Haruhi was at home doing dishes when she heard the door. She opened it to find Tamaki there. Her cheeks reddened as she looked up at him. "Tamaki...I really don't want to talk to you right now, if that is okay..."

"You can't just let Kyouya walk away. That isn't what you want. That isn't what he wants. "

"That's a strange greeting, Senpai." Tamaki then opened the door wider and stepped inside. Haruhi grumbled as he walked past her. "Sure, come in. Sit wherever you like. We have commoner's chairs." She muttered.

"I want to know everything, Haruhi, from when your fathers arranged your marriage on."

"Why?" Haruhi asked quizzically. After all, wasn't this the guy who just kissed her and then grinned like an idiot before he ran off?

"So that I can get you back together, of course."

Haruhi slapped her hand to her face. She was sure that Tamaki was delusional. "There is no getting back together because we never really were together. Besides, he declined the arrangement anyway so you are a little late."

"No, I don't think I am. Please, Haruhi, tell me."

It was the pleading and concerned look upon his face that made Haruhi tell him everything from Kyouya's calculating plan to the dinners and even the kiss as they both sat upon the Fujioka couch. She found herself spilling everything to Tamaki, and it felt good. She couldn't tell anyone before. She couldn't talk to anyone, not even her father, but now there was Tamaki helping her through a break up that shouldn't have mattered but somehow very much did. Tamaki held her hand through all of it, and through Haruhi's story had a better understanding still.

"Then you guys started arguing and you know the rest." Haruhi concluded.

"Hmmmm..." Tamaki leaned back. "Tell me, Haruhi, does Kyouya do anything without an ulterior motive?"

"No. He's evil." Haruhi joked. "Everything he does he has to get something out of it." Haruhi herself knew that it wasn't entirely true, as did Tamaki.

"So if your marriage would only be for show, like you say, did Kyouya really need to take you out on any dates or anywhere at all?" Tamaki stood up then and paced the room.

"No, that's what is so confusing. At first I thought it was to appease his family, so save face, but then when he said he didn't care what they thought, and we didn't even talk to them, I was completely thrown off."

"So he honestly didn't have to do anything."

"No, he didn't." She looked up at Tamaki as if silently asking him to get to the point.

"Why would he put forth the effort to act like a couple, to attempt a courtship if he was just planning on getting an annullment anyway as you said?" Tamaki was clearly trying to get her to think about it, and it was irritating her that he didn't just come right out and say what he was getting at. "That is strange. He'd get nothing from it, if he was just going to toss you aside once your use was over."

"You are making him sound worse than he actually is."

"Haruhi, what did he say to you exactly again when he spoke of an annullment?" Tamaki turned to her, pointing in her direction.

"He said later, after an appropriate amount of time had passed you could seek an annullment."

"Who could seek and annullment?"

"You...er...me. That I could seek an annullment." Her eyes widened as it suddenly hit Haruhi what Tamaki was trying to tell her. "He never had any intention of seeking an annullment, but he gave me the choice."

"And you took it to mean that he didn't want you."

Haruhi put her face in her hands. "I did."

"Then he took you out, spent time with you, manipulating your decision in favor of you saying yes instead of no."

"Oh my god, he did! He's such a bastard!" Haruhi exclaimed, but found herself beginning to smile.

He put his hands in his pockets then and smiled. "Haruhi, no man wants a woman to be with him because she feels forced to. He wants her to want to be with him."

Haruhi then quickly rose from her chair and hugged Tamaki tightly. "Thank you, Tamaki-Senpai. I just assumed that Kyouya-senpai didn't have any feelings for me. After all, he never gave me any indication in the least."

"Yeah, he's good at that."

"Thank you for coming here, Tamaki-Senpai. There's no way I could have understood if you hadn't come here to beat me over the head with it."

"Your welcome, Haruhi." He said warmly. "Now, we have to get you to Music Room #3."

Kyouya arrived at Music Room #3 at precisely 6pm. He had grumbled the entire car ride there about why on earth he was listening to Tamaki again. He stared at the double doors, almost dreading what was behind them. When he did open them, the bright light shone into the dark hallway. Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori, and Honey stood in the middle of the room smiling. Tamaki stood a few steps ahead, in the middle of the group. He was holding a red rose out to Kyouya.

Kyouya stepped silently in the room and faced Tamaki.

"Kyouya Ootori, may I present to you your bride!"

The group of men stepped aside and Haruhi was there in her uniform, smiling. She was holding in her hands a document. She stepped out and past Tamaki to Kyouya. With a smile she held it out to him.

"What is this?" Kyouya asked as he lifted it from her hands.

"I think you will find this contract thorough and well written." She teased him with a wink.

"Now, Mr. Ootori." Tamaki gave them a graceful bow. "I think you should seal the deal with a kiss."

Kyouya held the document in one hand and pulled Haruhi to him with the other. Smiling, Haruhi wrapped her arms around his neck, rising up to meet his kiss.

"I will recognize this engagement upon two conditions!" Tamaki announced, still holding the rose.

"Do I even want to know what they are?" Kyouya commented after the kiss ended.

"First, The engagement party will be at the Host Club."

"Is that a good idea?" Asked Haruhi.

"It's doable." Kyouya crossed his arms and pushed his glasses up his nose. "There will be no alcoholic beverages, and the guests will assume it is just cosplay. I will need some time to balance the budget and make arrangements."

"Second, I have to be the best man." Tamaki held out his hand to his best friend.

"Kyouya arched a brow, but then broke into a smile. "I find your conditions to be reasonably fair." He then shook Tamaki's hand.

Later, a contract appeared upon the desk of Yoshio Ootori. He had almost looked past it, except that he knew it had not been there when he'd been at his desk that afternoon. He opened it to find a new contract, much like the one he'd presented to his son. At the bottom, however, was what truly caught his eye.

Haruhi Fujioka consents to marry Kyouya Ootori.

signed... The Host Club.