Ahoy! This has been planned for aaages! Rated T for now but rating might go up! (I will warn if/when it does) Hope you like it!

Danny = Cuba (Danny was going to be an OC but I hate OC's so I gave him a character) AU and highschool... yeah...

Warning: Self-harm, Homophobia, BoyXBoy, Multiple pairings...

Oh and if I owned Hetalia I would make a spin-off show just about Gilbird and Pierre II and their adventures, in which I would have a tense and dramatic storyline in which the fate of Pierre no. 1 would be revealed...

Matthew sighed, his ribs aching from having been shoved about by the dense crowd of people rushing to leave the classroom to go to lunch and, because he was practically invisible he had been thrown about like a ragdoll amongst the throng of people. Sometimes he hated that no one could see him, it could be a real pain in the ass.

"HEY FAGGOT!" Oh joy. Matthew sighed again. It was just his luck to be completely invisible to everyone…except the school bully.

He carried on walking, pretending not to have heard when he felt pain in his scalp as his head was pulled back to an angle which was painful in itself. Matthew gripped at his hair to alleviate the pressure. "Don't pretend like you didn't hear me faggot." His attacker hissed in his ear.

"Danny, please." He whimpered, the angle made it difficult for him to breathe.

The boy, Danny, threw his plaything to the ground and laughed as his favourite toy began to choke at being reunited with oxygen. The Canadian boy looked up from the ground wondering if anyone would help but found the previously busy corridor to be conveniently empty. Because that isn't suspicious. No one ever goes against the school bully anyway. Said tormentor then grabbed at the smaller blonde's clothes and pulled him to his feet.

"Do you know what I hate?" He whispered in the smaller boy's ear. "I hate dirty little queers, like you." Matthew could see his own bright violet eyes alight with fear behind half-framed glasses reflected in the dark brown irises of his attacker. When did I start shaking? The Canadian wondered as he felt himself tremble. On getting no response from his toy, Danny snarled and punched Matthew in the stomach and muttered the word "Disgusting," repeatedly as he left.

Matthew doubled over in pain and slid to the ground, a lone tear made its arduous journey down the Canadian's softly featured face. It crept out of blue, almost purple eyes and under his glasses and down over red cheeks tinted with pain where it continued until it dripped off his creators jaw where it proceeded to free-fall and land silently on the blonde's red maple-leaf hoodie where it was soon joined by many of its companions as the boy clutched his abdomen in pain, gasping slightly. A single word left his chapped lips,


Matthew stood at the front door to his house, still clutching his throbbing stomach. It was a nice house, white walls and 2 floors with an attic in a reasonably quiet neighbourhood. (Small white fences framing a green front gardens and the like) He had left school early as after his run-in with Danny he couldn't face double gym lessons so he just walked out of school. Not like anyone would notice anyway…

He felt in his pockets for the key to his home, his sanctuary…okay maybe exaggerating, but damn it there was pancake mix and maple syrup in there!

He groaned when he remembered that Alfred had "borrowed" (Forcibly removed) his key that morning as he had forgotten his and Matthew usually stayed after school for "Reading club". Which was a lie, such a club didn't even exist at their school but Danny usually found Matthew after school and walking home with bruises was hard work and slow-going. But as long as Alfred didn't find out about his tormentor he didn't feel so guilty about lying.

He had his reasons for not telling Alfred, mainly because his twin had his own problems with being helplessly in love with a boy who acted like he hated him (though everyone except Alfred knew the unapproachable punk felt the same way he did) and spent most of his time moping when he thought no one could see or hear him.

Back to his current predicament, Matthew tried to remember which rock they kept outside the front door was the fake one that held the spare key. He looked around and noticed that the house opposite his had finally been purchased. People were put off it because of its appearance, with a long front garden it stood tall and solitary. Like a house from one of those horror movies Al cries at after watching. Shaking his head of his thoughts, I need to stop day-dreaming… and certain no-one was watching, Matthew started turning over rocks (bending cautiously to avoid increasing his abdominal pain) until he found the one he was looking for with the open-able flap underneath. He let himself into the house he shared with his brother (his parents worked away from home somewhere in Europe, the brothers neither knew nor cared where exactly) and went into the kitchen to make himself pancakes which he drowned in maple syrup and ate on the living-room sofa in pensive thought.

"Why did it have to turn out like this?" He wondered aloud. His whole life had been lived where no one noticed him, and when he had begged for years that someone would, along came Danny who came into his life aged 14. A long-haired Cuban boy who Matthew had developed a crush on almost as soon as he saw him. At first they had been best friends, then, after Matthew had tried to kiss him everything changed. At first the Cuban had ignored the smaller blonde and then after he had become friends with the jocks in the school the bullying began. It started with names then just escalated to what it was today.

The blonde let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding and whispered "forever alone, eh?" before falling into a light sleep.

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