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love don't let me go

(don't let me go)

don't let me gooooo...

(don't let me go)

got me drowned in a river

i was caught in a river

David guetta- love don't let me go (2002)

Boone's eyes widen as he sees this.. horror, that is the plane crash before him. The wreckage, the flames, people shouting and screaming about looking for their loved ones. He remember Shannon, his lov- something. The last time he saw her was when he was holding her hand, telling her that they'll make it through. After everything they went through, he still cares for her well-being. He looks around frantically for her, while out of his view, a blonde woman is, floating about, faced down in the water. As he turns towards the ocean, the world starts to slow down in his mind. He notices the familiar blonde hair and her bright pink shirt. Shannon! He thought.

Boone runs toward the blonde woman in the water, grabs her body into his arms and with all his strength, carries her to the edge of the beach. Shannon, please be okay, I'm so sorry. Just please be all right. Her face is covered with her wet hair. He puts his head on her chest,closing his eyes while doing so. He hears the smallest of heartbeats, but for him, it's a sign of hope. There's still a chance!

He lifted his head and noticed that instead of wearing her white shirt which was under a pink jacket that she had on moments before, she has on a pink shirt. His eyes widen as he backs up and he notices the difference in their clothes. She's wearing a light pink t-shirt, blue jeans, brown flats, and... a necklace that said Susan in Golden letters!

His heart almost stop right there. It's not her. They look almost the same. But she... then where is she? He looks at her more closely as he parts her hair. He puts his head back on her chest. I need to save her though, She barely has a heartbeat. If I don't do something... He stood up quickly. Lucky, for the woman, he's a lifeguard. Well, he took a few courses. He lays his hands on the top of her chest and starts to press. He opens her mouth to see if anything is blocking it. He puts his lips near her to give her two rescue breaths. He gives her some space as he waits for something to happen. The woman cough up some water onto Boone and on her already wet clothes.

Susan gasps as she takes her first breath. She grabbed the first thing next to her, which unknown to her, were Boone's shoulders. She cough slightly as she looks around, trying to gain her glassy eyes back into focus. All she could see is blurs of grey and red. " What's going on?" She asked, her voice, trembling and ragged. "Where am i?" She touch her lips gingerly as she looks at the brown-haired male whose light blue eyes are filled with concern. " Who are you?"

" Well..." Boone said, grateful that the woman is alright. "... I'm Boone, the guy that saved you." He gives her a slight smile.

Susan stands up with the help of her brown-haired, blue-eyed savior. " Thank you... Boone." She said through her ragged breath. Wow, saved by a cute guy. Great, i think I'm dreaming again. At least this time he's a bit skinner than the last guy. Weird... Susan thought, inwarding smiling. I could look at him all day.. She's jolted out of her thoughts as the screams of the survivors get her to look at the wreckage ... Wait? What? We crashed?

She realizes the implications of this as she runs away from the guy to find someone else that was on the flight with her. Then if we crashed... Oh please god, let him be all right! He's the oldest, he has to be!

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked, forgetting the necklace Susan had on earlier.

She stops and turns back to Boone. "Susan, and that's all you need to know. It's great to meet you and again thank you, but i need to find my brother." She turn back around to run into the wreckage. I can't lose him. I can't! After everything that happened, i don't want to lose him.

Susan walks to her seat while she dodges pass the boarding passengers and carry on bags. She ends up bumping into a few sitting passengers. She stops at her seat number. 20I. Great. She sat down. She looks at her brother who's sitting down all the way at the end of the aisle. Why did it had to be today? We could have waited until the weekend. I get that he wants it to be over. I just didn't think he wanted to have it happen sooner.

She looks down at her casual clothes. She swallows a bit. I get that this isn't what I'm suppose to wear , but Jack told me that we had to be on this flight and that no time can be wasted. At least I brought the proper clothes with me. She glances to her left to see her seating partner just arriving, with a suitcase in both his hands. Great, some big guy with curly hair. And it looks like he's sweating. Great!

As the curly-haired man starts to get comfortable, He looks at her. She softly smiles at him. He smiles back. With a note of recognition in his eyes, he snaps his fingers."Have we met before?" He asked.

"What?" She asked him, skeptical. What is with this guy? Maybe there's a cheesy pickup line in the nearby future...

"Sorry. It's that you look familiar..." Susan looks back to the window and closes her eyes as she touches her pony-tail. I wish I could have this space for myself. Have some peace and quiet. If only for a moment.

"First time?"

"Huh?" The question jolted her out of her thoughts as she turns from her window to the curly man.

"Is this your first time on a plane?" he clarifies as he raised his eyebrows.

" Oh... not really." She answer politely. He's not that bad, I guess. Better than most airplane companions I'd had. "I've been on a bunch of airplanes in the past few years..." She smiles at him "What about you?"

" Oh, second time. And a hard one to get on time."

Interesting..."What do you mean?"

" I had to run through the airport just in time to almost miss my flight."

"Slept late?" She gives him a sympathic smile.

"Ugh," He gives her a short smile. "Something like that."

" Well," she chuckles. " consider yourself lucky that you didn't miss it." Yeah, he'll be fine to talk to for a few hours. Nothing wrong with that.

" yeah..." He laughs a little. " Lucky.." He suddenly stops as if to ponder those words.

Susan turns towards her window as she see the airport and the skyline disappearing before her. She slighty grips on the chair's arm. Only a few more hours...

Susan keeps looking around for her brother, who she had just missed going into the jungle with a sewing kit. She touches her left arm. After she had tried to look for him, an explosion happened and a wing crashed. Everyone started to go in different directions, meaning it would be harder to find him. Please! Where are you? She suddenly hears a woman's ragged voice.

" Help me! Anybody!" The familiar voice said.

She turns around to see the chestnut-brown haired woman who's wearing a lilac blouse with torn jeans. No, Susan thought, It couldn't be... But her eyes weren't mistaken. That woman slowly walking around is one of her close friends who's somehow was on the same plane with her.

She was still in Sydney when I last saw her, saying that she was going to the SCA library ( university of Sydney, kirkbride) when she left the international house. How can she be here? Right now? And still alive?

" Carmen!" Susan gives a smile despite the situation. She doesn't look to bad given the circumstances; just a small cut near her cheek. She's as strong as ever! " Come here, you old girl."

Carmen comes over to me,giving me a small smile. It doesn't matter how's she here, just as long as she's here, unharmed. I'll ask about her later. We hug each other tightly. " I didn't know you were on this flight." She wraps her arms around her. In her eyes, she feel relief that someone, other than that friend she made on the plane ride, she knows is here and alive, and with a slight twitch of guilt for the relief she's feeling.

In Carmen's eyes, It's a mixture of relief, sorrow and frustration.

"Same to you!" her eyes start to water. " I'm just glad you're okay."

" Same here." She tried to hold back that laughing choke from her mouth.

Susan let go of Carmen to take a good look at her to see if she missed anything that serious, then asked." You look okay. So why were you shouting for help?"

Carmen looks around her seat, seat 16h. She looks to the seat next to her to see her companion. Even thought it's costing us a pretty penny to travel, it's worth it. " I can't believe we're doing this."

" Well... it's not like we could have done it here." her companion said, in a posh british accent. He smiles lightly.

Carmen ruffles his light brown hair that now ,because of her hand and his hair gel, turns spiky. He's wearing a red and black checker plaid shirt with brown pants." I know, but... We should have just waited. When the time's right to-."

" Sweetie," he grabs her hands and gently kisses her knuckles as he said the following, " Anywhere." Kiss. " That" Kiss. " We'll." Kiss. " Have." kiss. " The." kiss. " Wedding." Kiss. " Will." Kiss. " Be." Kiss. " Perfect." Kiss. "With." Kiss. He looks up to her "You." He leans in to kiss her sweet lips.

Carmen lets go of him, giggling despite herself. " I know that, I just want to make this clear... why did you book for L.A since we're have-ta-"

He cuts her off. " It was the only one on short notice that I could find, But I could get a bus to get there."

Carmen smiles sweetly at him. " You always have a backup plan up your sleeve, don't you?"

"You know I do." he captures his lips with Carmen's. Just a few hours from now, We'll be blissfully together. As we should be.

The duo checked every piece of wreckage but there was no sight of him. They've seen every survivor along the beach. But alas they can't find him or Jack.

"Carmen, I'm sorry, But i-" Susan starts to say but was cut off by Carmen.

"No, you do not get to say it, we still have a chance. I could find him... We can."

Susan smiles sadly at her, " Carmen, I don't really think you'll find him anytime soon. And I have to cut this short, seeing-"

" If you don't want to look for him, Fine! I will." Carmen retorts as she starts to walk off.

"No, Carmen. That's not what i meant-" They hear a rustling noise and turn towards it. "No way." She can't believe her eyes.

" Way." A familiar british man's voice said to the duo. They both turn to see him. He was leaning against the tree with a bright smile on his face. He didn't look worse for wear, just a small cut on his cheek.

Susan walks to him and playfully punches his shoulder. " Glad to see you made it, Toker."

" Will you ever stop calling me that," He has an annoyed look on his face." it was just that one time..."

"... It wasn't just that one time, and I will never ever stop, Toker." Susan smirked. He smiles back at her.

Carmen suddenly puts her hand out. "The three amigos back together 'till the end."

"All for one..." Toker puts his hand on top of her's.

"... and one for all." Susan, trying to sound enthusiastic, puts her hand on Toker's. I'm really happy that both of them are okay and look no worse for wear, but my brother is out there. And i need to know He's in one piece.

I can't believe that this whole time that i was looking for him, he's been saving almost everyone on the beach. Granted, he may not have seen me looking for him but still, it's a little weird that He didn't even try to find me first. Thank you, Hurley for telling me. With his back turned, Susan can only make out the back of his head and apparently a change of shirts. He's tending to a man lieing down with something jammed inside his waist. She looks away from the man. Is he ever going to not help everyone around him? And try to not lose my lunch around his ...patients. She grabs hold of the light brown big backpack that Hurley gave to her, to carry the plane trays. She takes a few steps forward.

He has his back facing her. She sighs. " Jack." She softly said.

Jack looks up from his patient to turn to me, dropping something that was probably was being used for the patient. " Susan!" He stands up, surprized and slightly amazed.

" After a huge plane crash, one of the first things that you do is to not find your little sister, who had almost drown in the ocean. No... you wanted to help everything and everyone in sight." She walks closer to Jack. " I don't mind that. The saving everyone thing. It's encoded in our DNA. " He slightly chuckles." It just would have been nice to have been saved by my big brother like the good ol' days." She stops just about a foot from him.

" ... Are you okay?" He said calmly, taking a good look at her.

" I am thanks to the hunky lifeguard ,in the blue dress shirt, that saved me." Maybe I could see him again.

He chuckles, disbelieved that the guy that blew air into someone's stomach, saved her from drowning. " Oh, did he?"

" Yeah." She puts her hand to cover her face. " I'm just relived you're alright." She smiles softly at him. " It's good to see you again. I thought i never would again."

"Same her-" Jack starts to say, until they hear sounds of rustling leaves. Susan turns her head towards the noise.

A woman with brunette hair and freckles in a white blouse walks to Jack. " Hey..." She looks at Jack and Susan. " Am I interrupting something?"

" Not really." Susan takes some steps back. Well, this is a new development. " I just want to let you know that if you want something to eat." she opens the backpack to grab one of the trays to show to Jack. She shakes it gently. " Want?"

Jack shakes his head. " No, thanks."

Susan looks at the woman besides Jack. " What about you?"

"Sure." She, calmly, takes the tray from her hand.

She takes glances at the both of them." Now, if you need me, I'll be at the beach, giving food to others that need it." Susan turns to walk away. Helping people the way i can.

" So... favorite movie?" Susan said to Hurley. They are both lieing down on the floor with their food and some sweaters to put under them. The sun had set and they had given out all the food to the what she had seen, there were different types of people here. She had decided to rest her head for a while and Hurley decided to do the same. She can't help but smile at the fact that after everything today, she's found a kindred spirit.

" I'm pretty sure i told you on the plane . Remember." She clears her thought. "Shepherd. Susan Shepherd." She said in her best Sean Connery voice, Which isn't much.

He gives out a big hardy laugh. " Oh.. right. Well, how about animated movies?"

" Oh... this is a toughy. You go first..."

"Alright, um... Let's see, there's-"

Susan chuckles as she glances at Jack talking to the same woman she met earlier, with a leaf plane in his hand , near a campfire. Isn't that romantic? She rolls her eyes at the sight. Maybe they were made for each other.

Susan then looks at Carmen and Toker, sharing their food, laughing... Look at those lovebirds...How is it that everything is making me think of romance? Well, I just won't! Maybe, something-

"... Shrek?"

Susan looks and smiles at Hurley. Right, focus on what my new friend is saying. Susan mentally slaps herself. " Wow, really? I love those movies. They are so cool! Did you see the second one?"

" Yeah, Dude. It was so cool."

" My favorite part was the scenes with the gato con botas."

He looks surprise. " Dude, You can speak Spanish?"

" Yup. I took a few classes. It's not perfect but it's something, i guess."

Hurley smiles. " So, Susan. there's something i wanted to say, but we were interrupted by the- you know." He makes his hand goes down as he makes a whistling sound.

She gives him a half-smile. "Yeah, So tell me now."

"Alright, It's kinda a little pointless now. But, uma-," He rubs the back of his neck. "-do you wanna maybe, after we get rescued, we can um-"

Suddenly, some weird sounds are coming from the jungle. Susan jumps at the noises and look toward the jungle. Her and Hurley start to stand up. Trees are moving, smashing together, falling.

" Did anybody see that?" A pregnant blonde woman said. She was next to Susan and Hurley.

" Yeah." Hurley said in disbelief. All of them move closer to the jungle.

Noises of different kinds can be heard from the jungle. If one can hear closely, someone can hear a yell, almost inhuman.

"Please," Toker starts to say. "Don't tell me we're in the middle of Jurassic Park." Carmen hits his chest with her hand, but is considering the possibility.

" Great." Susan said, sarcastically. " Just great."

Not a lot right now make sense to me

and it won't go quietly

Not a lot right now make sense to me

and it won't sit patiently

MxPx- First day of the rest of our lives (2003)

So what did you guys think of this? It took me a while to write all this. I've also put in some foreshadowing in for later chapters. i do have a plan as to how this is going to go for the first book. With enough time, i might even do all the seasons i'll update soon.

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Note; SCA is Sidney college of the arts, from the university of Sidney in kirkbride. I don't go there, seeing as I'm still 15 as of this writing. I'm that type of writer does research. Yeah, i do my research. Expect to see more of that in here.

And in all the chapters you'll see, if most of you click to the next chapter, there will be at least one song that will foreshadow, symbolizes and relate to some characters or events to come.