Hi everyone! This is my first BTR fanfic so I hope you like it. I just want to say a little something before I begin with the story. Adrenaline Rush is an idea that I came up with when I was with my friends and we're actually thinking of being a singing group. We don't really act like this in real life but it just made an interesting storyline for each one of us to act like a member of Big Time Rush, so enjoy! :) Constructive criticism is welcome.

Disclaimer: I do not own Big Time Rush or anything from the TV show or band but I do own the plot and the original characters. I also don't own Katy Perry or any of her songs.

Getting discovered by a famous record producer, becoming famous, AND meeting your favorite boy band? What more could a teenage girl want? This is exactly what happened to me and my three best friends one extremely hot and awesome summer. Hi, I'm Nina King and this is the story of how my three best friends and I became Adrenaline Rush.

It all started on a regular Friday night. My mom had gotten me the new Big Time Rush CD so I decided to have my friends (Keni, Kirby, and Violet) over for a sleepover. We probably listened to it for three hours. We couldn't help it their songs are just so good! We never got to see them in concert yet. We wanted to but we just couldn't. Like most teenage fan girls, we also had plans to marry our favorite member. What we found awesome was that there were four of them and four of us and none of us liked the same one. So our plans for the future worked out perfectly!

"I can just see it now. Me in a gorgeous wedding dress holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers and the ultra sexy James Diamond waiting for me down the church isle," Keni fantasized. To Keni this was more than a fantasy this was more like her motto.

"Like that will ever happen," said Kirby, "I'm starving! Nina, when will your mom make us dinner? I'm dying here!" Kirby was one of these girls that could eat everything in the fridge and still be stick thin.

"You do know that there's corndogs in the freezer, right?" I replied. Kirby's eyes got real big and her jaw was practically touching the floor.

"YES! I LOVE YOU, MRS. KING!" she yelled while running out my bedroom door. At times like this, we're glad that Kirby does go around wearing a helmet for no reason.

A few minutes later, Kirby came back with a plate covered with corndogs. If you're thinking that that plate is four all four of us, think again.

"I still don't get why you like those things," said Keni, "All they do is give you pimples and make you fat."

"Yeah but they're so good!" Kirby said while eating a corndog. Keni just shrugged her shoulders and took out her comb to comb her hair.

"Hey, can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to study." I looked down and saw Violet lying down with two books open and a notebook that she was writing notes in. We never got why Violet studied so hard especially on weekends. Not sure if it was a hobby or that she wanted to get good grades so that she could to achieve her goal of becoming a nurse.

"Uh Violet, it's Friday. Why are studying on a Friday night?" I asked. Violet slammed her pencil down on her science book and sat up.

"You're right. I should take a break. The test isn't until next Thursday anyway," she responded.

"I'm so bored!" Keni exclaimed. None of actually knew we were bored until she said that.

"Me too, what should do now? We already listen to the CD about fifteen times already," said Violet. We all sat around and thought about what we should do for about five minutes.

"Hey! I know what we can do," Keni announced with a big smile on her face.

"Keni, for the last time we're not playing bandana superheroes," Violet told her. The smile that was on Keni's face quickly turned into a frown.

Another minute passed when Kirby started to give an exception.

"We're not playing shopping cart slingshot," Keni, Violet, and I said as if on queue.

Another two minutes passed and Violet opened her mouth to say something but then quickly closed it.

I finally got my laptop, turned it on, and went onto YouTube in search for inspiration.

"What are you doing, Nina?" wondered Keni. I stayed on the main page and scrolled down to see what kinds of videos were being featured.

"Oh, nothing just looking for an idea of what we can do."

I scrolled down farther on the main page and then saw a video of a girl singing a cover of a Katy Perry song. I clicked on it and the video started to play. Kirby and Violet scooted over to the laptop as well.

While watching the video of the girl singing, we all had our gears turning in our minds.

"Hey, how about we become a singing group?" I offered.

"Yeah, we could be like a girl version of Big Time Rush," Keni added.

"Yeah, but what should we call ourselves?" wondered Violet.

"How about Girl Rush or Big Time Girls?" Kirby suggested. We thought about those names for a second but then shook our heads in disagreement. Whatever the name was we had to have Rush in it. Another few seconds went by when I came up with an idea.

"I got it, how about Adrenaline Rush?" I asked. The other three girls' eyes grew big and they nodded their heads happily.

"Ok, so it's official. We're Adrenaline Rush!" Keni cheered.

"So, if we're going to be a singing group we need to start taping us sing," I said. Kirby grabbed my video camera off of my dresser and attached it to the tripod.

"What song are we going to sing?" Violet asked.

"I was thinking Worldwide by Big Time Rush." We all agreed to the song and decided on what parts each of us were going to sing. I closed out of YouTube and went to my music folder for the karaoke instrumental. Violet turned on the video camera and started warming up her singing voice. Keni was also warming up her voice but was also looking at herself in her compact mirror. Kirby just got up and started dancing like an idiot but stopped when she tripped and fell on her side.

"Ok guys, I have the music ready and all set to go so get in formation," I told them. Keni put away her comb and compact and Kirby stood up to get ready to sing.