Crossing Paths

Marty entered Pine Valley hoping that this place could help her find herself again. She had left John Mcbain after she had found him in bed with Natalie. She thought that she could start over in Llanview, but everywhere she went she was reminded of the life that she had shared with John, so she packed up her bags and left.

Pine Valley seemed like the perfect town to rediscover herself. It was far away from the pain that Llanview had to offer, but still close enough that Cole, Hope, and Starr could come to visit her.

Bianca was hell bent on leaving Pine Valley. Her mother would never change. She thought that her mom had accepted the fact that she was a lesbian, but she hadn't…not really. After Bianca had broken up with Reese, Erica, had decided that no woman would be good enough for her little girl and she set out to convince Bianca to give men a try. Bianca felt like a fool when a man showed up on her doorstep expecting to have a date. She didn't know where she was going, but she had to leave. She had to figure out how to overcome her breakup with Reese without her mother's intrusion into her life.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and prepared to cross the intersection when she hit a patch of black ice and spiraled out of control.