It had been a year.

The date was the 21st of April, 2012 and Amelia Pond and Rory Williams were standing on Lake Silencio, Utah. A year to the day the infamous criminal Melody Pond shot The Doctor down dead on this very beach.

'Why Lake Silencio? Why Utah?'

'It's a still point in time, it's easier to create a fixed point.'

Amy stood in the middle of the beach, her ginger hair blowing slightly in the soft breeze as she watched the shore, the still water still as blue and clear as the last time she was here. Rory squeezed her hand, giving it a reasurring squeeze.

"He's still out there somewhere." Rory said quietly, sighing. At times, Rory may have seemed that he wasn't very fond of The Doctor, but he was a very friend still, and a important part of their lives now, whether they liked it or not, he married their daughter.

"He must have know River would tell us. I just wish he'd give us a sign, just so we'd know he's ok." She muttered before running down to the shore, stopping in the middle of where The Doctor and River stood before dropping to her knees, tears springing in her eyes before Rory appeared behind her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, crying silently too as his watched beeped 5:02pm.

364 days and 23 hours earlier...

River walked round the edge of the water, pulling the boat onto the shore, looking at the barely singed Tessalector.

"Look at you." She muttered. The Doctor sat up suddenly, smiling before opening it's mouth, shooting out a blue ray and engulfing River in it. She stood up casually and looked at The Doctor lean against The TARDIS, smiling at her smugly. "He-"

"Hello Sweetie." He interupted, walking forward and kissing her lightly.

"Where are we?"

"I've just married you, and you?"

"I've just done the Pandorica. And to answer your question, yes I am married." She grinned before walking into The TARDIS. "Come on my love, things to do, the whole universe to choose from. And we've got to take Dorium back." She called back as The Doctor followed her in, shutting The TARDIS doors behind him.