Hi guys and gals. This is my first attempt to write Spartacus Fan Fiction. I have been a dedicated fan of this web-page but I have never published any of my works. Yet, I have become huge fan to this show and could not hold back to urge to publish the story running in my head that has been giving me sleepless nights :). Please, please, please review or subscribe, so I know whether it is garbage or you wish me to continue with it. This first chappie is just an intro into some of the major events happening. I leave it up to you to decide on the faith of my story lol. Thank you for giving it a try.


Blessings Whispered

"All Capua will be on their feet screaming your name…" Walking silently towards the curtains behind which her Dominus was, she heard his voice ringing with excitement.

"The Champion of the champions! The first and only fucking gladiator to be freed of his bonds! Gannicus, the son of the Gods!"

As she stepped into the room, she saw her Dominus's face staring with admiration at the man who was now standing with his back towards her unaware of her presence. After all, it was her job to be unnoticed, to follow the one who serves as a shadow follows its master. It was her job to be the personal slave to her Dominus. Of course, It could have been worse: she could have been a whore or any other slave in the ludus, one that none attention or concern is ever paid and treated worse than an animal. However, this was not the case. The moment she entered that room, Batiatus looked at her and his smile grew wider.

As she walked towards him he could not help but smile even more. Such beauty only the Gods could have created themselves and even the beauty of his own wife could not compare with that this golden flower carried! Yes, "flower"! This is how he called her often and this is how his eyes saw her. Her hair with the colour of the sands, eyes with the colour of golden hazel, skin white as milk and face of a Domina. Yet, she was not a Domina but a slave. The Gods have blessed me with such a gift, one that will always carry the Gods' will, he thought and he believed it. This is why he kept her as a personal slave. This is why he is not afraid to raise his head high and ask the Gods for blessing in anything he begins. Now he begins something that will make him the richest man in Rome and among the highest ranks of the Roman hierarchy. His name will be chanted and feared. The Gods have blessed him so. The Gods have sent him a flower that he will carry to the Games of The Gods.

"Ah, Via!" Batiatus motioned for her to stand behind his shoulder as he sat down behind his desk. As she bowed her head and moved behind her sitting master, she looked up to gaze upon the gladiator before her. She examined every feature of his face and body: every muscle on his body screamed power, blood and death, his tanned skin could not hide the mark of the Brotherhood, his face strong and harsh, and his brown hair tied back exposing even more his Hercules's beauty. However, his eyes spoke different language, one Via speaks herself: it is the language of loss and slavery. The language that makes you appreciate and cherish what you have and fight until last breath for life…

She saw him drinking in every feature of her as she did to him as if they were two animals in different cages waiting to be released. She was certain he was admiring her physicality but they all did that… no one has ever tried to look beyond the surface or maybe she hasn't allowed them to. One thing is sure, at least that kept her safe.

"As I speak, I see the Gods blessings! Gannicus, now you become my gladiator as ones more and see yourself Champion again, yet this time a Champion of the Gods themselves. Take my offer and see soon how coin will fall from the skies, water will be turned to wine and any woman around your cock at all times!" Batiatus was almost chanting the words as if he was speaking to some more than Gannicus.

"A wise man does not deny an offer from an old master and new friend, especially one who Gods have blessed with wine and coin. I shall accept your offer and I fight for this house until you see me freely walking out again, yet a time as a bigger winner," smiled Giannacus with charming eyes, yet mysterious and full of life. Ginnacus knew that he was to give up his freedom but this freedom has brought him nothing but boredom. He could have gone and settled for a woman and create a house of his own but no female has made him feel the spark and challenge to fight for her love. This was his life, a life of a gladiator: born to fight not only on the sands but even for the air he breaths. Thus, he did not settle; thus, he sought again that fire that made him feel alive; thus, he came back to begin his life again, the one the Gods are offering.

Jupiter, fuck me, if a smile like that has not brought hundreds of virgins into his bed, thought Via as she stared at the smiling gladiator. She liked looking at the gladiators, how they trained and fought, especially since one of them was her brother. Hence, she knew every little trick they used to woo women and the slaves of the house in their beds. At the same time, she knew when they loved and burned for someone, they truly did. And this Giannacus standing before her may have loved a woman, the pain in his eyes shows it, but his heart was empty now seeking life. Game of the Gods was turning to be a satisfaction of his longings. Yet, she knew that these games were nothing but a distraction from his pain.

Pain cures pain and death brings life. This are the rules they all lived with. This is what slavery was.

Batiatus ordered her to escort the gladiator to his chamber, one identical to Sparacus's and Doctore's. So she obeyed but as she passed him their eyes locked in the knowledge of a little secret. As he followed her steps, he knew that the Game of the Gods that have brought him to the house of Batiatus will bring not only blood, death and pain but also something else…