"Tommy I love your lips," Kim stated.

"Come back over here and get another kiss Beautiful."

"You don't have to tell me twice."

"Kimmy you taste amazing."

"I think it is from that delicious milkshake we had."

"Nope, it's just you."

"I love Handsome."

"I love you Beautiful."

The couple makes out for a while before their friends and fellow rangers came into the Juice Bar.

"Get a room guys," Adam says.

"Oh Adam leave those two alone and show them how it's done," Aisha added.

"In that case." He grabs his girlfriend and they kiss as well.

"Now who should be getting a room?" Tommy suggests.

"Uh both of you," Billy adds with laugh.

"Yea at least wait till my girlfriend Katie comes in so we can have a contest." Rocky added.

"You know what guys I would say we are done with kissing for the time being." "How about we order some food?"

"Fine with me," Rocky answers."

"Aisha want to go shopping later I need to find some accessories for the homecoming dance."

"Sure Kim because I need shoes and some accessories myself."

"So are we all still riding in the limo together?"

"Of course Rocky and guess what I have a date." Billy said.

"Who?" His friends all said at once.

"Bella from homeroom."

"Oh Billy she is wonderful, maybe I should invite her to go shopping with us."

"That would be awesome Kim thanks."

"No problem."

"It has been awful quiet around here lately; I wonder what the evil pair is up to."

"Tommy let's just leave it be and hope that they do not interfere with the dance or shopping."

"Okay my Crane but I just want everyone to be on the lookout."

The rangers all agree to keep a look out and after the food is eaten the girls leave for the mall. Kim calls Bella from the car.


"Bella, it is Kim want to go shopping with Aisha and me right now?"

"Sure I was on my way there."

"Great meet us at Claire's."

"Okay, be there in five."


"The girls wait for Bella inside of Claire's.

"So Aisha what about these earrings?"

"I love the pink and white diamonds in those, get them."

"Hey Kim and Aisha."

"Hi," both girls reply.

"Nice earrings Kim."

"Thanks, I will get them." "Tommy gave me a ring that matches these perfectly."

"Oh yea that ring is so pretty, girls how about this bracelet."

"Buy it."

"I am with Kim on this one Aisha."

"Okay I will get it."

"What about these earrings?"

"Bella I think those are nice but these will look great on you." Kim stated.

"Oh Kim you are right I love the colors."

"That is my Kimmy."

The girls move on to Barney's for shoes.

"I know I already have a pair of shoes but guys these are boss."

"Figured as much."

The girls share a laugh.

"Guys how about these shoes?"

"Definitely" both girls reply to their friend at the same time.

"Jinx you owe me a soda," Kim tells Bella.

"Alright let me pay for me shoes then I will treat you to a soda."

Back on the moon palace.

"So Kim likes to play the jinx game huh, well I have a jinx for her." "Finster make me a monster that will cause those pathetic humans to fall in love with the first person they see."

"Sure your evil highness right away."

"Oh Zeddy such a good idea."

"The monster is finished my emperor." "This is called Love strike."

"Okay Love Strike go and target the little cute pink princess."

"As you wish my emperor." The monster leaves in a cloud of weird hearts.

"Oh I think she is cute too." Goldar added in.

Lord Zedd just shakes his head and watches his new monster.

The monster sees the girls ordering drinks and puts some of its love potion in Kim's soda.

Kim sips her soda and feels faint.

"Kim are you okay?" Aisha asked worried.

"I uh I uh." Kim looks up and sees Skull. "Perfect." She walks over to Skull.

"Hey hot stuff how about some sugar?" Skull asked.

"Ok good looking." Kim replied.

"Huh" Bulk commented.

As Kim was leaning in Aisha grabs her and pulls her out of Skull's reach.

"Kim what are you doing?"

"What are you doing, pulling me away from that hot man?"

"Kim are you feeling okay?"

"Just fine now let me go he needs a kiss from me first before someone tries to steal him away."

"What about Tommy?"

"Who, oh him, who cares about that loser."

"Time to take you home."

"Bella I have to take Kim home."

"Sure no problem." Bella is staring oddly at Kim.

As Aisha picks up their purchases and walks by Bulk he grabs her and tries to kiss her.

"Hey, ew let go Bulk."

"But I love you."

"Time to leave and fast." "Bulk go order another soda." Aisha runs with Kim and their bags.

In the car, she talks to Zordon. "Zordon something is wrong with Kim and a few others I need to bring her in."

"Go right ahead Aisha." "I will contact the others."

Aisha drives the car to Kim's house and they teleport to the command center.

Tommy and the others are already there.

Kim does not take her normally place next to Tommy but stands where she teleported in. Tommy notices and glances at her but she is too busy talking about Skull and the dance.

"Aisha, Skull is going to be my date and I cannot wait to…

"Kim I thought we were going together?"

"What gave you that idea, Skull is dreamy and you are well a loser." "Oh Skull is so…

Tommy looks so hurt.

"See what I mean Zordon?"

"Alpha runs a scan over Kim to make sure she is not under a spell."

"Yes Zordon and it appears to be some sort of a love spell."

"Oh thank heavens. Aisha commented.

"Tommy you and the other rangers must find a flower named Pure and the flower mixed in with a few other ingredients will have Kim back to normally in no time at all." Love Strike is the new monster, so be careful he can attack anyone with the potion.

"Good." "Let's morph."

"It's morphing time."

"I wonder what Skull is doing?"

"Wanting you to get the Pure flower and spray some of its sweet perfume on you," Tommy said.

"Okay, that sounds good."

At the moon palace.

"Oh so Zordon thinks he can break the spell huh, well we shall see."

"Putties go attack the power rangers and Golder you and Rito go help."

"As you wish my emperor."

"Aw great what we need a bunch of nitwits to get in the way." "Kim stay close to me we do not need anything else to happen to you."

"Right because my Skull will worry if I am hurt."

"Oh brother," the other rangers say.

"Ha-ha is the little white ranger upset that his girlfriend dumbed him."