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Extra Ordinary A.K.A tabula rasa part dos.

day 4


Carmen wakes up in her beloved arms. She looks around. She's not here yet. She thought. Maybe it's takes a while to walk around. Who knows what kinds of things they'll find? She stood up straight. I should have went.

" Morning, love." Her companion said as he touches her back.

" Morning." he said as he ruffles his hair.

Carmen turns around to look at him and notices the light purple t-shirt that said Karma in bold black letters, a v-neck and that looks form-fitting. " Where did you get that from?" She tilts her chin towards the t-shirt.

" Found it in one of the bags." He smiles at her as he touches the K on his shirt. " Now if i only had a sharpie to change the K to a C, it would be perfect."

Carmen playful hits his chest. " You're terrible."

" Why would you think so?" He said playfully.

Carmen leans to his left ear and whispers " Because that would probably look better on me ,don't cha think?" She lies down on her makeshift pillow, looking somewhat amused.

He looks down at the shirt and shrugs at it. "So, I'm okay with wearing this shirt. It's actually kinda shows me off. " His eyebrows start to dance around. "If you know what i mean."

"Fine. Whatever you say." She does a gesture with her hands that indicate . " Maybe we can find a matching jacket to go with it..."

He playful shakes his head. " Oh come on! It was a mistake, besides you can use your magic sewing skills to make it more manly."

" Manly?"

They turn to see a skinny man with short brown hair in a red shirt sitting on top of some wood. Carmen roll her eyes. Oh no, not him again. She thought.

Why did i decided to ask him about where Susan was, her companion thought.

" You're gonna need more than that to make that manly." He gestures to the shirt. "Dye it, rip off the arms, that sorts of thing."

Carmen looks towards her beloved. "I think it's fine. " She turns back to Neil. "Could you try not to meddle in other's people business?"

"Well, i would but, the shirt-" He covers his ears. "It's so loud."

" Bloody wanker." her beloved said under his breath.

" Really, Neil?" Carmen said, starting to get annoyed. " It's been three days since we crashed and you've decided to throw away that little thing called 'privacy' ?"

" Well, i couldn't help it. What with seeing the bright girly shirt from my side. In fact -"

" You know what? I think you should mind your own business."

Her companion decided it would be a good time to flip him off with the v- sigh. "You should do what she says. Trust me, you'd want to."

Annoyed, He mimics the same movement. "What's that suppose to mean, peace?"

"Not exactly." Carmen said.

Just at that moment, the group that Susan was in are walking out of the trees, looking stoic like. Carmen looks at the blonde men more closely. The older one was interesting to look at, but the second one caught her eye. He looks so familiar, but- She widen her eyes at the realization. " Oh my god!" She whispers. It has to be Charlie , He's here on the island? Boy, did my wish came true in unexpected ways! Too bad i didn't get the chance to go.

" ...not giving up." Sayid said to the group that has formed to see them and hear whatever news they have. " If we gather electronic equipment- cell phones, laptops- I can boost the signal and we can try again..."

Susan drowns out his voice to look at Carmen and Toker. Lieing, im lieing to them. well just compiling but it's the same thing. Maybe Jack can make sense of this, who am I kidding? he's probably saving a girl from drowning. or something like that. Susan starts to move her lips. And on top of that, i have a dry mouth. I just hope that can be cured soon. I've been having this problem for days. maybe i should eat... nah, I'm not that hungry.

"... organize 3 groups. Each group should have a leader. One group for water- I'll organize that. who's going to ration the food." A man in a red shirt raised his hand. " You? alright. and the third group should organize electronics?"

A oppertunity, Carmen thought as she raised her hand. Her love raises his eyebrows

" Alright, if the other group leader raise their hand again, for whoever wants to go to their groups..."

Susan stays with Sayid, while Kate , Charlie and Shannon went off somewhere. Boone stands close next to her. She looks at him."I thought that you help when it's the right time."

" Well, I think this is a great time to help."

Susan couldn't help but smile at that. He's really helpful, and a little cute too, but that's besides the point. "Same here."

Carmen's beloved walks to her side. "So," He starts to say as he takes note of the incoming people. "Care to tell me why you're going to organize electronics?"

" Well, dearest, So that other people won't get spinous when we look for my things."

"Ahh." He stood still as he notices that Faith is walking towards.

Faith waves her hand at her when she gets closer to them. "Hey guys. Ready for the hunt?"

"What?" Carmen asked.

"You know? For the electronics?"

"Right." She nods her head slightly. "Of course." She and her beloved start to walk away. "I'll tell the rest of what to do."

"Okay then." Faith slightly shakes her head. She's in a mood.

Carmen braves the stench of dead bodies to go inside the fuselage. It has to be here. I just know it has too!

I need to get them as soon as i can. When they do, at the very least, they wouldn't trust my judgement, which if we have to stay here longer than i thought we would, they would have to, at some point. But, at worse,

Carmen had decided to join the groups, seeing as they would check each and every bag. She had realized that If they had found her luggage, she and her companion would be under watched for most of their stay. At the least, they wouldn't trust her judgement. At worse... She shudders at those thoughts mulling over in her head. She looks at one of the open compartments. Bingo! She climb up one of the seats to get the blue Tardis suitcase.

When she was able to reach it, she notice that the zipper is slightly open. No,No,No! She closes the zipper, carries if gently out of the compartment, puts it on an empty seat, then reopens it. She looks through her clothes, books ... it has to be here. She looks at each book. Night of the lights, here. She set the book on another empty seat. Charge of the goddess, here. She sets it down on top of the other book. Hecate, here. She notice a plastic bag filled with small candles of assorted colors on the floor.

"Oh," She grabs it quickly. "Can't forget this." She puts the books and the bag back in the suitcase. She looks outside where in the sky, dark clouds starting to form. She hears the pitter-patter of rain droplets." ¿Que demonios?" This just isn't my day. Carmen looks at her beloved who had just appear in the doorway.

" You found it?" He asked, out of breath.

She nods. " Yeah,it's intact for the most part. i'll have to check it later to make sure." They notices the wing . She gives him a devious look. " Want to make a dash for it?" She nods towards the wing.

He takes her hand. " Like old times."

Susan is pushing up a part of the plane to notice a red gymbag. "Interesting..." Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Hurley walking up to her, nervously. She puts down the part to face him. "Hey Hurley, what's wrong?"

"Uhh.. nothing, dude." He moves to leave but Susan puts her hand against his chest.

" Hurley, you can tell me anything. We're friends, and friends have to trust each other to talk about their problems."

"Well, uh... the thing is.. is that Ka..." Suddenly, there's a clap of thunder and rain starts to pour down on the two and everyone else on the beach.

This is not my day. "Ugh!" She looks at the fuselage. She then turns to Hurley. " Wanna go hide in there?" She points to the fuselage.

" Didn't the first time you went inside, you almost puked?" He said, confused.

She looks up at the sky. "I'll risk it." She holds out her hand. " Are you coming or not?"

He takes her hand, without a second thought. They run to the fuselage just as she sees Carmen and Toker running out of it towards the wing, with a Tardis suitcase in her arms. Good for her that she finally found it. Now hopefully i don't get caught in the rain ,again while I'm here.

Susan finds an empty space to sit down. She looks at the pouring sky then back to Hurley. "So, Hurley, anything exciting happen while i was gone?"

"Oh... not much. Helping Jack with that guy with the... metal sticking out. I kinda passed out after a few minutes."

That earns a chuckle from Susan. "You know, if i was in your position... i would have dome the same thing." He smiles shyly at her, while Susan looks around the fuselage. She notices a paper back book on the floor. She leans down to pick it up. She sees the title of the book,

The building blocks of being intuned with your inner wiccan.

Wiccan, huh? Oh well, must be good reading material. She places the book on top of her lap.

" Oh well... how about what you did with that group..."

" Oh," She puts her head up." Uh not much. We climbed a mountain, which I should warn you, do not try. I had to get help to reach the top. I had only went on the indoors ones. I thought once was enough for me." She rubs her cold arms. " I'm not usually up to adventure if I don't know what going on out there." She rubs her temple gently. "And that cowboy jackass wasn't helping things."

"Did he do something to you?" He asked, concerned.

"No, no, no." She shakes her head. "He's just- i don't know, he just annoys me. Flirting his way around here and well, being a jackass. I really hate guys like that."

At that moment, the rain stops. Hurley looks up at the sky." I guess we can go out ."

"Yeah." She give a shy smile as she stands up. " At least, it wasn't that bad like last time." Susan walks out the fuselage, finally breathing good air. Hurley looks confused and relived.

Susan walks over to Jack, who's near the medical tent. She glances at the damaged man ,but looks away just as quick. She stops just in front of him." Jack," he doesn't look at her. " Jack!" she said ,more forcefully.

He looks at her. " What do you want, Susan?"

"Jack, umm..." She unconsciously touches her left shoulder. " I- i have-ta tell you something... about the group i was on."

"Oh, i know what happen. the radio, the french woman, everything."

Susan blinked in confused, her brown furrowed. " What? but how?"

"Kate told me." Jack said with a slight scowl.

" What?" She's only known him for three-four days and yet she told him about the french chick. Which the group agreed on that we wouldn't tell anyone. Well, i was, but it's different. i'd known him all my life, she has no such excuse. "Is there's something you'll not telling me?"

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that days ago we crashed, you went with a bunch of strangers to find the pilot, and by the way i know what happen with him, since Charlie, the bass guitar guy from Driveshaft, told me about it, point is you neglected to say anything else to the camp..."

"Isn't that the same thing you did, Susan?"

She scratches her head. " Well yeah, but I didn't have much choice in the matter. I was actually going to tell you. Then i got caught up with helping for the things. But i was going to tell you. What i'm trying to say is it seems like you've trusted in a complete stranger and apparently she does right back for some reason. So... i don't really want to know about this. I just want you to know that what happened with Sarah... just be careful, Jackie."

He chuckles and nods his head. " I will, now just go back to Carmen and her friend. All right?"

She huffed. " Fine."

The sound of thunder and rain died but in turn is replace by the pained cries of the injured man. Everyone in the camp can hear the anguis. Faith is looking out at the sea. This is bad. Can't the doctor do something? I mean he's not Susan lewis, but i mean, he's has to be able to save him, or at the very least lessen the pain...

Susan is trying to block them by thinking happy thoughts. Bunnies, jelly beans, a new series of doctor who in the next year. But the cries only get worse. "You relized something?" She asked her friends.

"What?" Toker asked.

"I wouldn't have made it as a doctor." Toker gives her a look."My father wanted me to go in his footsteps, be a doctor. But i couldn't do it. As much as i want to help anyone, i have a thing about seeing injuries and dead bodies." She gulps. "I only have first aid training. But maybe if i trained-"

"You can't dwell on the past." A unfamiler voice said. They turn their head towards a man in a wisconsin sweater. "You can only focus on the now."

"Thanks, Ethan." Carmen said to Ethan, slightly steamed at the intursion. "Next time, be a part of the conversation before giving advice. I had enough of that in the morning."

Susan raise her eyebrow. What did i miss?

"Of course." Ethen starts to step away. "Sorry." He leaves the scene.

Day 5; morning

Susan, Toker and a strange blonde woman are eating leftover plane food. "I'm sorry," Susan said to the woman in the blue striped shirt. "What's your name?"

"Faith. Faith Harringtion."

"Ahh." She leans towards Toker. "Who is she?" She whispers to him.

"I have no clue."

"Did she like the shirt?" Faith said to Toker.

"Yeah, she did."

She slightly smiles. "It's takes a big man to be able to pull that off."

He chuckles as he starts to stand up. "Indeed."

"Where are you going?" Susan asked.

"Oh, i have to get something for Carmen, be right back."

As He leaves, Susan turns back to Faith, giving her a small smile. "So,"

"So..." Faith trails off. They sit in silence.

I need an icebreaker badly. Just as Susan thought that, Hurley is walking by. Really good timing! "Hey Hurley!"

He stops in his tracks. "Yeah,"

"Want to hang out with for a while?"

He smiles. "Sure, dude."

Carmen looks out at the water, sitting indian style while her beloved is finding her items. She notices Shannon walking by in nothing but her red bikini and carring her towel. Carmen waits until she's out of earshot. "It's a- itsy bitsy teenie weenie red for-the-sun bikini." She laughs quietly. Alright, get in control of yourself.

Carmen glances out at the ocean. How could have this has happen,I've been in this game more than the Halliwell girls, granted they had more than books that you can find at a 'special' bookstore. But I've been to the school for 5 years. And yet I will never be like them. I get that, but I just want to be the best that I can be . She looks out around the beach. Besides, I just have this strange feeling that ... well i don't know how to explain it.

Carmen looks from her plane window to look at her beloved, with a worried look deep in her eyes. " I have a bad feeling about this."

" Oh, come on." Her beloved said to her. " I heard Fiji is lovely this time of year." He playfully nudges towards her. " Who knows? We can make it an early honeymoon."

Carmen couldn't help but smile at that. " Alright ,it could be like that, but we'll have to tell my..." Just then a large booming sound is heard. The left side of the plane dipped low. " What the..." The cabin is shaking madly and the sound of rattling can be heard. Carmen grabs hold on her love's hand.

The pilot turns on the 'fasten seatbelt' sign. They put their's on. " Ladies and gentlemen." One of the stewardess said over the intercom. " The captain has switched on the 'fasten seatbelt sign. Please return to your seat."

Carmen looks at her soon-to-be, looking bewildered. " Okay, maybe i should have listen to your intuition."

"Yeah, don't doubt this girl, Lewis. Remember the last time you did that,'" Carmen adjusted her seatbelt. Without warning, a sudden lost of altitude made some of the passengers collided with the ceiling. The yellow mask fall down from overhead just in their reach. Carmen grips on his hands,harder. "Luckly, you know me, then, love." She press her lips against his cheek as she remember the words.

"Wrap thee in cotton, and bind thee with love

protection from pain, surrounded like a glove

may the brightest of blessings surround thee this night

for thou art cared for; healing thoughts sent in flight."

As she finishes, Carmen and Lewis quickly put on their mask and feel their eyes feel hooded. Why is this happening?, Carmen thought as she lose conscious. Please let us stay...

i got trouble oh but not today

cause they're gonna wash away.

they're gonna wash away

and i had friends oh, but not today

cause they're done washed away

they're done wash washed away

joe purdy-wash away (2004)

The incantation, that Carmen has said was inspired by this website www. everythingunderthemoon .com, a website for all you Wiccans out there who need to know some things about wicca