Why does it always storm when we come here?

Haruhi Fujioka hugged her pillow so tightly that the pillowcase was coming off, leaving the white pillow stained with her frightened tears. She'd drawn the thick drapes on the unimaginably large window, but the bright, white lightning still flashed its frightening flash into the gigantic guest room. She was never getting any sleep tonight-of this she was certain. Why did she agree to come here?

It had been Tamaki-senpai's idea. After the Ouran fair he had wanted the entire host club to spend the weekend together as a family. Considering they had almost lost him to the cunning Eclair, the host club members readily agreed. The group hadn't even thought about checking the weather forecast. It had rained the entire first day they'd spent at Kyouya's family's beach house and it wasn't letting up yet.

The creaking of the door opening wasn't noticeable with the booming thunder, but the hallway light peering in from the doorway was. Quietly, the silouette of a tall, young man stepped inside. The door soon shut behind him. Tamaki-senpai?

Haruhi was surprised to see a very disheveled, very sleepy Kyouya-senpai instead. She'd expected Tamaki to come to her room, but not Kyouya. Tamaki often would hover over her, which was annoying but also illustrated how big his heart really was. Kyouya...not so much. "Kyouya-senpai?" She voiced hesitantly.

"I thought you'd still be awake." He said very simply, very sleepily, very matteroffactly. Kyouya would then turn back the covers on the empty side of the bed and lie down upon the empty space. The weight upon the bed and the heat of his body was readily apparent. Haruhi was too startled with this action to even respond. She said nothing, and Kyouya gave no explanation of his actions. That was one of the more irritating things about Kyouya Ootori-his unwillingness to share information unless it served his purpose to do so. To others it made him appear calculating and mysterious. To Haruhi it made him just a gigantic pain in the ass.

The thunder clapped again and Haruhi sucked in a breath. She didn't even know that she'd been shuddering until she felt two long, warm arms engulf her from behind. One fit at her waist and the other across her unremarkable chest like a cocoon. She was then pulled up against Kyouya's hard, strong form.

Then she stopped shuddering.

"You are not alone tonight, Haruhi. You can sleep." Kyouya's voice was deep, caring, and groggy from sleepiness. The lightning flashed again and Haruhi gave up her death grip on the helpless pillow in favor of Kyouya's arm around her.

She could finally speak. "I don't want to keep you awake, Senpai."

"You won't." Kyouya assured her. "I sleep like the dead."

Finally then, with the rain drumming on the window, Haruhi could finally sleep.