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Summary: The classic story of using the play to get a couple together. After the fiasco of the Fall Play, new Principal Lawrence Talbot collaborates with Drama Teacher Mr. Rochelle to help the confidence levels of two students as the trick had 'worked' on Theodore temporarily (Rochelle didn't need to know about the werewolf thing).

Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 1: The Play

Mr. Talbot was doing rounds around the Elementary school he was now principal of. However, he kept very close watch over his next door neighbors and their best friends. He couldn't help but to notice that ever since that fateful night when he was cured of lycanthropy Theodore Seville was a tad bit braver than he used to be.

His eyes turned to a student who was Theodore's equal in shyness before he became a werewolf.

"Oh!" Jeanette Miller exclaimed as she tripped and dropped her books only to have a crowd of students start laughing at her. As her sisters were nowhere in sight, she blushed a bright red.

Talbot was about to step forward, but someone beat him to the punch

"Okay. Nothing to see here" Simon Seville told the crowd as he walked up to Jeanette and helped her pick up her books

Talbot's brain suddenly clicked with an idea as he went to the auditorium

When Talbot got to the room, he found the school drama teacher having just come up with a brilliant idea

"It's PERFECT! Just what this school needs!" Mr. Rochelle announced

"And what may I ask is that?" Talbot asked in his cool voice causing the drama teacher to jump about five feet in the air.

"Oh! Mr. Talbot. Heh ehm…well, I was just thinking for our Spring play, we do a timeless classic: 'Romeo and Juliet'"

"Isn't that a bit…much for elementary school children?" Talbot asked

"Nah! These kids can handle it" Rochelle said "And I've already got the PERFECT idea for our stars: Alvin Seville as Romeo and Brittany Miller as Juliet"

"Actually, I'm thinking of going along the lines of Miss. Milliken and having someone else play a staring role to boost self-esteem"

"Theodore Seville as Romeo?" Rochelle guessed

"Actually…" Talbot said before whispering his idea.

"HER? But where am I going to find a Romeo patient enough to work with her!"

Talbot pulled Rochelle to the hall and pointed at the girl he had in mind who was just happening to be talking to the boy he had in mind to play opposite her.

"Those two?" Rochelle asked as if he wasn't sure this is a good idea. "Well…they ARE smart enough to memorize all those monologues"


That afternoon,

The drama club students were gathered in the auditorium with Rochelle on stage and Talbot off to the side watching

"Children! This spring, we'll be doing a beloved theatrical classic. It has romance [girls gasping in awe], action [boys smile at each other], hatred, love, blood, death, chemistry, it's timeless, it's the greatest, it's…"

"What is it?" Alvin Seville sighed impatiently

"William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'!"

"Isn't there…KISSING involved?" the school bully, Nathan asked making a face

"Yes, but only between the two star-crossed lovers." Rochelle said. "Now, for those of you who don't know the play, Romeo and Juliet is a play about two feuding families: the Capulets and the Montagues. Juliet belongs to the Capulets and Romeo belongs to the Montagues. Now, when the play starts, Romeo has basically been dumped by his ex-girlfriend Rosaline. So, his best friend talks him into crashing the Capulet's big dance so he could see his ex-girlfriend. While there, he meets Juliet and falls INSTANTLY heads over heels in love and Juliet does the same with him only to find that they're supposed to hate each other. They profess their love in the famous balcony scene. Not 24 hours later, they elope, but during a street fight, Romeo kills Juliet's cousin Tybalt who had just killed his best friend and is banished. Juliet is then told she has to marry another guy but doesn't dare tell her father she's already married so she goes to the friar and he gives her a tonic to put her in a coma for 42 hours so that she looks dead. His plan is to have Romeo come fetch her in the dead of night when she wakes up so they could go off and live happily ever after in secret. However, Romeo doesn't get the message from the friar, but rather hears the news that his wife is dead. Feeling no will to live, he buys some poison and goes to the Capulet's crypt to die at his wife's side. Not 3 minutes after he dies, she wakes up. Seeing him dead, she kills herself and the families end their feud…It's one of the most romantic play of all times."

"We so have the parts for Romeo and Juliet" Brittany whispered to Alvin

"Now," Rochelle said getting back to reality. "I want each of you to pair up boy and girl. You all will be reading for Romeo and Juliet and I'm going to cast based off of that"

"Wanna pair up?" Jeanette asked Simon

"Okay" Simon said thinking that even though he didn't have a chance of being placed in the lead role, he'd at least have some fun.