So this is a little different, but I hope you enjoy. It may seem a little rushed but please read the AN at the end to explain…. Thanks :D

Morgan cracked open a bottle of beer as he sank into his black leather couch. He flicked through the channels on his wide screen TV until he got to the NFL Network. He took a sip and smiled to himself as he relaxed, feeling the cold liquid trickle down through his body. This was the first time they'd had more than two days off in a row for months and they had made it to their third day of no cases. He'd spent the first two doing up a house he'd bought the summer before which had been somewhat neglected and today was his day for rest. He threw some roasted nuts into his mouth and chewed with satisfaction as the game began.

Just a few minutes later, he closed his eyes with annoyance and released a belaboured breath as his cell rang out. He contemplated not answering, but of course he had contemplated doing that many many times…. but always did.

Reaching forward, he picked his cell up off the coffee table and on his screen was a picture of Emily Prentiss's excitable smiling face. He'd taken that photo on a rather drunken team night out and since then she regularly ordered him to remove it and replace it with a more 'sober' picture….. A request he ignored with amusement.

"Prentiss, this better not be a case, the Bears Saints game is just about to start."

"That's football right?" She asked.

He smiled, "Yeah, you're learning."

"Well that's as far as my football knowledge goes I'm afraid, and even then I've never heard of the Saints."

Morgan rolled his eyes, "I guess you're a lost cause then."

"Thanks Morgan." She said sarcastically.

"You know I don't mean it princess. We'll make a football fan out of you yet…. Anyway, what's up?"

"You busy tonight?"

There was a moments silence as Morgan pondered.

"What's happened?" He sighed.

"Why has something had to have happened for me to want to hang out with you?" She said sheepishly.

"OK Emily. Out with it. You said you said you were going out with Anthony tonight."

"Well there was a change of plan."

"What happened?"

After a long pause, he chuckled, "Emily?"

"Ok ok, we split up. Happy?" She snapped.

"Of course I'm not happy…. Although I did think he was a smarmy ass, but if it's made you sad, then I'm not happy."

"I'm not sad." She defended.

"Ok if you say so…. And yes, I'm free. Of course you can come round."

"Thanks. I'll see you in an hour or so."


As soon as he heard the door knock, Morgan jumped up and took hold of the large glass off the coffee table he had left there waiting for her arrival. He opened the door to be greeted by Emily holding up a brown bag.

"What's that?" He asked with an inquisitive frown.

"Supplies…." She offered.

He smiled, "Ok, I'll swap you." He said taking the bag off her and giving her the goblet of red wine.

"That's a good swap….." Emily laughed, slipping past him. "…Did I leave it long enough for the game to be finished?" She queried hopefully as she made her way through to the lounge, followed by Morgan.

"No. Afraid not. There's just fifteen minutes left. You don't mind if we watch it do you?" He asked as he sat on the couch, leaning forward, eyes glued to the screen.

"It's your place. You do what you want." She shrugged.

She naturally positioned herself at the other end of the two seater couch to him and collapsed back into the soft leather, taking a sip of the red liquid. She closed her eyes momentarily and let her head fall back as she relaxed.

"So what's the score?" She said half heartedly a minute or so later, looking around the room at anything but the television screen.

"Twenty two to twenty five…." He answered, turning to glance at her, "….You don't have to pretend to be interested you know." He chuckled, seeing that familiar unimpressed expression on her face.

She looked back at him with half a smile, "Good. Because I'm not."

"It's nearly done." He assured, in his deep, calming tone, turning back to the game.

Curiosity got the better of him however and he couldn't help but look back to Emily, who was curled up, looking lost in her own little world, peaceful and content. He caught her sink the last drop of wine and raised an eyebrow at her until she noticed his stare.

"You're supposed to be watching the game." She said dryly.

"I'm enjoying watching you more." He winked at her.

She rolled her eyes, then looked downward trying to hide her shy smile. As much as she tried to fend off the Derek Morgan charm, he always did this….. Turned her into a fourteen year old girl, giggling inside when a boy she likes pays her a compliment.

"You want another one of them?" He asked, pointing to her now empty glass.

She nodded, handing it over, "You gonna join me now?"

"What do you think?"

He jumped up, jogging into the kitchen and grabbing hold of the open wine bottle on the counter and a fresh glass.

"Here you go…." He said, pouring Emily another full glass, and then one for himself.

He sat down, this time leaving barely room to slide a ten cents piece between them, elbows touching. She watched him take a mouthful and giggled,

"My. That was a manly gulp." She mocked.

"Well I've got some catching up to do, haven't I missy?" He said, playfully nudging her.

Her eyes widened as he managed to finish the entire glass in two more mouthfuls. They remained in silence as he placed his glass down and reached over, removing hers from her hand and putting it on the coffee table in front of them.

Shifting his body round a little, he stared into her dark, slightly sad eyes and uttered, "So, do you wanna talk about it?"

"What?" She replied softly, averting her gaze from his awkwardly.

"Anthony….." He said, tenderly placing one finger on her jaw line, encouraging her to look at him once gain, "…..What do you think?"

His voice was soothing and quiet, full of concern and he watched her eyes intently, just waiting from them to betray her words.

She shook her head, biting her bottom lip.

"What can I do then?" He muttered.

"You know….." She replied, swallowing in anticipation.

He smiled warmly and held out one hand to her, "Come here then." He whispered, as she placed her hand in his and closed the small gap between them. He slowly leaned in and gently stroked the one side of her face allowing his fingers to intertwine with her hair as he did, "You ok?" He breathed.

She nodded and then did what she had gone there for in the first place… what they both knew she had gone there for.

Kissing him deeply, she shifted her body slightly, and on cue, Morgan hooked one arm under her thigh, aiding her in straddling his hips. She broke the kiss as his hands slipped under her shirt, fingertips gently roaming up and down her smooth back, and smiled into his dark eyes.

"God I missed you." He whispered, closing the gap once again, crashing his lips into hers, desperately exploring her body with his hands.

He closed his eyes taking in every sensation of her fingers lightly brushing his arms and savoured in the feel of her soft, supple skin…. It had been too long since he last felt her like this…..

Six years ago was the first time. Just a few months after Emily joined the BAU. They barely knew each other back then compared to now, but even in those short few months, the things they saw and dealt with together had created a bond, a closeness, and understanding of what they both were about. Geeking out together over Kurt Vonnegut helped too….. He responded to her inner nerd just the way she wanted a guy to.

It was a team night out…. There'd been dancing. There'd been flirting, and at the end of the night Morgan had offered to share a cab back with her to make sure she got home ok. She accepted. When they got to her place, she offered him coffee. He accepted. Their first night together and they didn't even make it up the stairs….. Frantic, yet attentive drunken sex starting in her kitchen ending on her couch, the coffee cups with a spoonful of granules in each, still sitting on the counter.

The next morning with sore heads and delicate stomachs they had 'the conversation' over a very strong cup of coffee. The one where they agreed that sleeping together was a great and enjoyable mistake… but definitely a mistake. Their jobs were at stake, so from now on it was just friends. No more…

That agreement lasted just a few weeks…

He opened his eyes and stared up at her smiling gaze, grinning before gently lifting her shirt over her head and letting it fall to the ground behind her. He looked down and inhaled deeply, almost trying to breathe in her beauty. But she cupped his face in her hands turning his eyes back to hers and lowered her lips to meet his once again, kissing him deeply and slowly as his strong arm around her waist pulled her in closer to his chest.

"I missed you too." She breathed into him, not letting their lips part as she did.

He then felt that familiar little childlike tug at the base of his T-shirt that always made him smile expectantly. It was the subtlety and most of all the anticipation of what was to come he loved, even if for just a few seconds. He lifted his arms in compliance and she pulled the fabric up and over his body revealing his strong, dark, taut flesh.

With their lips pressed together again, her nails dug into his naked back and his wanton hands reached around her small frame unclipping the red lace bra she had worn for him… He knew it was for him…..

He chose it the night he went to pick her up from her apartment before meeting the rest of the team at Garcia's for JJ's birthday party. Emily walked out of the shower and into her bedroom, as he was sat on her bed complaining about the pile of paperwork Hotch had left for him. He quickly halted mid sentence with a choke as she dropped the towel and his mouth fell open at the sight in front of him…. So brazen. So beautiful…..

"Ok, so now I got your attention, which one?" She asked, holding out one red and one black bra and panties set.

"The red." He mumbled, nodding toward the lacy fabric.

"Ok." She laughed with a slightly wicked smile, turning to place the rejected lingerie back into the chest of the drawers behind her.

Her smile widened as she felt him snake his arms around her slim, naked waist and push her up against the wooden furniture, his weight fully on her… That night they were nearly two hours late for the party… Their friends not impressed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on to him, trying to pull him in closer, the feel of his bare flesh on hers sending shockwaves all over her skin. As his tongue explored her mouth desperately and his hips ground into hers, she broke the kiss breathlessly and closed her eyes tight. She let her head fall back upon feeling his rough fingertips trace her flesh down her sides, lingering upon her waist where he stroked tenderly….. It was one of her most sensitive spots and he knew them all… He knew every inch of her and how to touch her to bring her to the brink…..

She had longed for his touch for weeks. The anticipation building and building from seeing him every day at work. Knowing that he wanted her too and not being able to give in to their yearning. They had only faltered once since she had been dating Anthony… After a late night arrest and take down training session, their sweaty, charged bodies, crashing against the lockers in the deserted changing room. His hands that had been so strong and aggressive just a few minutes before, then softly brushing upon her reddened, tender skin. They made quick, yet explosive work of releasing their tensions that evening, denting a locker in the process…. But afterwards, as they walked to the car lot, they agreed that they really should stick to their rule of no 'hook ups' at the workplace or whilst either of them dated anyone else. Well strictly speaking, that wasn't the rule anymore. It was the original rule they made when Morgan was dating Lucy, a petite blond nurse he had met when Reid was being treated at hospital for a bump on the head. Lucy was pretty, sweet, kind, attentive…. but eventually pissed… pissed when she spied Emily making a drink in nothing but Morgan's football shirt through his kitchen window when she was on her way to surprise him. After that showdown they decided they really shouldn't involve anyone in their arrangement, so from then on it should only happen when they were both single….. That rule was soon to be tweaked.

He hooked his arms under hers, resting his palms on her shoulder blades. She leant her body weight on his forearms, arching her back, her eyes still closed and her face smiling as he ran his kisses down her neck and onto her chest. He traced the tip of his tongue over one nipple before taking it whole in his mouth, nipping and sucking gently. He could feel her chest heaving against him as he did so, only encouraging him to lavish more attention. He removed one hand from her back, his remaining arm easily still holding her body weight. As he switched sides with his mouth, he let his now free hand rest upon her other breast, massaging gently. She opened her eyes and looked down at him, watching, as she caressed the back of his smooth head. He was so consumed in her, desperately tasting every piece of flesh he could, getting harder and stronger in his touch as his desire took over. She revelled in this…. Knowing that only thing in the universe that mattered to him right now was her. Truth was, she always wanted him to feel that way, but it didn't always work out…. For either of them….

You see after Lucy, there came Gregory. Gregory was an Agent from the Counter Terrorism's hostage rescue team. Just the kind of guy that Morgan hated…. Well not really hated, but just the type of guy he definitely didn't want Emily dating. Morgan had a rule of not dating girls with guns… they generally turned out to be girls who were a complete contrast to Emily…. Emily on the other hand had no such rule, and seemed to be attracted to bad boys that just loved running around with a gun.

The day they broke their latest rule, Morgan sat at his desk, his foot tapping at the floor frantically as he listened to Gregory flirting and giggling with Emily who was sat at the desk across from him. He felt a huge wave of relief flow through him as Gregory told her he couldn't make their date that night as he had to work and even bigger relief when she mentioned her hot tub to him for the fact Gregory wouldn't be in it tonight.

When Morgan turned up on her doorstep that night though, he had every intention of just talking to her… Talking about what, he wasn't sure, but as they lay naked in the hot tub, the fumes and the after effect of their climax making them sleepy, she playfully scolded him for instigating breaking their rule…

He reminded her that she didn't exactly protest and that's where she came up with the tweak….. Only the person dating was allowed to instigate breaking the rule….. In the interest of fairness.

When one particular person came on the scene, Emily was thankful for this new rule ….. She had known deep down he had been seeing someone for a while, but he hadn't told her. She wouldn't ask outright though… They didn't do that…. Both trying to maintain a façade of not being insanely jealous every time the other so much as looked at another person, let alone dated one. But this time was different. He'd been distant. He'd been cagey. He avoided eye contact when they spoke. She suddenly felt that she'd lost him… But the minute he saw the hurt in her eyes when they both knew he lied to her that one day, he had to make it right again. He realised that he needed to. He needed her.

After a long, exhausting afternoon, she lay curled up against his strong, sweaty body in his huge bed, covered in a single silk sheet up to the waist. They lay in silence for a long time, both trying to find the words, but in the end, she didn't need to ask him, he just told her… He couldn't see her face the moment he told her, he just felt her body tense a little when he explained he'd been seeing Tamara Barnes. Telling her the reasons why was even harder… That he just needed a release from the BAU and he didn't want to share his burdens of being Unit Chief with Emily. He didn't think it was fair and he didn't want her to think he was flawed, not capable or admit his insecurities. He always wanted to be strong, dependable Derek Morgan to her….

He moved an arm down her back and wrapped it strongly around her waist. Knowing what was coming, she held on tight around his neck and he lifted her with seemingly no effort, laying her down on the sofa. Hovering over her, he placed featherlike kisses from her lips, taking it slow over her creamy white flesh, all the way down to the waist band of her jeans.

"Derek…" She breathed as he undid the buttons and rolled the fabric off her legs.

He looked down at her and then lowered his body over hers, "What do you want me to do Emily?" He growled, leaning in and kissing lightly the fabric of her panties.

She lifted her head and watched him, him meeting her stare with a grin and then he began to remove the lacy lingerie,

"I want….. " She panted between heavy breaths, and opened her mouth to continue, but all she could do was gasp as his tongue lightly brushed where the fabric had just been.

"Yeah…. That's what I want…." She breathlessly chuckled.

She sat in her hotel room talking to Charlie on the phone after her third day away on a case. They'd dated for just a few weeks and after a few minutes of talking about their day, he told her he missed her and wanted her now. She made the mistake of asking him what he wanted and then sat on the bed squirming at his attempt to talk dirty to her, trying to stop herself from laughing at his feeble attempt, not wanting to crush his feelings. After the call finally finished, she switched off the bedside light and closed her eyes ready to drift off to sleep. It took just a few seconds for the thought of Derek Morgan talking dirty to her to pop into her head. It had only happened a couple of times, but his husky voice telling her what he wanted to do to her, asking her what she wanted him to do to her, resonated in her mind. She tried to think of other things, but her chest rose and fell quicker and deeper as she remembered. She bit her lip and shook her head trying to talk herself out of what she was thinking… But he was just there…. Just the other side of that wall… She sat up and threw the sheet off her, hesitating as she was about to stand…. But their rule she thought… their rule that there were to be no hook ups on a case niggled at her….. She took a deep, disappointed sigh and began to lie back down again, but before her head touched the pillow, she rose and jumped to her feet. The second she knocked on his door a few seconds later she broke yet another rule…. Him ever obliging.

As she rocked her hips back and forth on top of him, his palms resting on her waist, she looked down, realising he had been staring at her the entire time. She smiled sweetly and he reciprocated, taking her hands in his and entwining their fingers, supporting her as she ground her hips deeper and deeper upon him. He squeezed her hands tighter as her silky walls surrounding him moved faster and faster, the friction sending his heart pumping quicker. The intensity was building inside of him and he tugged at her hands gently, pulling her down to his chest. He moved hips in time with hers, and felt her beginning to tense around him. He knew she was close. He always did. He could tell by her rapid, erratic breaths and the way she shut her eyes so tight. He knew, because it was the same every time and that this meant it was time for him to let go too; To lead her in quickening the pace until they both rode out their climax in sync, lips crashing together, swallowing each other's cries…..

Afterward she lay on him, drifting off to sleep to the feel of him stroking her hair.

"Hey, I just thought…" Morgan whispered, breaking her out of her trance, "….I told everyone at work the other day that I had a date tonight. How did you know I'd be free?"

"Derek, I always know when you're lying." She muttered sleepily.


She turned her head so her chin was resting on his chest, looking at him with a tired smile, "Your eyes dart from side to side and you tap your middle finger on your left thigh."

"Really? Am I that transparent?"

"Yep…." She giggled, turning her head so her cheek lay upon his chest once again, "…..Let's face it, we've lied to our friends that many times…."

As her sentence trailed off, her smile dimmed feeling somewhat ashamed of her last statement…

They lied to JJ when she caught Morgan leaving Emily's hotel room on a case in Michigan saying they'd been working on the file when they'd really just been working on each other. They lied when they were both late coming into work, Morgan saying Clooney had been sick, Emily said she got a flat, then the truth was Morgan had dragged Emily back to bed for a second time that morning. They lied when they both turned down the team for a meal because they had made plans at a swanky hotel downtown together. They lied to their family. They lied to their partners. They lied to everyone. They lied all the time…. But the worse lies of all, was the ones they told themselves…..

It was just about the sex… that's what they told themselves. They knew each other. They trusted each other. They were their 'sure thing'. They knew what each other liked. They knew each other inch by inch. They felt safe with each other when letting anyone else in scared them to death. It was an 'arrangement'….. An adult arrangement. That's what they told themselves.

The text message every night from Morgan to wish her sweet dreams was just what friends do. So was the coffee she bought him every morning. The single orchid or a slice of her favourite cake he'd leave in the top drawer of her desk every now and then just because….. The quick call she'd give him on their days off that would turn into an hour long. Sneaking into her apartment with the spare key to run her a bath before she got home when he knew she'd had a bad day….. That's just friends right?

The sinking feeling knowing the other was with someone else didn't mean anything. The pain in the pit of the stomach upon seeing the other merely talking with a potential date meant nothing either. It didn't mean anything that the other was the first person you thought of calling when you had exciting, happy, sad or stressful news….

No. They shouldn't be together…. It wasn't possible. It would never work…... May be it was time to put an end to it….

The following morning, she jumped out of bed and made toward the bathroom where she could hear him in the shower. She slid through the open door into the steam filled room.

"Derek?" She called out.

The shower curtain suddenly whipped open revealing a very wet and very naked Morgan smiling at her,

"Hey, you ok?" He asked, wiping the soapy suds from his cheery face.

She couldn't help her eyes glancing up and down his naked form, glistening from the water droplets, "Yeah I was just coming in to let you know I was going home." She told him, a little sadness in her voice from the thoughts whirling around her mind.

Not noting her sombre mood, he pouted playfully, "You don't have to go yet do you? You coming in?" He winked, holding out a hand to her.

She laughed, realising her incredible weakness when it came to Derek Morgan. She figured she wasn't ready to give him up just yet.

"What you laughing at?" He asked.

"Nothing." She said softly, pulling off his baseball shirt she was wearing, and grasping on to his hand, before wrapping her arms around him, feeing relief at being exactly where she felt she most belonged.

So I'm not sure if this turned out how I wanted in my head… The point is, they've been pretty much in a relationship the whole six years, but cannot admit it to themselves or anyone else… They are addicted to each other, kind of leading a double life and unfortunately, others are getting dragged into their complicated world because they won't take that final plunge with each other…. I know it's very naughty of them…. All the lies and all the cheating and in essence hurting each other too. However they clearly love and need each other, but don't have the balls to do anything about it.

In the summary I said this could be a multi chapter… I thought about doing a number of chapters exploring the complexities of a relationship like this and write about various things that happened during the past six years…. (I know some parts of this chapter may have seemed rushed which why I thought I could go into more detail in further chapters). What do people think? Or are you not to keen on lying and cheating Derek and Emily…. But good people can do bad things

(It's all just a bit of fun….)