Outside, Inside

Hi. I was purging some old stuff from my computer today when I stumbled across this. I actually FORGOT that I wrote this! That's weird.

This little one shot is a tag to 7x15. The world outside doesn't have a clue.

I own nothing by the way, that little fact never seems to change.

A hush has settled over the landscape that surrounds the town, its residents have long since retreated to the comfort of their homes to begin the normal routines to end yet another day.

A small car drives along the main road, its engine the only sound to echo through the quiet, peaceful night. It curves with the road as it heads to the highway, the only illumination on the asphalt that of its headlights.

As the vehicle continues its path, the neon sign of the small motel it approaches announces to any weary traveller along that same stretch of road of its existence.

The car doesn't slow as it passes; its owner barely registers the fact that the building has one solitary car parked within its lot. There is nothing amiss; nothing to tweak the driver that anything out of the ordinary is taking place behind the door of the single room that is occupied.

The vehicle goes by without a glimmer of hesitation or question, its lights slowly fading into the distance.

Outside, it is calm.

A gentle breeze rustles along the side of that same road to float through the parking lot, slivers of dust rising up to ride the pocket of air until they skitter across the pavement and come to rest beside the solitary vehicle; the one the occupants of the room it sits outside commandeered to arrive at their destination.

A dim light filters through the curtains of the window, its glow barely flickering against the steel of the car outside. Shadows stream intermittently across that same light as two different figures appear, converge, and then disappear again within the length of the room.

Outside, the town slips into slumber.

Inside, a battle is being fought and waged with all the fury of the most savage of storms.

Outside, the war goes unnoticed.

Inside, one brother desperately fights to save the other as the madness that has taken hold threatens to devour him whole.

The End. Thanks for stopping by.