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Gilbert stood nervously beside his appointed lawyer. They had decided, in light of "recent evidence" to hold the trial in the U.S. because it would have been expensive and time consuming to send the German back to his own country. The whole trial had the air of something that everyone wanted to end quickly, especially considering the nature of the defence. The trial had been going somewhat in his favour until the incident on the roof had been brought up, now everyone was questioning Gilbert's sanity and photo after photo of Danny's broken jaw and damaged face was shown to the jury. Then the mysterious new evidence was brought forth.

Gilbert had nearly feinted when his lawyer had brought out the box of his diaries. He had no idea that anyone had even known where they were. He decided he would have to ask if anyone visited him in prison. He felt like he was going to be sick and despite the whispered commands of his lawyer, he couldn't stand still and kept shuffling his feet.

Finally everyone sat down and the judge began to speak. "Mr Samuels, if you could please hand me the verdict? I'll check that it's in order before I hand it to the court for publishing." A rather small police officer handed an unsealed envelope to the judge and he opened it carefully. Gilbert desperately tried to read the Judge's facial expression as he read the slip that would decide Gilbert's fate but to no avail. The judge put the paper back into the envelope, stating that it was in order.

Gilbert had requested to know of the verdict on the same day as the trial and everyone had agreed. They wanted to move on from the case as soon as possible as it was a case of their own moral feelings against the feelings of the law. Everyone stood and prepared to hear the verdict, Gilbert's nervous shaking had increased so it was noticeable and he could feel the blood had drained from his face. In that moment he wished he had called his brother, boyfriend and friends to be there for support, instead of choosing to face things alone.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt…"

Ludwig sat at the dining room table with Antonio and Francis. Matthew had barely left Gilbert's room since he had returned after Gilbert's arrest, the only exception being when he took a large box of what looked like books to the police station a few days ago. They were all feeling the strain from their friend's disappearance from their lives. There was no comic relief, no loud wake-up calls, no obnoxious laughter at ridiculous hours in the morning… no life in the place at all.

Everyone had been wandering around like zombies. It was as if Gilbert's disappearance put them all in some kind of strange trance. The Pizza delivery man knocking at the door brought Ludwig out of his dark thoughts. They had ordered food because no one had the motivation to cook; despite them all knowing that there was little chance of them eating it. The German pulled himself up from the table and slowly wandered to the door. He slowly opened it and dropped the money he had been holding in shock, the coins bounced lightly on impact and rolled in nearly every direction.

"…East?" His mouth hung open and he slowly reached out a hand, his eyes watered as he realised that his older brother's torso was in fact solid. Gilbert just stood awkwardly with a sheepish smile on his face.

"You gonna let me in Bruder?" He said, attempting to diffuse the awkwardness.

"They let you off?" Ludwig spoke quietly and Gilbert shrugged.

"Kind-of. I have to attend some lame anger management thing for a couple of weeks, starting day after tomorrow. And my behaviour is under close watch for a while, but yes. Apparently I was too young to know what I was doing, as well as it being defence. They realised it had been necessary." Gilbert explained and Ludwig just nodded, still stunned. He hadn't expected for it to be over so soon, nor was he entirely confident that Gilbert would get off as lightly as he did. Seeing Ludwig wasn't moving any time soon, Gilbert decided to initiate the reunion joy by moving forward and hugging his younger (although taller) brother. Ludwig reacted almost immediately, wrapping his arms around Gilbert's shoulders tightly and burying his face in his brothers silvery hair. Gilbert could have sworn he felt a small kiss on the top of his head, but he didn't say anything.

"Bruder let me in the house. It's cold." Gilbert said after a while and Ludwig let out a small laugh. The ruby-eyed man took a few steps into the house and motioned for Ludwig to be quiet before heading into the dining room. He saw Francis and Antonio sat lacklustre at the wooden table and couldn't help a smirk.

"Kesesese look at you two!" The two heads snapped up, wide eyed. "This is what happens when I'm gone, you guys just can't function without my awesomeness!" He said with his usual grin and his two friends stared, dumbfounded. They then looked to Ludwig who stood in the doorway with a surprised smile on his face. Antonio was the first of the two to react. He leapt out of his chair and sprinted towards Gilbert as fast as he could. Gilbert even took a few nervous steps back but it was no use and he soon found himself lying on his back, a sobbing Spaniard lying him and kissing his cheeks.

Gilbert laughed at the Spaniard, he was like a puppy. He looked up at Francis who was smirking down at him with tears in his eyes. "Toni, Toni stop! Toni your saliva is coating me! I smell like tomatoes, get off me!" Gilbert laughed and eventually Antonio climbed off of the German. Francis held his hand out for Gilbert and pulled him off the ground.

When Gilbert was standing the French man wrapped his arms around Gilbert's waist, whispering, "Welcome home mon ami." Into his ear and grabbing his ass. Gilbert laughed again; he had really missed being at home, and looked around.

"Hey guys, where's birdie?" He asked, feeling a little disappointed when he realised he wasn't there.

"He's probably in your room, he might be asleep." Ludwig said and Gilbert nodded.

"Well I'm sure I can find something that'll wake him up…it has been a while, after all…" He said with a wink to which Francis laughed and Ludwig cringed. Antonio just stood obliviously.

"I don't get it. What's he going to do? Been a while since what?" He asked Francis and the Frenchman leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"He's going to put his what, where? Francis, I don't get your food metaphors." The Spanish man said obliviously and Gilbert headed downstairs to his bedroom, shaking his head in disbelief.

"He's nearly an adult! God help that Italian kid." Gilbert muttered to himself as he made his way down.

He reached the bottom of the stairs and slowly opened the door. His room was dark but he could still make out the softly breathing figure under the covers his bed. He walked over to it and pulled back the duvet so he could slip under as well. He didn't want to wake Matthew yet, he had missed just lying in bed holding him while the Canadian slept, so that's what he did. He wrapped an arm around the blonde's waist and they lay together, warm and close. Matthew was so soft, like the soft toy he held in his own hands. Gilbert smirked, he found Kumajirou an endearing part of Matthew's personality, even if the bear sometimes made him a little…jealous.

Gilbert sighed into Matthew's hair, a delirious smile on his face. He felt happy, his Canadian smelt like maple syrup and the strawberry shampoo he used. He stroked Matthew's hair softly, and then played with the long curly strand at the front. Not noticing how the Canadian's breathing sped up when he did. He did notice, however, when he ran the strand between his finger and thumb and Matthew groaned lightly in his sleep. Gilbert stared amused shock and repeated the action, to which Matthew groaned a little louder.

Well, this is interesting… Gilbert thought with a smirk, rubbing the curl a little harder.

"…Gil…" Matthew moaned, his face flushed. At first Gilbert had thought that the Canadian had woken up, but Matthews eyes remained closed. When he was sure, he leaned over and licked along as much of the curl as he could reach and he felt Matthew shudder. "Gil….hnng." Okay, this is too much fun. Gilbert thought and he licked again before leaning further and sucking on the curl. "Gilbert!" Matthew gasped, opening his eyes. He looked around then spotted the East-German staring at him in awe.

"…Gil?" Matthew asked nervously.

"Hallo birdie." Gilbert said with a wink and Matthew began gaping like a fish.

"Wha…you…what? You're out." Gilbert nodded and leaned forward, kissing Matthew softly on the lips.

"I've missed doing that." Gilbert said, smirking against Matthew's lips. Matthew hummed in agreement and began to kiss back, and then he pulled back and glared at Gilbert.

"You lied to me." Matthew said simply but his eyes were filled with hurt.

"I did…kindof. I just, didn't tell you-"

"And you left me alone." Matthew interrupted Gilbert's rambling.

"I was arrested! It's not like I wanted-"

"And you keep weird porn under your bed." Matthew interrupted once more, this time with a smirk and Gilbert looked shocked, then embarrassed, then triumphant, and then mortified.

"You…you read my journals." Gilbert said in horror.

"And you touched my curl." Matthew responded, climbing over Gilbert and pushing him so he was lying down on the bed. "A lot." Matthew added with a glare and Gilbert grinned, memories of his journals forgotten as he felt something poking him in the stomach.

"What are you going to do about it?" Gilbert challenged with a wink and Matthew kissed Gilbert hard on the lips. Gilbert responded and the two began kissing frantically, tongues battling for dominance which Matthew eventually let Gilbert have. Gilbert ran his hands over his boyfriend's body and pulled Matthew's hoodie over his head, breaking the kiss. Matthew responded by removing Gilbert's t shirt and moving to kiss his ear. While Matthew was sucking on his earlobe, Gilbert ran his hands over the soft skin under the top Matthew wore under the hoodie. He ran his hands over Matthew's chest and pinched at one of his nipples. The sensation caused Matthew to gasp, releasing Gilbert's ear. Gilbert used this opportunity to pull Matthew's top over his head and he threw it away, not caring where it landed. The two began kissing fiercely once more, the sensation of skin-on-skin as their chests brushed against each other was scorching.

Soon this wasn't enough for Gilbert and he moved a hand down to rub at the bulge in Matthew's trousers. Matthew groaned lightly at the contact and Gilbert undid the trousers, sliding them down and off Matthew's long, soft legs. He moved back up to kiss Matthew and his hand began rubbing at the Canadian's length through his boxers. Matthew moaned softly into the kiss and nipped at Gilbert's bottom lip. Gilbert got the message and slid his hand down the front of Matthew's underwear. He ran his hands along Matthew's member a couple of times, stopping to play with the head, then he pulled his hand out to reach for the lube beside the bed. He pulled the bottle up to find it half empty, it had been a full bottle before he was arrested. He looked at Matthew, eyebrows raised. He was impressed, "What have you been doing birdie?" He said, his voice filled with aroused humour. Matthew just shrugged with an innocent expression.

To distract Gilbert, Matthew undid the silver-haired man's trousers and slid them down to his ankles where Gilbert kicked them off. The Canadian then kissed Gilbert's neck, then moved down his chest and abdomen until his nose brushed against the other's underwear. He then slid down Gilbert's boxers and stared at Gilbert's member, not really sure where to begin.

"Birdie you don't have to-" Gilbert's speech was cut off as a loud moan tore from his throat as Matthew sucked firmly on the head of Gilbert's erect cock. He then licked from base to tip and back again, earning another moan from the German. Then, Matthew started taking as much of Gilbert's length into his mouth as he could, using his hands to stroke the rest. Gilbert struggled to stop himself thrusting when Matthew began to suck and he gripped the headboard behind him and his knuckles went white.

Matthew started bobbing his head up and down and pleasure burnt at Gilbert from the inside. "Birdie…fuck Birdie. Ich liebe dich… ach, stop birdie, bitte or I'm gonna …" Matthew got the message, releasing Gilbert's member with a 'pop'. He brought himself up to eye level with the German and Gilbert began to kiss him slowly while his hands undid the cap on the lube. He squirted a generous amount onto his fingers and pulled off Matthew's boxers with the unlubed hand before reaching round to probe at the Canadian's entrance. Matthew wrapped his arms round Gilbert's neck and nuzzled the side of his face by his ear. It wasn't painful but the feeling was strange. It stung when Gilbert added the second finger and Matthew hugged him tighter, taking deep breaths. When the third finger was added, Matthew hissed and Gilbert leant back to kiss Matthew's cheek. When Matthew looked more relaxed, Gilbert started to thrust his fingers in and out of the man, trying to find his sweet spot. He knew when he'd found it because Matthew cried out something in French.

"I never knew French could be such a turn on." Gilbert groaned huskily, pulling his fingers and grabbing the small bottle of lubricant. He went to squirt some on his hands but Matthew took the bottle from him.

"I want to put it on you." Matthew whispered and a deep blush covered his cheeks. He squirted the lube onto his palms and rubbed it to warm it up. When he deemed it warm enough, he reached forward and rubbed it onto Gilbert's cock. Gilbert groaned at the sensation, his head tilting back a little. When it was sufficiently covered, Matthew lay back on the bed, pulling Gilbert over him. The German aligned his member with Matthew's entrance and slowly pushed inside.

Matthew hissed at the initial pain and when Gilbert was fully inside, he breathed deeply to calm himself down. "B-Bouger." Matthew muttered eventually and when he saw that Gilbert didn't understand, he shifted his hips to grind against the Germans.

Gilbert realised and slowly began thrusting, sweat dripping down his chest and abdomen as the pace began to increase and pleasure rippled between them. The both knew they wouldn't last long because of how long it had been since they were together and it was evidenced by the shameless moans that fell from both pairs of parted lips.

"Gil…jeûneur…fa-faster." Matthew panted out and Gilbert complied, Matthew's head tilted to the side and he started gasping Gilbert's name with every breath. A feeling of warmth built up in the pit of Matthew's stomach and before he could say anything, he reached his peak and came over his and Gilbert's chest. After a few more thrusts, Gilbert followed.

Gilbert pulled out and collapsed next to Matthew in exhaustion. They both lay beside each other, trying to catch their breath.

"Ich liebe dich birdie." Gilbert managed to say through breathless pants. Matthew grinned tiredly, his chest rising and falling rapidly with his own attempts to breathe.

"Ich…liebe…dich…auch." He replied with a wink and Gilbert stared dumbfounded.

"You said it right, you learnt German?" He said in surprise.

"Ja, a little." Matthew said with a small giggle. "I asked Ludwig to teach me some." Gilbert laughed and shuffled closer to Matthew and the Canadian snuggled against him, burying himself against the German's chest.

"What, down here?" Matthew stirred slightly as he heard footsteps coming towards him.

"Alfred, I wouldn't go down there if I were you!" Yelled a French voice. Francis? He thought, his mind hazy with sleep.

"Mattie! You'll never guess wha-ARGH! MY EYES!" Screamed the American, turning around to face away and Matthew suddenly remembered he and Gilbert had fallen asleep together, naked. "NOT COOL BRO!" Alfred screamed and suddenly more footsteps were heard.

"Is everyone okay-oh! Onhonhon." A smug French accent laughed and Matthew nearly died of embarrassment, trying to wrestle the duvet from under himself and the still sleeping Gilbert while at the same time trying to cover himself with it.

"Hey, what's going on down here guys?" Called out a Spanish accent and then there were more footsteps. "Woah! Hey you were right Francis! Gilbert and Matthew had sex, just like you said!" Called out his overly happy voice. Matthew was still unable to cover himself properly and just about managed to cover his arse with a small part of the duvet.

"What is going on down there?" Called out a stern German accent and Matthew thought his face was going to melt. He attempted to both hide in Gilbert's chest and cover himself but both were failing. "What the- Bruder! Cover yourself!" That worked in waking Gilbert and the silver haired man sat up in alarm.

"What's going on? Why are you all in my bedroom?" He asked, not caring that everyone could now see his nether regions.

"Alfred, what is taking you so bloody long? Did you ask him yet?" Called out a British accent then Arthur entered the room. "What is everyone staring a-oh. Why is everyone staring at Matthew's arse?" He asked and Gilbert growled.

"Oi! Only I'm allowed to stare at Birdie's arse!" Matthew had tears of embarrassment running down his cheeks now.

"Gilbert, get off the covers." Matthew muttered dangerously and Gilbert jumped up, everyone except Francis turning away in embarrassment, and pulled the covers so they were on top of Matthew before climbing under them beside him. Pretending not to notice the death glare the Canadian was sending him. "This awesome body is covered now, sorry guys!" He called out and everyone let out a sigh of relief (except Francis).

Matthew looked to Alfred who had slowly turned to face him again. "What is it you wanted to tell me?" He asked quietly, not making eye-contact.

Suddenly remembering why he was there in the first place, Alfred grabbed Arthur's hand and looked to his brother. "Mattie, how do you feel…about being my best man?"

Matthew stared Alfred, confused. "Best man?" He asked and Alfred nodded, holding out his and Arthur's hands.

"I'm going to be Mr grumpy British guy!" He proclaimed proudly and Matthew looked to an embarrassed Arthur.

"Yes, sadly it's true. The bloody git asked me last night, it was a damn shock to me too." Arthur said with a small smile. Matthew stared between them and a grin spread on his face.

"Yeah, sure I'll be your best man, eh." He grinned and Alfred fist-pumped the air, bending down and grabbing Matthew in a tight hug, then pulling back quickly and turning away in horror.

"Dude! Put some clothes on!" He yelled and everyone laughed…except Matthew who hid under the covers completely, yelling "Get out!" to everyone.

Why? …Just…just why?

And that is that.


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