Chapter 2

(Kirby's POV)

Wow, we sounded awesome! There's no way that we can't ever get discovered. All of our voices just blended in perfectly and our super cool dance moves were just the icing of the delicious cake. Oh my Gosh, that sounds SO good right now. Ok, focus Kirby. Focus! Now, where was I again? Oh yeah, we just had to get discovered. Our routine was just too good to miss.

"Oh my Gosh, you guys. What if we actually do become something?" asked Nina.

"That would be so awesome and when we do, what if we actually work with Big Time Rush?" Keni added. We all stopped to think about the different possibilities that could happen if we became famous.

"Well if we want to become famous then we need to upload the video first," said Violet. The four of us giggled at the fact that we haven't even put up the video yet. Nina grabbed the video camera and watched it to make sure that it was good enough to put on the internet. We couldn't believe how good the video was. It was like watching an actual music video.

"I was so amazing," Keni started to brag. Violet coughed and that woke Keni up from her trance. "I mean WE were so amazing," Keni corrected with a smile. The video ended and Nina decided to upload it onto YouTube.

"Ok guys, you ready to start our adventure of becoming famous?" Nina asked, preparing us for what could happen.

"Let's do this. Woo! Can you believe it? We might actually be stars!" I cheered. I started singing Big Time Rush's Famous in my head. I was so ready for this.

"Girls, dinner's ready!" Mrs. King announced. The four of us headed for the dining room where we saw Mrs. King setting up the table and Nina's little sister, Bella, already sitting down. Nina, Keni, Violet and I each pulled out a chair and sat down as well.

"What's for dinner, mom?" Nina asked Mrs. King.

"Uh, it's Friday. What else do I make on Friday's?" Mrs. King always made chicken dinosaur on Friday's, ever since we became friends in kindergarten.

"Oh yeah, chicken dinosaurs!" I yelled excitedly. Mrs. King smiled and brought over the food and drinks.

"So, how was everybody's day?" asked Mrs. King.

"Great! I got an A+ on my science test," Bella said with a wide cheeky grin. Bella's very smart and also very devious. She once swapped Keni's conditioner with foot cream and I will never forgive her for gluing my helmet to my head. Oh, and she also made Violet get a D- on her Science project one time AND broke Nina's lucky hockey stick in half.

"Aw, this is why you're Mommy's little angel," Mrs. King cooed. Bella gave her an innocent smile and gave Me, Keni, Nina, and Violet dirty looks. The four of us just rolled our eyes and began eating dinner. "So, did you girls do anything special today?" Mrs. King asked us. We all looked at each other to see who was going to break the news first. Nina nodded her head indicating that she was going to speak first.

"Well um, you see the four of us were listening to the Big Time Rush CD that you just got me and we got an idea of becoming a singing group." Mrs. King and Bella looked at us for second with shocked eyes.

"Like that will ever happen. You guys suck at singing," Bella retorted. Keni gasped and jumped right out of her seat.

"Excuse me but I am an amazing singer!" she shouted and then started singing "The City is Ours'" while sitting back down in her chair.

"Okay, you don't but those three dorks do." I jumped up and was almost about to tackle Bella when Nina and Violet sat me back down.

"Girls, girls, can we please settle down and finish our dinner? Geez, sometimes I wonder if you're really girls."

Now that was really offensive. It's like what do you expect from a group of female hockey players? Oh well, back to the story.

"So, you girls are wanting to become a singing group?" Mrs. King asked.

"Yup, we already made a video and posted it onto YouTube," said Violet. Mrs. King gave us an impressed look and continued eating. She stayed silent for a few minutes so we started to get worried.

"Mom, are you mad about that?" Nina asked. Mrs. King just continued eating her dinner and shook her head.

"No, I think it's a wonderful idea," Mrs. King replied with a small smile. The four of us looked at each once again in amazement.

"Are you sure?" added Violet, "because, there's a lot of things that could be dangerous with this."

"Girls, I'm perfectly fine with this. This is your guys' dream and you should go for it." Usually Mrs. King wouldn't let us do things like this but, we just went with it and finished up our dinner.

"Yum, thanks for an awesome dinner, Mrs. K!"

"Uh, Kirby, she just put the frozen chicken dinosaurs in the microwave and heated them," said Nina.

"Still, she's an awesome cook." We put our plates in the sink and went back to Nina's room to check out how many views we got on our video. When we opened up the page for our video we already had over ten-thousand views. Wow, we were not expecting to have that many views on the first day of being uploaded.

"Oh my Gosh, we might actually become famous now with that many views," said Keni.

"Is this really happening or am I dreaming?" asked Violet.

"Vi, if you're dreaming then, we're all having the same dream," Nina answered. Nina closed her laptop and set it on her bed. "Are we ready for this? I mean this a huge deal."

"Nina, Nina, Nina," Keni started, "I was- I mean WE were born ready and besides, whatever happens, happens." Nina nodded her head and sat on her bed when all of her phone rang. When we looked at her screen to see who it was, it said 'PRIVATE CALLER'. Nina just assumed that it was a person who was trying to prank call her, so she decided to answer with a fake voice.

"Hello?" Nina answered with a high and squeaky voice. The four of us giggled for a minute but then Nina's face suddenly went blank. "This is Gustavo Rocque from Rocque Records?" Her voice sounded shaky from both excitement and nervousness. The rest of us just stared at her with big eyes. "Uh, can you hold on for a second? Oh, okay." Nina covered her phone and we all screamed.