I woke up the following morning feeling alone. I turned over to cuddle into Phil, but he wasn't there. I got up confused. I walked into the living area of the room and saw him asleep on the couch. We, I had tried to talk to him last night when we got back, but he wouldn't. He held me till I fell asleep and then must have gotten up and slept out here. This was all cos of Chris. Phil blamed what happened on me, but it wasn't his fault. I riled Chris up plenty. The fact that I'm with Phil was just a bonus to Chris. I went to go shower as I felt it would relax me some, that's when I saw the piece of white paper near the door. I walked over and picked it up.


I'm doing it. I'm actually going to see if I can compete mentally. Hopefully see you on Raw. If not I'm glad we became friends and I'm sorry that I'm going to take time off. I hope you were right when you said I would be fine now after all these years.


Jesus why didn't she call me? I would have come with her. She shouldn't have to do this on her own. I turned back round with the note in my hand and saw Phil sat up looking at me.

"Phil…You ok?" He continued to look at me, before nodding his head slowly. "Phil you do know that what happened wasn't your fault, that I was to blame. I shouldn't have riled him up the way I did,"

"Quinn the only reason he went after you is cos you're dating me. We should never have gotten together, that way he never would have hurt you." I felt like he slapped me, he hadn't said if we hadn't, but that we shouldn't have gotten together. I wanted to defend our relationship, tell him that I loved him, that it wouldn't have mattered Chris would still have come after me. But he regretted us and that hurt too much. I grabbed up a couple of things and walked out still in my pyjamas to Sarona's room seen as Anita wasn't here.

"Hey Quinn, what's wrong?"

"Phil is what's wrong." I growled as she stepped aside to let me in.

"What's he done?"

"He says that me and him getting together never should have happened. It's all Chris's fault!" Sarona just hugged me.

"Girl he's just blaming himself, when he sees that what happened is Chris's fault and no one else's he'll take it back."

"It's not as if he's said maybe we shouldn't be together, he said we should never have gotten together, he regrets that we ever got together." I worked myself up. Kidnapped and dumped in the space of a day. How much worse could this possibly get?

I tried to call Anita several times throughout the day hoping to find out if she'd been cleared or not. I'd gone to the gym with Sarona and was currently in the pool just trying to relax, thankful that Chris cornering me her hadn't put me off pools. Paul walked in and headed straight towards me.

"Quinn have you seen Ani? She came to me last night, but I haven't seen her since. I'm worried." I didn't care if he was worried and I told him just as much too.

"And I'm supposed to care that you're worried?"

"She's you're friend of course you should care and be worried." He snapped. I smirked at him.

"I never said I didn't care nor did I say I wasn't worried, I said I don't care that you are worried. I know where she is and that's away from you and that sneaky little bastard Runnels." His face softened.

"Quinn please tell me where she is, I need to make sure she's ok."

"She's fine and away from you and Runnels and that is how it's going to stay till she's ready to see one of you. And she tells you to fuck off then you do it. Now get gone." I snarled. He went to say something, but Phil was suddenly there.

"She told you to go so go." Paul looked down at me sadly, but I ignored him. He never should've agreed to that blackmail bullshit then half of this would never have happened.

"Hi," I looked up at Phil feeling a little spark of hope that he'd come to apologise.

"Hi Quinn, Sarona." Then he walked away.

"What is he doing? He was so relieved that you were ok and now he's like this." I shrugged at Sarona and pushed off from the side to do some more lengths of the pool. As I was leaving the hotel to head to a nearby Taco Bell Cody stopped me.

"Quinn! Have you heard from Ani? I heard she's disappeared." I took a deep breath hitting him would do me no good.

"No I haven't though I know she's ok so now if you can leave me alone that would be just peachy." I started to walk away.

"Quinn are you ok?" I turned to look at him.

"Are you kidding me? I get kidnapped thanks to you and your little crazy ass buddies, then Phil dumps me, then you and Paul just can't leave me or Anita alone. How do you think I am? Tell me that Cody!" Before I could say anything more or turn away as the hot angry tears spilled over Cody hugged me.

"I'm sorry Quinn, so very sorry. I wish none of this had ever happened or that I had at least been straight with both of you from the beginning. I know you helped Ani trust me and because of that you got kidnapped and Phil…I'll talk to him make him see sense." Why was he being so nice? Sure it made him look good, but maybe him and Paul were both decent guys just to decent and people took advantage. But that didn't change the fact that Phil…I wasn't even sure if we had broken up. I pulled away from Cody and just walked. I didn't eat, didn't stop to drink I just walked.

It must have been midnight when I got back to the hotel. I was in half a mind to just go back to the gym and work out I just wasn't tired. But the idea was quickly cut short.

"Quinn!" My whipped up at Phil's panicked voice.

"What's happened is Anita ok?" I asked almost as panicked, but he just crushed me to him.

"Where've you been? Sarona and I have been looking everywhere for you. After Cody came to me and then couldn't find you and you'd left our cell again…I thought Chris might have got you again." He kissed my neck the moved to my cheek, but as he went to kiss me properly I stopped him.

"What are you talking about?" As much as I just wanted to be held by him he didn't want me.

"I should never have said what I did this morning all I could think was it was my fault, everything Chris has done was my fault and that maybe you'd have been better off us never having gotten together. I'm so sorry Quinn, don't hate me I need you, I love you." And that was all I needed as I relaxed into his arms and kissed him long and hard. I was definitely going to have to thank Cody for this. I guess that was the difference between him and Paul. Paul cared about him Anita, but as I was Anita friend Cody worried for me to. I knew Anita would have to choose between the two men, but that was a decision that only she could make.

Monday rolled round I still hadn't heard from Anita. I could only think that things had not gone as we both hoped. I walked into the arena more smitten with Phil then I had been before. I kissed him quickly and made for the divas locker room. I opened the door to see Anita. She was sat there looking gloomy. And I knew then she hadn't been cleared to compete.

"Anita…I'm so sorry." Then a huge grin broke out across her face.

"I've been cleared to compete!" She jumped up and laughed. I hugged her tightly grinning like a loon myself.

"Anita this is great! Totally fantastic! VS is back!" A knock on the door broke up the hug and I opened it if it was one of her suitors I was well if it was Paul I'd punch him, Cody I'd thank and then tell him to buzz off. But it was Teddy.

"Hey Quinn, Anita you have a match tonight against Titus and Darren. You win then next week you'll vs. Primo and Epico to become the number one contenders. That sound good?"

"Teddy that sounds great." Anita smiled and hugged him. Teddy smiled happy to see Anita ok. Then Anita ran over to her bag. "I got us something when they told me I was fit to compete I felt we'd like these, to show we're a team." She fished out to sleeveless varsity jackets a blue and a red one. The blue was mine with VS on the left breast in black letters and Quinn written on the back.

"These are great, you ready to kick some ass?"

"You best believe it Quinn." Looks like Victorious Secrets was back in action. We just needed to win three matches to get gold around our waists. We changed and headed down to gorilla meeting Phil, who kissed me.

"Good to see you back Anita."

"Good to be back Phil." She grinned.

"You might wanna go down now unless you want to deal with thing one and thing two." I turned just as our music hit to see Cody and Paul. I steered Anita to the curtain and pushed her out. Now was game time she didn't need to be worrying about either of them two right now.

A/N: Will Anita and Quinn win their match? Are Quinn and Phil really ok? Is all said and done with Eve and Chris? Who will Anita choose? Paul or Cody? Only TMG can reveal that :D