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Brandt felt himself moving. Bumping up and down in a rhythmic motion as he lay on his back. He also detected the sound of sirens getting closer. By the time he began to open his eyes, they were practically right next to him. Once his gaze had focused he put two and two together to figure out that he was in the back of an ambulance. There was an oxygen mask sitting over his nose and mouth and his leg was, quite frankly, hurting like a bitch. Taking in a deep breath through the mask, he reached up with a bloodied hand and pulled it off. The paramedic that sat over him, tending to his head wound, noticed the movement and looked down.

"Mr Brandt, how are you feeling?" the young man asked. Brandt wanted to say something along the lines of 'How the fuck d'you think I feel?" however a weak groan of pain was the only response he could offer. He tried to remember what had happened that led him to be en route to a hospital.

"Shit! Brandt, be careful!"

"I'm trying my best, Benji, but in case you hadn't noticed, we kinda have six armed men on our tail." Brandt didn't take his eyes off the road as he threw his retort to the tech. He swerved the van to avoid another group of pedestrians as they sped away from the pursuing vehicle.

"Saturn, Mercury, can you hear me?" Ethan's voice came over the comms, sounding a lot calmer than they felt. Benji had been relieved that they had stripped him of his original codename and gave him another.

"Gotcha Jupiter." Brandt spoke, a small waver in his voice as he turned a sharp corner. Benji gripped one hand onto the door and the other onto the dashboard for fear that the van would roll.

"We're on the target's tail, keep those goons busy and once you've lost them rendezvous at the nest."

"Copy." Brandt replied before taking another right and ignoring the glare he received from Benji. As he took another corner, he raced down the straight road to the crossroads that sat about one hundred meters away. Benji's eyes widened when he saw the red sign at the end of the road.

"Brandt…" he spoke, a hint of warning in his voice. He waited for the analyst to slow down. "Brandt, stop sign, man."

"I know, Benji. Do you really think we've got time to be making stops?" Brandt once again spoke without looking at the tech and maintained his speed.

"Brandt! Fucking he-" Benji was cut off when they crossed the stop sign and were hit. As the truck that they had collided with screeched to a halt on impact, the van kept moving, flipping head over tail repeatedly before coming to a standstill in the middle of the road. Other cars stopped to avoid hitting the wreckage and people began to run to check on the two men. Brandt managed to hold onto consciousness throughout the crash, feeling his shin shatter during one of the somersaults. When the van had come to a complete halt, he turned his blurring vision towards Benji, who was now sprawled across the dashboard with his head and shoulders sticking through the smashed windscreen and onto the bonnet. Blood ran from the tech's head wound and he wasn't moving.

"Benji…" he tried to yell for his friend, but blood from his viciously split lip caught in his throat, causing him to cough. He tried again. "Benji!" that time was louder, however his weak voice was still unable to rouse the Brit. Outside, he could hear voices; people sprinting to their aid. His head was beginning to swim and he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold onto consciousness for much longer. Glancing into the wing-mirror, Brandt noticed an all too familiar figure making his approach. It was one of the men who had been chasing them. When he reached the window, he subtly pulled out a gun. Brandt quickly looked across to see another man was standing near Benji doing the same. He turned back to his own assailant and swallowed as the gun was pushed into his side. However, the sounds of sirens getting closer made him retract the weapon and run, along with the other goon. As the almost musical sound of the ambulances got closer, they quickly began to sound more distant as Brandt gave in to unconsciousness.

Brandt tried to look around for Benji, however the neck brace kept his head firmly in place. Blinking a few times, he looked up at the paramedic.

"Benji…" he mumbled.

"Your friend is right here, Mr Brandt. Don't worry."

"How is he?" Brandt noted the concern in the paramedic's eyes and knew it couldn't be good.

"Well, we just have to wait and see what the doctors say once they've had a look at-"

"Please…" Brandt cut him off by grasping his hand in his own. "Please." He repeated it as more of a whisper. The paramedic licked his lips with a nervous expression on his face before leaning down slightly.

"It seems that Mr Dunn's head injury was quite extensive and he has a broken arm along with numerous other cosmetic injuries. But I'm afraid we won't know more until we're at the hospital." Brandt nodded at the paramedic's words, trying to take in the reality of what had happened. Letting his hand fall back onto the surface below him he let out a breath in an attempt to calm himself.

The mask was placed back onto his face and he decided to let his eyes fall closed again.

There was only one thought on his mind as he slipped back into slumber.

This is my fault.


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