Sorry it took me a looooooong time to put this up. I just started college and am totally swamped. I'll try to update as soon as I can. Catching Fire comes out in 4 months. Can't wait! Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Peeta looks at me.

The sweet juice from the berries fills my mouth.

"Wait! We have two winners for the 74th annual Hunger Games: Katniss Everdean and Peeta Mellarkā€¦" a voice whispers in the background.

My vision begins to fade and the last thing I see is Peeta next to me, his limp body leaning on mine.


How could this be happrning?! Katniss is dying.

I storm outside and scream into the sky, unaware of the angry crowd beginning to gather in the town square.

"There will be no victors this year, we are sorry again for the distress," President Snow announces on televisions across Panem.

People begin to yell and throw rocks at the large screen TVs.

I run into the woods, not stopping to look back. Night begins to fall when I finally slow down.

I find a small, abandoned shack and enter. The old, musty smell makes me sneeze as I examine the room: a stove and empty water bucket are about the only things on the floor. I search around for a bed and find a couple of blankets in the tiny closet that I can use. After settling in, I step outside.

As the stars come out, and the temperature was far below freezing, I collected some wood from any downed tree I managed to find.

Minutes later I am inside the house, with an armful of sticks and branches.

As I kindle the fire, all I can think about is Katniss-her face pale, mouth blue from the berries, head resting against Peeta's chest.

My hands finally begin to warm up despite my cold heart and frozen mind.


I try to hold on, my mind wandering out of reach.

His eyes roll back, clouding over.

"No Peeta! Stay with me, please," I cry, tears streaming down my face.

He grasps my hand.

"Find out who poison-" Peeta starts, eyes locked on mine.

His breaths become shallower with each passing second. I hold his head in my hands as strange, distant noises echo in my mind.

"Help, someone help!" I yell as blobs of white rush here and there.

I close my eyes, praying someone is helping Peeta.

"Katniss, Katniss? You awake?" a faraway voice calls.

I open my eyes.

"Prim," I whisper. "Why are you here?"

"You're home now, everything's alright, we're safe," she tells me, kissing my forehead.


I throw the sheets aside and stand up. Pain shoots through my right knee, and I fall to the floor.

"Katniss! Are you okay?" she asks, rushing over to help me.

I nod through clenched teeth.

"Let me help you up."

Once Prim has me standing on two feet, leaning against her for support, I ask her the question that's been bugging me for minutes.

"Is Peeta-"

"I'm sorry, he's still in the Capitol's hospital. He's been in a coma ever since you two were rescued five weeks ago. You probably don't remember much, all you could do is eat and sleep," Prim explains.

My heart drops to my feet. Peeta is far away, dying in the hands of the Capitol's doctors.

"Well, why am I not as sick as him? I mean, I had way more berries," I ask Prim as tears blur my vision.

"There weren't enough doctors to work on both of you so they decided to save you first."

"Peeta took the fall," I whisper to myself.

"What?" Prim asks, a confused expression plastered to her face.

"Right before Peeta blacked out he told me to find out who poisoned him, I didn't think much of it then, but now that I think about it, maybe he knew someone had poisoned him and he wanted me to find out who it was if he die-"

Prim nodded, understanding my pain. "I did find one thing unusual. The tributes who died before you two, were brought into a lab. I guess they were checking to see if they were really dead, in case you and Peeta didn't make it. So far, no news on them but I'm thinking they brought one back. I only know this because I overheard a couple of doctors talking when I went to pick you up."

"Yes, they resurrected them so they could have a real victor if all went wrong. I need to go to the Capitol and see who the living tribute is."

"You can't go alone, I'll come with you," Prim begs, tugging on my arm sleeve.

"No, it's far too dangerous and besides, mother will want you to be here with her," I tell her, tucking in her duck tail to her gray trousers.