Ok guys here it is: the final chapter LOL in this one, the baddies return, we find out where Ethan and Jane have been this whole time and our favourite techie gets his memory back… sorta ;)

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Brandt had tried everything; he had told so many stories that he couldn't count anymore. His brain was hurting from a mixture of his concussion and thinking so much. He had recalled memories from their extreme prank war to their trips for waffles every month; from their time trapped down a hole to Brandt's drunken bar brawl that Benji had to stop. The analyst had even tried convincing Benji of his strengths by recounting when Benji had been shot, however still managed to gather his remaining strength to stop a bomb. The tech had sat in utter disbelief at this discussion as if struggling to grasp the concept of his abilities.

Brandt was really beginning to despair; how much longer would this amnesia last? Would it be permanent? Something deep down in the pit of his stomach caused him to worry that he had lost his friend forever. He watched as the other man snuggled himself down underneath the itchy hospital sheets and closed his eyes, noting the almost immediate change in his breathing as sleep possessed him quickly. He watched the younger man as he lay there, wondering if he would wake up with his memory having returned. As he sat thinking on their situation and the possible outcomes it may have, he felt sleep slowly creeping up on him. Starting at his feet, it took over one limb at a time until he found himself yawning against his will. Allowing himself to give in to its enticing pull, he let his head fall back onto the pillow and rolled onto his side.

Brandt wasn't sure how long he had been asleep for but what roused him made his heart race. It sounded like someone calling his name.


He couldn't be sure, due to the lingering sense of sleep that hovered over him, clouding his judgement, however it sounded quite like Benji's voice. He hadn't called him 'Brandt' since the crash…

Opening his eyes, he was about to mention something about this revelation yet when he caught sight of his surroundings, he began to panic. Standing over him was a man Brandt had seen before and had never wanted to see again. The last time he had laid eyes on this man, the analyst had been sitting in a wrecked car alongside his unconscious teammate as the unknown man prepared to fire a bullet into his side. The man had a blade in his hand and a finger pressed to his lips. Risking a sidewards glance, he saw that a second man was standing over Benji, a similar blade held to the tech's throat while the free hand covered his mouth.

Fuck… Brandt knew they were in danger. These men had obviously wanted to finish them off after the chase and were about to do just that. The analyst darted his eyes around frantically, hoping that a doctor would make an appropriately timed entrance before both agents wound up dead. Seconds before the men made their final move, the door burst open and two familiar figures rushed into the room. Brandt had to let a relieved smile take over his face as he watched Ethan and Jane throw punches at the assailants, bringing them down as swiftly as to be expected from the two agents. As their teammates continued to secure the men, Brandt glanced over to Benji who, while looking scared, didn't quite seem effected by the fight that was taking place in front of him. Once their attackers were unconscious, Ethan and Jane turned to the injured agents.

"Are you guys ok?" Ethan asked, stepping across so that he was positioned between the two beds.

"I guess so." Brandt sighed.

"Stellar timing, by the way." One of Benji's trademark smiles took over his face and Brandt suddenly had a funny feeling in his stomach. This time, however, it wasn't one that made him feel sick. Was Benji back?

"Yeah, how did you guys manage to time it that well?" Brandt was curious. Their two friends hadn't appeared throughout the whole time that he and Benji had been at the hospital, yet turned up just in time to save their lives?

"Well, we didn't know what had happened to you two." Jane began, sitting on the end of Benji's bed. "We were worried sick but we needed to stop these guys before they disappeared off our radar altogether. We kept chasing them down and they scattered, so we had to go after them one by one."

"Your buddies here were the last two." Ethan picked up. "We followed them here with no idea of their intentions. But when we saw them in here with you two, we figured that was what they were doing."

"So what exactly happened to you guys?" Jane asked, clearly inquisitive as to how their co-workers ended up in hospital.

"It's a long story." Brandt explained, hoping that they would get the message and leave well alone. Ethan nodded.

"We should probably get the doctor."

"Good idea. We'll be right back." Jane smiled at them before the pair exited the room. Once they were gone, Brandt turned to Benji.

"Benji?" He raised his eyebrows as he spoke, mentally crossing his fingers that his friend was back with them.

"Hey Brandt." The tech smiled and Brandt knew that he had his memory back.

"Oh thank god. I thought we'd lost you for good there." Brandt gave a weak, breathy laugh. "You picked the perfect time to get your memory back there. I've become so used to being called 'Brandt' that I'm not sure you yelling my first name would have woken me up in time." Benji chuckled and bit his lip, causing Brandt to tilt his head to the side slightly. "What?"

Benji took in a deep breath and shuffled on the spot slightly, resulting in an increased amount of nerves to build up in the analyst. "Well, you see… I didn't get my memory back just then…"

"What?" Brandt was confused. "W-when?"

"Uh…" the Brit rubbed the back of his neck anxiously. "Remember when you fell asleep?"

"What, just now?"

"No, before. Just before you told me about the hostage situation at the hospital?"

"But… but that was ages ago…"


"Why on earth would you do that?" Even though Brandt knew the younger agent was still fragile from the car crash, he could feel the anger boiling up inside of him. He was almost shouting now, not caring that the door was wide open for passers-by to hear. "Why would you do this to me?"

"So that you have something to think about next time you decide to drive like a manic and put me in hospital." Benji shrugged however his voice was stern and sincere as he spoke.

"You have gotta be kidding me! Are you out of your mind?" Brandt wanted nothing more than to climb out of bed and throttle him.

"Maybe. But at least it might have knocked some sense into you. Quite literally, judging by the head wound you've got there." Benji seemed to be treating the situation with far less seriousness as his colleague, which only riled the analyst up even more.

"I wanna kill you!"

"Well, try harder this time!"

"Oh, you can count on that!"


At the door, Ethan and Jane stood in utter confusion as they watched their friends bickering like children. They turned their questioning glances to the doctor who stood behind them and he shook his head.

"Follow me. I'll explain everything."


Well, there you go :) hope you guys enjoyed it! I know Benji was evil, however if anyone knows the episode of Starsky and Hutch I used for inspiration then you will know that it could have been a lot worse. Hutch never had amnesia at all! xD

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