Winning Games

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries.

Pairings: Caroline/Klaus

Summary: There are only ever winners in the games Caroline plays. Written for Mandatorily on my Klaroline Comment Ficathon (found here: tenshinrtaiga. livejournal. com/30348. html OR just follow the link on my profile to my Livejournal.)


About the only time losing is more fun than winning is when you're fighting temptation.

Tom Wilson

Sometimes, Caroline liked to play games.

After more than 300 years with the same person, they become a necessity. It's not that she doesn't love Klaus – she does. But relationships need more than love. They need fire.

And Klaus loved it when things got hot. Which was probably the only reason he allowed her this petty little mischief; this game she liked to play.

A salacious look here, a flirtatious laugh there. It all added up.

So Caroline was unconcerned with the heated glare aimed in her direction. Klaus knew better than to make a scene and he knew better than to think she was genuinely interested in whatever man she happened to be flirting with that night.

The saucy wink she sent in Klaus' direction as she twirled in another man's arms was a pretty good hint too.

But she kept up her witty charm, her sassy quips and her sultry moves all night. She played pretend and acted like the guy in front of her was the only man in the world. She stroked his arm, kissed his cheek and played with his fingers. She even nodded along as he talked about his government job and began discussing the new import/export laws.

So it was to his utter confusion when she exited the party by herself, leaving him high and dry.

Caroline had barely opened her car door when she was shoved from behind into the backseat. Klaus attacked her neck voraciously with wet kisses and hard nips, his hands quickly traveled up her skirt and into her panties as she clutched his hair tightly. Staying away from him for this long, the dress that revealed skin he wasn't allowed to touch, the teasing caresses as she passed by him, flirting with another man, making him jealous… it was always worth it.

After all, there were no losers in the games Caroline played. Only winners.