Dear readers, first a little introduction.

I have a new favorite, and he isn't in deadliest catch. ( I know, hiding face in shame.) But I would like to write a story that has him on one of the boats. So this story is going to be a crossover between Leverage and Deadliest catch.

My new favorite is Eliot Spencer, played by Christian Kane. In my very personal opinion the guy is gorgeous, and he can sing. (check out his cover of fast car by tracy chapman on you tube, its amazing.)

Further this story is going to be a bit darker then my normal stories. And I am going to address some of the things in Deadliest catch that I don't like anymore. And while it might seem that I am captain bashing or camera crew bashing or even discovery channel hot shot bashing. That isn't my intention, or not totally. So please don't start flaming me over it before the story is out.

There will be quite a bit of humor in it, I am physically unable to write without some tongue in cheek it seems.

Disclaimer, Don't own Leverage, or Deadliest catch.

Chapter one.

It is to dark to see what is going on, but the sounds are unmistakable. The grunts, growls and sometimes whimpers. The sound of flesh hitting flesh and the crunch of bones breaking followed by a muffled scream.

After about ten minutes one of the fighters makes his way out of the dead ended alley limping and looking for support with his left hand against the dirty wall and dumpsters. His right hand is holding his side, a dark stain slowly spreading underneath it.

The dark haired man makes his way to one of the few still functioning phone booths and dails a number that he knows by heart. After a few rings the call is connected to voicemail. The fighter lets out a sigh he didn't know he was holding, thanking his lucky star for small favors. This way he can say what he wants and get out.

"I'm off, don't look for me. Take care of the others. And if you need a new hitter, Quinn is a good guy, he'll learn."

Letting the receiver drop Eliot stumbles his way out of the phone booth and makes his way to his nearest save house. He knew it would happen this way. one day his enemies would catch up with him. looks like this was that day, and to keep his team, his friends, his almost family safe he had to get the hell out of Dodge, or Boston.

Patching himself up as good as he can with only one really functional hand is hard. But he's been in tighter spots. So after half an hour he is ready to go. Ticket in hand, fake passport even though he is staying in the States, and a duffle that is almost too heavy to carry in his current condition. But by the time he gets where he is going it should be fine.

A few busted ribs, five stitches in his left side, a slight concussion and a sprained right wrist isn't too bad. Not considering who he just had to fight off.

So within an hour and a half Eliot Spenser no longer exists and Eliot Macintosh is boarding a plane to Anchorage Alaska, to start a new live somewhere in the wilds of Alaska.

"What was so important that I needed to cancel my hairdressers appointment? Nate, tell me. What? We just finished a job and you said yourself we could have a week off."

The last bit was in a definitely whiny voice, and the dark haired woman could whine with the best of them. And normally it had the desired effect on Nate. But not this time.

"Are you drunk, already?" Was her next question, knowing the answer before she ever asked.

"Yes I am, I have to be. And you will want to be too before this is over." Is all the answer the masterbrain gives before seeking solace in the bottom of his glass again.

Last one in is Parker, very boring thru the door this time, but she didn't us the key all of them have. She insists on doing it her own way, and that is nearly as fast as with a key.

"What's up, and where is Eliot?" she asks, and looking around for her friend the hitter, while plopping down on the couch in front of the six's big screens on the wall where Hardison is already waiting to get started.

After drowning the last amber drops from his glass and getting a refill Nate lets go a big sigh and gestures to the dark man with the remote in his hand. "Okay Hardison, run it."

Hardison pushes his remote and Eliot's voice is played in the room.

"I'm off, don't look for me. Take care of the others. And if you need a new hitter, Quinn is a good guy, he'll learn."

Sophie lets go of a shriek of shock and tears threaten, Parker looks as if somebody punched her in the guts, but she keeps her mouth shut. But anybody knowing her knows that her brains are going a million miles an hour coming up with plans to find and get her, their retrieval specialist.

So while Parker works in silence Sophie has to say it out loud.

"We are going to look for him and get him back, right? RIGHT?" the last Right everything but a question while staring at Nate who is now drinking straight from the bottle.

It is Hardison who replies.

"Of course we are, but we first have to know why he went 'off' as he put it. And I think I do."

Soon a whole bunch of pictures are displayed on the screens. Maps of half a dozen countries all over the world.

"These countries or powerful people in it all have a price on Eliot's head. The highest is from Myanmar. And that is also my main contestant. Why you ask?"

Nobody said anything but Hardison likes putting on a show.

"Myanmar wins because last night four 'gardeners' working for the Myanmar consulate got injured while trimming bushes here in Boston. Now I don't have to tell you that the Myanmar consulate isn't exactly around the corner of one of Eliot's safe houses or even in the Boston area. And if these guys where gardeners they had a very distinctive stance. Trust me on this one. These guys were not out there to work on greenery. The down side is that since Myanmar is being rebranded as a growth economy and liberal democracy entering the twenty first century under the rule of the rightfully elected president Thein Sein there is little the US government can do. The four gardeners have diplomatic immunity."

During the rebranding remark both Parker and Hardison threw a cold glare at their grafter.

"I don't have anything to do with rebranding Myanmar, I only told that presidents brother that to get in. Honest." Well if Sophie finds it necessary to go on the defensive than there really is something wrong. "And if I did it would have been a much better disguised election fraud. I would have thought up a better new name for the place, because really? The Republic of the Union of Myanmar so not catchy. Not the mention I would have milked that Aung San Suu Kyi thing much more."

Rolling his eyes Nate turns back to the screens. "Yeah, Okay, letting that one slide. We can't go steal Myanmar, even if the UN would thank us for it. Because to steal or liberate a country we need Eliot." Nate jumps in.

Putting the by now empty bottle down he goes for his plan. " Parker, check up on all of Eliot's places, there should be about four of them and find out what he took and where he went."

Parker is already on her way to the window but everybody hears her mutterings. "Seven, he as seven save houses in town, and two just outside. So I have to check nine houses. Sure Parker can do that. Never mind that Eliot is about as paranoid as I am." The rest of her mutterings are gone since she isn't wearing her earwig. Again.

"Hardison as soon as Parker has an identity get on it and find out where he is." Only Hardison is already at his computer checking on all of his know aliases of Eliot, even if he knows that all of them still have a few he doesn't know anything about. Especially Eliot who is the most lone wolf of all of them. But hey if anything iffy starts happening he will know where to look.

"Sophie find out everything you can about these gardeners. Hardison give her something to work with."

Without even looking up Hardison hold out a fresh printed page. "Here Sophie, I have doctored enough medical reports after somebody ran into Eliot to know what to look for."

After grabbing the piece of paper and thanking Hardison for his trouble Sophie stalks up to, and into Nate's personal bubble.

"And what will you be doing? Beside getting even more plastered that is?"

"I think and make the plan. But I can't do that without information. So go get it." Is Nate's snarky answer while looking thru his kitchen cabinets looking for more booze but only finding a week supply of gummy frogs, orange soda, cereal, fortune cookies and health food.

His kitchen really has been taken over by his team, and now his team is incomplete and that is tearing him apart. The only way he knows to numb the pain until he can start planning a rescue is by drowning it in whisky.

Sleeping on a plane while traveling coach isn't the best way to spend five hours. Sleeping on a plane while nursing some cracked ribs, a relocated habitually dislocating shoulder, a mild concussion, five stitches and a sprained wrist is even worse. Sleeping on a plane traveling coach with a rather overweight neighbor who keeps making her way into your space is terrible even when not injured. Trying to sleep on a plane with a kid in the seat behind you trying to dislodge you're kidney stones is nearly impossible without proper painkillers. So waking up when the plane started its descent into Seattle was like waking up to his favorite nightmare. The only saving grace is that the fat lady is in the toilet for a bit, if she had been leaning into Eliot when he woke up she might have been injured as well. And trying to disappear only to have an incident on your plane isn't a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

Using the time and space that he now has to stretch a bit Eliot makes himself as comfortable as he can, growling at the kid behind him when the kids mother isn't looking seems to have worked. Lowering the armrest again and planning on keeping it down this time so he won't be confronted with his neighbors fat rolls again. Feeling his chair move around he turns to face the oversized woman and gives her his best growl, hoping it works as well as with the kid behind him.

Waiting to be the last to leave the plane gives him some elbow room getting out. And he has two hours to waste anyway before he can get on his plane to Anchorage. Strolling around the terminal he gets himself some more painkillers, a bottle of water, a map and a guidebook about Alaska. Seems Hardison does have some use because normally all that information is provided by the teams resident geek.

No he isn't going to be thinking about his team. Not his team anymore. But when his brain keeps coming up with memories of Parker being her own brand of crazy, jumping of buildings into his arms without warning. Alex going on about geek power and his latest doodah that somehow ends up saving all their lives. The one time he made the mistake to accompany Sophie during one of her shopping expeditions and he ended up carrying all the bags and being coerced into a facial mani and pedi, he will never ever admit it even under torture, but he liked all the attention. And even Nate when he isn't too drunk to forget that others have feelings as well, with his weird plans and crazy hat collection. After kicking himself mentally for almost twenty minutes trying to stop the memories Eliot gives up and mopes around missing his team for the remaining time. Once he is in the air he will be starting his lone wolf routine again and adjust to thinking about nobody but number one, himself. Now he just gives in and misses his four almost family members, the only people who he trusts with his live. And who trust him with theirs, and that's why he has to leave without a trace, to keep them safe. Or at least safer then when he is around.

The plane ride to Anchorage is uneventful, no kidney kicking kids or fat ladies this time round but a bunch of guys who wouldn't seem out of place at a Hitter convention, if there ever was one. Plenty of muscle, tattoo's and scars. Seems going to Alaska to disappear is going to work, he wouldn't stand out over there. Or if he did it would be because he is to civilized. The guy sitting next to him seems nice enough, a honest man if Eliot ever saw one. Used to being in command but looking for something, and all of a sudden Sophie is back in his head, instructing him on how to recognize a mark and start a con without too much work ahead. For an easy cover look for a honest person who is looking for something. Then make sure you can provide what that person is looking for, get him or her attached and stick like glue. Instant cover because whoever is looking for you is looking for a lone wolf trying not to stick out. Not for two people, with one clearly honest.

After staring at Eliot for a bit and taking in the scars and bruises, and a few not so subtle hints that a conversation would be welcome the guy strikes up the conversation.

"Hey, I am Eric Nyhammer, have you done any fishing in your live?"

They shake hands and Eliot has trouble drowning out the Parker voice in his head asking if it is Eric with a C or with a K, because Erik with a K is evil. Or the other way round. So he just smiles and gives as honest an answer as he can, deciding for himself to just never ask Eric if his name is with a C or a K.

"Eliot Macintosh, and what kind of fishing are we talking about?"

Eric gives a small smile. "Crabbing actually, King crab on the Beringsea. I run a boat, and need an extra pair of hands."

"I once saw a program about that, seems brutal, so sounds like fun."Is all Eliot has to say.

"Great, stick with me when we reach Anchorage and you'll be in Dutch and getting ready to go fishing within a week. Welcome aboard Eliot."

And with that the deal is done. Seems like Eliot has found a place to lay low.

They talk for about half an hour about what the job really is instead of the hype the show is. When Eliot finally gives in to his headache again and goes back to sleep. His new boss following the good example within minutes. Seems like there are more similarities between fishermen and fighters than an abundance of scars, or a high pain threshold, like the art of sleeping where ever and whenever you have a chance. And waking up at the least sign of danger or change. Because by the time the plane starts to decent pretty much everybody is awake and getting ready move before the lights go on and the captain announces the start of the decent. The subtle change of engine roar was enough to wake up everybody, Eliot wasn't even the only one with a bit of a violent reaction. Luckily no bones broken just a few curses and "Hey man watch it." Or the more common "What the F***."

Strangely enough the disembarking is extraordinary organized, no shuffling or pushing. Everybody staying seated until the buckle up sign is turned off and the stairs are in place. Then everybody is slowly but in order taking their carry on luggage from the overhead compartments and leaving in single file.

But the second they are in the airport all signs of well behavior are gone. Some take off running for their connection flight. Others hurry to the desks of the other aviation companies looking for tickets.

Eliot stays with Eric and ends up at a desk where a very bored looking young man is reading a magazine that would be more in character for his mother, or maybe even his grandmother. After waiting for a couple of seconds Eric scraps his throat to get this young man's attention. Seems Eric isn't the most patient person in the world, not that Eliot is complaining. He would have gotten the kids attention by grabbing the magazine, crumpling it while growling and then throwing it in the kids face. Eric is clearly much kinder.

" Is the nine o'clock to Dutch going today? And is there room for one more on board?"

The kid sits up a bit and starts typing on his computer. After about five minutes and a dozen big sighs he has an answer. "It is going but delayed by half an hour. And there are three seats left." And with that the kid starts on his magazine again.

Eliot had enough, doing what he wanted to do since he got here, he grabs the magazine and doing that thing with his eyes that scares people while staring at the kid he crumples the magazine and then carefully puts the ball on the kids desk while leaning over the desk into the kids space.

"Well I would like one of those seats. NOW."

Gulping the kid flies into action and within two minutes Eliot has his boarding pass and a window seat. Always works.

Taking his boarding pass and walking along Eric, Eliot has to know. He remembered now, Eric with a C is kind and nice, while Erik with a K is evil.

"By the way is your name with a C or a K?"

Eric is clearly off kilter after the casual display of violence and now the weird questions. So he answers on autopilot. "C." And keeps walking to the boarding gate wondering who or what he hired for on his boat. But at the same time, this guy would fit right in with the rest of his former juvenile delinquent crew.