By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries

Pairings: Klaus/Caroline

Summary: Caroline was usually the tactile one whereas Klaus shied away from touch. Yet, somehow in their relationship, the positions are reversed. Written for isshi_chan on my Klaroline Comment Ficathon (found here: tenshinrtaiga. livejournal. com/30348. html OR just follow the link on my profile to my Livejournal.)


Hard to be soft, tough to be tender

Caroline was always the tactile one. She enjoyed being touchy-feely: giving out hugs, kisses on the cheeks, PDA. So she finds herself a little concerned to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Klaus, on the other hand, was not typically one for touch. Perhaps it was his difficult childhood or the times in which he was raised, but he did not believe in touching unnecessarily. In fact, if he was touching someone, that person was more likely to get a snapped neck than a caress.

So it was unnerving for the both of them to realize that their roles were quite reversed.

Klaus was the one always reaching out, both physically and emotionally. Caroline was the one uncomfortable with the sensation. Occasionally they would take a walk and he would reach out and grasp her hand and, like clock-work, she would noticeably stiffen. She wouldn't pull away at once but after a few minutes, she'd find an excuse – a gesture, a wave, anything really – to extricate her limb. He notices, but says nothing.

Later, he would reach out to tuck back a lock of fallen hair and she would pause, just an inch away from flinching, but again, she would not move. He gives a small sigh, but lightly continues his movement. Just as she is unwilling to flee, he is unwilling to back down from his pursuit.

This game continues and while she gets better about her hesitance, she is never quite comfortable with his gestures and he wonders if it will always be like this; if she will always be terrified of a 'what if'.

One day, he asks her out for another one of their walks. It has been months since the first one and while he has not given up, he is beginning to grow weary. There is nothing particularly special about this day. It is not sunny, but it is not raining. It's windy, but not cold. He does not reach out his hand, sick of it being rejected. He does not touch her hair, sick of watching her flinch. On the way back, she hesitates but quietly slips her hand into his. He pauses in shock before a genuine smile makes his way onto his face.

He thinks that it might just be the best day he's had in a thousand years.