I want to do this again. So here is a poem that I thought of last night. I do own the poem but not Pokemon.

Misunderstood: A Sableye Poem

Poem by VivianShadowGirl

In a cave, unseen by light

Lives a small purple creature

With eyes of sparkle gems

And a smile so devilish that

Even a small child can fear.

But these small creatures

Are misunderstood.

All they want

Is to see the world

Or play playful pranks

They want to fight other

Pokemon or just be friends

These small creatures are

Misunderstood for another

Reason. They are rare and

Hide easily, others would show

Themselves to trainers, who

Want them. They want to be left alone

These small rare creatures want to be.

But they get found. They are quite

Interesting, but sadly misunderstood

But would you agree?