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AN: I'm back you guys, this first chapter pretty much just tell you where certain people are. It is important though so please don't skip out on it. It'll probably be a lot more drama in this story, so without further rambling from me… Enjoy the sequel to Call it What You Want entitled Call it a New Story.

Amy's PoV

I'd watched John read the letter from Ricky yesterday. No matter, what he loved him, he'd always love him. He didn't understand that his daddy had abandoned him but he's getting older now. John would look for him one day and realize that his dad wasn't coming back and I wasn't prepared for that. I wouldn't know what to tell him. Ricky is a coward for leaving, he could have at least told me to my face that he was done with this, done being responsible, done playing house, instead, he left a note. That's all he was to me now anyway, a pen pal, well to John anyway. I never responded to his letters, he didn't deserve that, he didn't deserve anything.

Before, I used to get upset when I thought of the way he left, now I don't care. It didn't bother me because I didn't love him anymore and I realize that he never loved me. I lie in my bed this morning gazing at the ceiling, John was up roaming around the apartment, I could hear him. All I needed was a few more moments of peace before we started our hectic day. The only peace I had during the day was when John went to sleep. He was a rough little one. Always in trouble at school, loving being the class clown and of course, like Ricky, he was quite the ladies man. Just last week I had to sit in a conference with the 1st grade principal because my lovely son thought it would be fitting of him to kiss his female peers on the lips. It was only obvious that I raised him to be the perfect gentlemen, to a certain extent.

There was an explosion in the kitchen and I nearly fell out the bed in fear. Stumbling, I ran past Johns room and into the kitchen where I knew he was. Coming around the corner, there he was laughing as hard as he could. He must of heard me come in because he snapped his head to the left, where I was standing looking for the source of the noise.

"That was so cool mommy," He said trying to contain his excitement. I walked by him and looked at my expensive microwave colored with egg. I glared at him, squinting my eyes for extra umph. He quit his laughing and snuggled up to my skinny leg and hugged as tight as he could. "I was only trying to make you breakfast mommy"

I rolled my eyes and rubbed his head in mock annoyance.

"John, you cannot play with the microwave, it's not safe for you. I've told you that before," I put my hand on my forehead and closed my eyes. The day was starting off with a bang, literally.

"I'm a big boy now mommy, I should be doing things for you. One reason, because I love you so much, two reason is because you're the best," He kissed my leg. What a sweet talker he was. Squatting down to his level I looked him in they eyes.

"John, you are a big boy and mommy is coming to terms with that, but there are some things you're not able to do yet. It's my job to cook your breakfast for right now, and I love doing that," I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I hated denying him his rights, but I did not want him doing things he wasn't ready for.

"Okay," he said as I got up and stretched. His head was hanging low as he twiddled his fingers together.

"Hey, there is one thing you can start doing for mommy that big boys do," He looked at me with a curious stare. "There are three trashcans in this house, one in the kitchen, one in my bathroom and one in your bathroom, can you start tying those up for me and taking them out. Also, you can start cleaning up around here, that would help mommy out a lot. How about, I can do the kitchen, the bathrooms and my room and you can do your room and the living room?" He grinned and ran back to me, squeezing my leg again and I couldn't help but to smile down at him.

"Thank you mommy thank you," His enthusiasm made my heart glad. Six years from now he wouldn't be too excited about cleaning up.

"Okay, okay we'll see if you're saying that when you turn sixteen. Why don't you go and play with your cars while I pack our bags?" He ran into the living room and I heard the sound of toys clashing against the hardwood floor. Turning the other way, I went into John's room and pulled his overnight bag from the closet. I began packing his clothes as I made myself aware of the time.

My parents would be expecting John and I around early or mid afternoon. The plane is supposed to be leaving at 11:00 a.m. I had roughly three hours to get ready. I hadn't seen my parents in about five months, I'd planned on seeing them at least every two months, but things had become so chaotic. I was preparing to finally graduate from NYU after changing my major three times. I'd finally decided on psychology. I thought maybe if I could read someone's emotions, so to speak, I could help them solve their problems like I wished someone could've helped me solve mine five years ago.

I leaned against the doorframe as I watched John brush his teeth making sure he got every crevice and cranny. He was known for doing halfway jobs which is why I expected to have to go back and clean up after his cleaning up. He watched me through the mirror and I smiled at him. He reared back his head and spit into the sink, then opened the small bottle of Listerine and threw it back. Once again after the proper rinse he spit. He looked back at me for approval.

"Teeth," I said as he smiled his best smile for me. I put my thumbs up in acceptance as he shot past me to throw on his clothes. He'd been as ready for this trip as I was. John had missed his grandma and grandpa, especially his grandpa since he let him do anything and everything.

I went to my room and grabbed a blanket for John because I knew he would sleep on the plane, he always did. Throwing the blanket into the carry on back pack I zipped it up as I saw John dragging his bag down the hallway into the living room. Laughing to myself, I followed behind him with my bag in hand. This would definitely be a fun trip.

Adrian's PoV

I hated doing this behind her back. Talking to him, answering questions that he should've known. It wasn't my job to keep him updated on his son, it was his job to be here and know on his own. Ricky couldn't keep doing this to me, it was hard to keep this a secret, especially since Amy had become my best friend. Why couldn't he call Ben or Ashley? Besides, it wasn't like I was around Amy that much, she was on the other side of the map while I was stuck here in California.

I'd only stayed here for the sake of Avery. I wanted her to be close to Ben since he was her dad and all. Dylan sure can't stand the thought of Ben and me having a child together. God she was a bitch. Was I supposed to stop coming over there just because she was his fiancée? No. I had a right to go to Ben's house, he is the father of my child. Dylan thought she was little miss perfect, always twirling around like freaking Cinderella or something, but I knew her. I could see right through those pretty green eyes, that's why she hated me. She'd tried to persuade Ben to stop letting me bring Avery over and we all know how Ben is. She even had the audacity to pound into Ben's head that Avery wasn't his. He said he didn't think that for a minute, but I could see the doubt in his eyes every time he looked at her. That pissed me off.

"Adrian, are you even listening to me?" The deep, sharp voice cut through the air as I obliviously shook my head to clear out the thoughts running through them. His eyes were piercing and he had his serious face on.

"Yeah dad, I'm listening," He stared at me with that lawyer glint in his eyes.

"What did I say then?" I racked my brain looking for anything I could to try to remember something that he might of said. He began to ramble off in Spanish seeing me struggle.

"That's the problem, you don't listen, never have. I said you need to stop being so mean to Dylan. She's going to be your daughters stepmother soon Adrian, you two can't keep bickering all the time. Both of you need to grow up," I rolled my eyes in annoyance. He didn't understand, he never would. He didn't have to deal with this situation like I had to.

"You should be having this conversation with her, she always starts with me. I've never done anything to her,"

"Really Adrian? You haven't done anything? Maybe you should stop referring to her as 'the bitch' and stop telling everyone she's a cocaine addict," He placed the palm of his hands on the table and glared at me. I couldn't help but to grin. Yes, I was guilty of those thing, but it wasn't like I was lying, she is a bitch. "You aren't in high school anymore Adrian. Grow up, act like a lady, be the bigger person. It's the right thing for your child to see. If she see's you acting this way, she might start acting like it too," Too late. I can tell she doesn't like Dylan already. I won't tell dad that though.

"She won't dad," I looked at my watch thankful that Avery was out of school early today. "Well, look at the time, I have to go pick up your granddaughter from school," I got up swiftly and placed a kiss on his cheek. He sighed as though he was giving up on me. He stood up and wrapped his arm around me giving me a hug.

"At least try Adrian," I smiled at him as he let go and began walking out the door. "Adrian Lee?"

"Okay, okay dad, I'll try geesh," I waved at him as I closed the door quietly not wanting to wake my mother from her nap. She'd just gotten back from working a two week shift flying back and forth across the country.

The drive to Avery's school from my apartment was short but from mom and dad's house, it was about forty minutes. I'd decided to move out of the condo because it became to expensive and Ben had stopped paying for it. I didn't mind moving into a smaller place, it was just a big step down.

I watched as Avery's teacher walked her over to me. There was a defeated look on her face as she let go of the teacher and walked towards me. I opened my arms up for her and she gave me a weak hug, definitely not used to that. Opening the back door for her, she climbed in and put her seatbelt on as I planted a kiss on her cheek.

Closing the door, I began to drive off. I glanced at her the rearview mirror. She was playing with her long black curly hair, her brown doe eyes were filling with unshed tears.

"What's wrong sweetie?" She huffed behind me as I asked. Avery was known for her sass and attitude, I'm starting to think she got that from me. "Ava, come on, tell mama what's the matter," I glanced in the mirror and saw her rolling her eyes. A tear slipped out as she wiped it away from her cheek.

"Daddy was supposed to come get me, I miss him," My heart skipped a beat.

"Ava, daddy is away on business, he and the mean old lady left two days ago," I couldn't stomach her name at this point.

"Aw he's always with her. He loves her more than me," The wetness in her eyes came down like a rainstorm. I wanted to go back there and comfort her, to hold her and tell her that it wasn't true, but Ben has been doing more things with Dylan than he has Avery.

"Don't say that, he doesn't love her more than you. Your dad, he's just, well, just like any other man, forgetful and selfish," Maybe I shouldn't be teaching my daughter that. Well, it was the first thing that came to mind and it wasn't a lie. Most-if not all- men are that way at one moment in their life.

"That has nothing to do with nothing mama," I could hear the disbelief in her voice. Her change in emotions was astonishing.

"Nothing to do with nothing huh babe," I giggled and she sighed dramatically. "How about this, let's go get some ice-cream and we'll talk about where you got that saying from okay?" I smiled at her through the rearview mirror as she perked up at the sound of ice-cream. If everything else fails, bribe her with food.

Grace's PoV

The bickering and the fist fights were getting old. He was always accusing me of cheating when clearly he was the one that couldn't keep his pants zipped. Jesus, what a freaking hypocrite. I made a mistake when I decided to live with him, now it was like I couldn't leave. It was bad enough that I hated being away from home, out of California, but being away from home and being with someone you hate to love, that was worse.

I'd gotten better since the rehab and the therapy, but some things never change. I wasn't a whore like I used to be, but I was still very much tempted to sex every good looking guy that walked by me. Tony was the same, but with females. He reminded me of Ricky, well, the old Ricky before Amy that is, though he didn't have a legitimate reason, he just does it. That didn't stop my heart from pounding out of my chest every time I saw him though. His wild dirty blonde hair and his medium build were perfect. I nearly fell into his grey eyes when we first met. In yet, his attitude was horrible due to his frequent paranoia. That's what brings us to this very point in time.

I stood in front of my bag packing my clothes, throwing in miscellaneous things that belonged to me. Stomping past him I walked into the bathroom and grabbed my makeup kit and toothbrush. He sat on the couch drinking his liquor and watching an "important" basketball game, well more important than me leaving anyway. Huffing at him, I walked behind the entertainment center and snatched the cord out of the wall. Rolling his eyes he stood up and went into the kitchen and grabbed a plate from the cabinet. I could see the slight smirk on his face.

"Why are you picking fights with me Grace?" He said looking in the refrigerator, trying to find a distraction. He was trying to ignore me and I didn't appreciate that.

"I didn't start this you did," I said yelling and kicking the door of the refrigerator and got satisfaction from it banging him in the shoulder. He stood up and shut the door, I could see the fire in his eyes and I knew he wanted to snap. Blowing me off, he left the plate on the counter and walked towards the front door. "So now you're going to leave Anthony? Every time we get into an argument you're ready to bail out like some child instead of facing it like a man. Well, I take that back, a child has more courage than you,"

"I'm not the one that packs my bags every time the going gets tough Grace, you are. Who's the one grabbing things and throwing them in the nearest suitcase?" He paused and waited for my response. "That would be you," he said pointing.

"I hate you," He took his hand off the handle and cackled as he leaned against the wall and stared at me.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll see if you're saying that ton-"

"There will be no tonight, I'm leaving Tony. I'm leaving for good this time," He pushed himself off the wall and swiftly walked towards me. I coward backward into the corner of a wall and as soon as I looked up, he was in front of me, searching my face, caressing my skin.

"Your going to leave me Grace?" he asked kissing my neck. I tried to push him away. I was weak under his touch, but I was trying to force myself to focus. Putting my hands on his chest I shoved him away with all my might.

"Stay off me Anthony," I said as I slapped him. The sound off was deafening to my ears because I knew he would be pissed. Quickly he grabbed my arms tightly and shook me causing my head to hit the wall.

"Let's not go there tonight Grace. You never win Grace, you never will win. Why do you choose to test me all the time?" He hollered into my face. He waited for my next move, but I didn't know what to do. I stood there trying to hold back my tears, but they fell. He finally let me go as I stumbled down the hallway into our room and slammed the door shut. Every fight we had began and ended the same way. Tomorrow, he would promise me that it was the last time, he would apologize for everything and then, we would have sex and forget about it. There would be no tomorrow for me though, not here, not with me. I was tired and I didn't want to be like the women who allowed abuse to get worse. I was too good for this, I was too good for him; He knew I was and so did everyone else. Maybe that bang against the wall did me good. It made me realize that it was time to go home.

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