A/N: This is my first fic. No flames, please, but constructive criticism and reviews are appreciated. These are just super short one-shots about the lives of Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It's all Suzanne Collins' brilliant idea. Except for killing Finnick. I died a little bit with him.


Annie sat on the beach, staring at the seemingly never ending water. It went on forever, just like her mind. After the games, Annie was different. She was trapped in her mind, and sometimes she drifted into the darkness, letting the memories and horrors overtake her. The only thing that pulled her back was Finnick. When Annie found herself drifting away, he always brought her back to reality. She smiled to herself when she heard footsteps behind her. "Hey Ann, where have you been?" he asked dropping onto the sand next to her. He aimlessly picked some sand up and let it slip through his fingers onto her knee, as she sat Indian style. She smiled, brushed the sand off, and scooted closer to him. "Here," she replied with a shrug. She put her head on his shoulder, and she felt his head gently fall into its normal position, onto hers. He wrapped his arm around her, and Annie felt at peace. She closed her eyes and sighed in happiness.



"Thank you for never letting me drift off too far."