the hyper soul bounce around the room. "I'm calling Tucker..." She quickly dialed her best friend's number in desperation.


"Love to help, but I'm...babysitting? Yea, I'm babysitting. Bye!" came the lousy excuse from the other end. Sam growled as she snapped her phone shut and looked tiredly at Danny, who was now in his ghost form.

"Wheeee! I can FLY! Can you fly?" sang Danny as Sam groaned.

"What on Earth would get Danny off a sugar rush?" questioned Sam to herself, since, well, Danny was off in Lalaland. Her thoughtful gaze landed on an old fairy tale book. She ran over to it and examined the page.

"Sleeping Beauty was woken by a ki-" Her eyes widened in hope. "Maybe if I kiss him, he'll stop being hyper!" She glanced back at Danny, who was currently singing and dusting the cupboards with a fluffy duster.

"Danny, a little to the left!" she called out to him. He grinned cheekily and began dusting some more. "Yea, really should get him non hyper... DANNY! Get down here! I have a secret to tell you!" she lied as Danny floated downward.

"Yes Sammykins?" he asked. Sam gulped as she shakily put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't say a word about this.." she said as she closed the gap between them. His crazed eyes turned a relaxed blue as he smiled as her arms wrapped around him.

"Mmm...Vanilla!" commented Danny as they broke apart. Sam began to laugh as she held his hand.

"This is why I don't let you eat cupcakes..." she said dryly. Danny looked at her confuzzledly.

"Why? What did I do?"

Yea...result of writing this at night... XD Haha, hope you enjoyed and REVIEW PLEASE!