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Reyna already had enough problems that day besides getting attacked by crazy mythological demons. It all started when she blinked her eyes awake earlier the same day. She was on a strange bus she was sure she had never seen before, leaning against someone. She sat up in her seat, looking around with a dazed expression. She saw kids around her age, fifteen or sixteen, laying on the seats around her with iPods and other small gadgets at their disposal. She had no idea why she was there or for that matter who she herself was exactly.

She felt an arm around her. She looked up, shifting slightly and squirming away from the grip of the boy she saw.

He was about 16 or 15-years-old, with a mess of curly brown hair and matching brown eyes that glinted with a mischievous look, though they were now looking at her with something like concern.

"You alright there, Rey?" he asked.

"Who are you?" She asked the strange Latino boy next to her.

"...are you kidding me?" The boy blinked, and then he grinned, apparently thinking she was joking. "Oh, very funny, Rey."

"I'm serious," she said, "I don't know you."

"Reyna?" asked a girl sitting across from them. Reyna looked over at her and studied her for a moment. The girl had short-ish brown hair that was cut in some places and done in long braids in others. She looked to be some form of Native American, but her eyes were a startling blue-ish-gray-ish-green-ish shade that reminded Reyna of a stained glass window.

"And for that matter, who are you?" She asked the girl. The girl arched an eyebrow at her.

"I'm Piper. I'm your best friend. And the boy beside you is Leo. He's your boyfriend. Now stop joking, because just the fact that it's youjoking around is enough to weird me out."

"But I'm not joking. I really don't remember either of you." The expression on her face was sincere. "I just woke up here a few minutes ago."

"Oh, dear god!" Leo cried, smacking his forehead dramatically with his hand. "My dearly beloved Reyna does not remember me! However shall I live through the pain?" he asked nobody in particular.

"Okay then." Her analysis of Leo being strange was correct. "Do you have any words of woe to add, Piper?"

"Yeah. I think we've reached our destination. Well, that, or Coach Hedge is just randomly standing up to yell at us. Actually," she added thoughtfully, "it wouldn't be the first time."

Reyna glanced in the direction Piper was gesturing. A five-foot tall man with a mean look on his face was staring right at her as if knowing she really shouldn'thave been there. He wasn't actually that intimidating-looking, considering the fact that Reyna was probably taller than him, but the scowl on his face paired with the bullhorn in his hand that boomed out his words a moment later possibly could be the only reasons students didn't ignore him altogether. He wore a baseball cap covering most of his head, an obnoxiously bright orange polo shirt, nylon workout pants, and white sneakers. With a whistle in hand, he looked like a stereotypical gym coach.

"Alright, cupcakes, listen up! We will be at the Grand Canyon in ten minutes so find those worksheets and stop sleeping like a nursery full of babies!" he shouted. Reyna was strangely reminded of a military commander, or possibly the leader of a legion of Roman soldiers.

"Is he always like this to you? And what school is this bus from?" she said to Piper.

"Correction: Coach Hedge is always like this to all of us," Piper replied.

"And this bus is from the Wilderness School," Leo added.

"Wilderness School?" Reyna didn't recall going to this school, or any school for that matter.

"'Where the kids are animals'," Piper quoted as if it were a joke the three of them shared.

"Yeah, I don't think there are any animals out here in Armpit, Nevada other than the odd dead armadillo," Leo snorted.

"Look, it's not that I don't like you two, granted I don't actually know you, but I seriously cannot remember going here with you." Reyna put her hands in the pockets of her black wind breaker. Leo just rolled his eyes, looking unconcerned.

"It's both nice and strange to know that my joking ways have rubbed off on you, Rey," he quipped.

"Leo," Piper said, peering at Reyna curiously, "I don't know if she's joking. I mean, since when does Reynajoke around like this? Maybe she hit her head, or something..."

"I'm not joking," she almost shouted.

"Quiet down back there!" Coach Hedge barked from up at the front of the bus.

"Watch this," Leo whispered to the girls. "Hey Coach, I couldn't hear you from back here. Mind using the megaphone?"

Coach Hedge seemed pleased to be given the opportunity to use the bullhorn strapped to his side. When he brought it to his mouth to speak, the first words made the coach sound like Darth Vader or someone with a nasty case of asthma. The bus erupted in loud, obnoxious laughter from some boys huddled together in a corner and nervous titters from a group of girls who looked like they had applied their makeup with a paint gun. "Which one of you cupcakes, the cow goes moo, did this to my, the ducks goes quack?" He tried to yell through the bullhorn.

"Did you do that?" Reyna asked Leo, who was tapping his long fingers on the seat in front of them. He flashed her a large grin and pulled a tiny screwdriver from the pocket of his army jacket.

"I'm a special boy, Rey. But you love me anyway." She still had that same quizzical expression on her face as when she first woke up. He sighed loudly. "Oh, come on. Drop the joke already. It's startin' to freak me out..."

"I have told you at least three or four times that I'm not, Leo. You need to believe me."

"Alright," Piper was saying, "what doyou remember, then?" But she was cut off by Coach Hedge announcing loudly, through his bullhorn, that, "The pig says oink, we have arrived at the Grand-the cow says moo!" The bus lurched to stop, opening the doors to let the students on it out in front of a big, red stucco complex like museum building in the middle of nowhere. Maybe that's what it is, Reyna thought, the National Museum of Nowhere near the Grand Canyon. Piper groaned when someone from the back headed her way.

It was a blond boy who seemed like one of the popular crowd. He had on dark jeans with leather boots and a Cowboys jersey. His smile was almost blindingly white as if they should come with a warning, Do not stare directly at the mouth or else you may suffer permanent sight loss. "Come on, partner. We've got a Canyon to see." He held out his arm, expecting her to take it within the next second.

Piper gritted her teeth. "Dylan, we're just partners for this stupid assignment. Just go and I will catch up, okay?"

"Fine." Dylan gave a dramatic sigh and departed.

"Dylan? And what assignment?" Reyna was sick of asking questions.

"That dude back there was Dylan," Leo explained, looking amused. "And we've got an assignment to go look at some rocks and then take notes about them, or something like that. I don't know. I used my worksheet for spit wads earlier, so..."

She rolled her eyes. "I take it you aren't an A student?"

Piper glanced at Reyna. "I think she might have a concussion or amnesia."

"How would she have gotten one of those?" Leo argued. "She hasn't hit her head! She just fell asleep."

"How else do you explain her not knowing us, Valdez?"

"My lovely sense of humor has finally rubbed off on her?" he suggested.

"If you say I'm lying about this one more time, I may have to push you off the Canyon," Reyna cut in.

"You have no idea how many times I've heard that one today."

"Don't tempt me to actually do it."

Leo looked unconcerned. "Oh, come on. Alright, fine, then. You don't know us? We'll do a quick run-down for the amnesiac."

"Okay, first of all, as we mentioned, we all go to the Wilderness School," Piper started, "and we met each other here on our first day."

"Is this some sort of military school or what?" She asked based on Coach Hedge's behavior. Leo snorted.

"It's a school for 'special kids'," he said, using his fingers to make air quotes.

"Basically, this is a delinquent school," Piper added.

"Why are we here then?" Reyna questioned.

"Your parents, or the court, decided you were too much trouble so they shipped you off to this lovely school in the desert where we run ten miles a day and weave daisies into hats! And for a special treat, we go on 'educational field trips' to the middle of nowhere with Coach Hedge and his baseball bat!" Leo said with mock excitement.

"Nice," Reyna commented.

"I ran away six times and Piper over here got sentenced for stealing a BMW straight off the lot." Reyna's eyes widened.

Piper blushed. "I didn't steal that car, Leo!"

"Whatever," Leo brushed her off, raising his eyebrows at Reyna like, Can you believe her? "What was your story again, you 'talked' the dealer into lending it to you?"

Piper rolled her eyes. "Shut up, Valdez."

"We all started out good friends," Leo continued, ignoring Piper's comment. "And then..."

"You and Leo became more than friends," Piper finished while smirking. Leo just smiled.

Reyna still looked uncertain. "I still don't think I know you two."

"Great," Leo sighed. "Well, at least now I can reuse all of those corny lines I got from that magazine."

"Okay then..."

"Let's just get this trip over with," Piper suggested, "and deal with this later at the dorms."

"Fine by me," Leo said cheerfully. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some little pieces of something that he fiddled with absentmindedly. Piper reluctantly went to join Dylan in front of the museum. Leo turned to Reyna.

"I hope you still have your sheet," he said sheepishly. She shrugged helplessly.


Leo laughed good-naturedly. "Well, we're screwed."


They headed into the museum with the rest of the group. Here and there, the coach would pause to yell at them in a mix of farm calls and phrases in a Sith Lord's voice. Leo fiddled around with the many nuts, bolts, and pipe cleaners in his army coat's pockets, like he had to keep his hands constantly busy. Reyna didn't pay much attention to the exhibits as they passed by them, but they were all about the Grand Canyon and the Hualapai tribe, which owned the museum.

Some girls were looking over at Piper and Dylan while snickering. "Gee Piper, do you get in for free if you do a rain dance? Your tribe does run this place, right?" one of them said.

Piper's face flushed red with anger while Dylan just hid a smile. "I'm Cherokee, Isabel, not Hualapai. Not that you have enough brain cells to know the difference." Reyna could tell that Piper had her fists clenched under her snowboarder jacket sleeves.

Isabel's eyes widened in mock surprise, making her look like an owl with a bad make-up addiction. "Oh, sorry, was your momin this tribe? Oh wait, you never knew your mom."

Piper charged her, about to start a fight when Coach Hedge barked, "Enough or I will break out my baseball bat!"

Piper just grumbled angrily and stomped away. The girls kept making little comments to her.

"Is it good being back on the rez?" A brunette asked sweetly.

"Dad's probably too drunk to work," another said, "and that's why she turned klepto."

Piper shot them glares, but seemed to be trying hard to ignore both them and Dylan, who kept sending her what he thought was probably flirtatious smiles but really only made him look like The Joker. Reyna was about to say something when Leo stopped her.

"She doesn't like us fighting her battles for her," he chided, "Besides, if they knew who her dad is, they would all be bowing down to her like she was the queen of delinquent girls."

"Why? Who is her dad?" Reyna asked.

Leo laughed in disbelief. "Are you kidding me? You really don't know that your best friend's dad is-"

"I don't even remember her, much less who her dad is," she snapped.

"Whatever. We haveto talk when we get back to the dorms."

The group reached the far end of the exhibit hall to the big glass door leading out to the terrace.

"All right cupcakes," Coach Hedge announced, "You are about to see the Grand Canyon. Don't try to break it. The skywalk can hold the weight of seventy jumbo jets so you scrawny children should be safe. If possible, try to avoid pushing each other of it over the edge, which will make me have to do extra paperwork."

"He's such an awesome teacher," Leo said sarcastically.

The coach opened the doors to reveal the span of the Grand Canyon and a horseshoe shaped skywalk. The skywalk was made of glass, allowing people to see through it to the bottom. Reyna was impressed even though she knew that she should not be there in the first place. It was bigger and wider than any picture could show. The group was so high up, birds circled below the walkway. Five hundred feet down, Reyna could see a river snaked around the bottom of the Canyon. Clusters of storm clouds cast shadows along the cliffs. Red and gray ravines cut through the desert below as if some crazy god took a knife to it.

Reyna winced as pain shot through her mind. Crazy gods?She didn't know where she got that from but she knew it was somehow important, something that put her in danger here.

"You okay?" Leo asked, glancing at her.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," she assured him. She grabbed the handrail a bit shakily. The pain soon subsided. Leo returned to looking at the sheet he had pulled out of somewhere, or most likely asked Coach Hedge for. Thunder rumbled overhead with cold winds coming at them from above.

"This can't be safe." Leo narrowed his eyes at the clouds forming around them. "The storm's only over us, not around the other part of the Grand Canyon. Weird, huh?"

Reyna looked up to find that Leo was right. A dome of dark gray clouds encircled the skywalk, but the rest of the sky was perfectly clear. She had a bad feeling about that.

"Very weird," she agreed in a murmur.

"All right, cupcakes!" Coach Hedge yelled. Based on his expression, the storm seemed to be bothering him too. "We may have to cut our work short, so get to work! Remember, complete sentences!"

The storm surged on and the pounding in Reyna's head increased. Her right hand flew to her pocket on an impulse. She soon felt something in her grasp. She pulled it out to reveal a gold colored Swiss army knife. On it was stamped a laurel wreath with the letters 'SPQR' in the empty space in the middle of the wreath.

"What's that?" Leo's head appeared at Reyna's shoulder. His eyes curiously scanned her knife. "I never saw you with that before...what does SPQR stand for?"

Reyna stuck the knife back into her pocket. "Nothing. It's just a knife," she said. Leo nodded and looked away, distracted by something in his hands. It looked like a little helicopter.

They didn't actually fill out the worksheet like they were instructed to. For one thing, Reyna was too distracted by what was going on around them and in her head. For another, she had no idea how to "name three examples of rudimentary plant life" or "explain two processes of soil distribution in the area".

Leo wasn't much help with the worksheet either. He was too preoccupied with the small hand-made contraption he was tinkering with. Finally, though, he appeared to finish it. Motioning for her to watch, he released the thing and it started flying, spiraling over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Reyna figured it would instantly plummet to the bottom, but it actually flew for a little while before drifting down below.

"How did you do that?" Reyna asked. Leo grinned.

"Magic." He waggled his fingers at her as if to show how "magical" they were.

She rolled her eyes. "Seriously, how?"

Leo shrugged. "I don't know. I've always been good with metal and mechanics and all that..."

"Are we really together?" Reyna asked him. He nodded. "Are you sure? When did we meet? What did we talk about?"

"It was..." Leo frowned. "I don't recall exactly, Rey. I'm ADHD. You can't expect me to remember all the little details. I definitely know I met you at some point."

"But I don't remember you at all or anyone else here. What if-"

"You're right and everyone else is wrong? That you just woke up this morning on the bus for some reason and we all have fake memories of you?"

Yes, that's exactly what I think happened, she thought. Everyone here acted like she was a part of the class- except for Coach Hedge.

"Hold on, Leo," Reyna said. She pushed the worksheet into his hands and headed towards the short man before Leo could protest.

The group pretty much had the run of the skywalk. Maybe it was too early for tourists, or maybe they just got lucky enough to not have them around. The Wilderness School kids were divided into pairs spread out over the glass deck. Most of them were chatting and making jokes. Some were daring their friends to toss things over the side. Piper was trying to fill out her worksheet, but Dylan kept hitting on her. He would put his hand on her shoulder and flash her a blinding grin every other minute. She pushed him away every time and gave Reyna a, Help me, look.

Reyna gestured for her to hang on for a minute. She approached Coach Hedge who was studying his baseball bat and occasionally looking up at the sky. There was definitely something going on with him, and Reyna was determined to find out what exactly it was.

"Whaddya want?" he asked gruffly when he spotted her.

"To talk to you. What's going on here?" She demanded.

"Why don't you tell me?" Hedge's eyes scanned her closely.

"You seem to be the one who knows what is happening based on how you keep looking at the sky like that," Reyna replied. Hedge gave a small shrug.

"I know what I know," he said evasively. "What I wanna know is how much you know, and why you know it."

She blinked in confusion. "What exactly are you talking about?"

"Oh, like you don't know. They told me there would be an extra package. You the extra package?" Hedge squinted at her.

"So you really don't know me? I'm not one of your students here?"

"Never seen you before today," he replied.

Reyna was relieved. She wasn't insane, just in the wrong place. "Look, er, Coach, I don't know how I got here. I just woke up on the bus this morning. I have no idea what this supposed 'package' is."

Coach sighed. "There are already two, I know. I smell 'em."

"Smell what?"

"You've got a real way with the Mist, don'tcha?" he asked her, ignoring her question.

"The Mist?" Reyna asked.

"You know, that magical stuff?" Coach reminded her.

"Look," she said, getting annoyed, "I don't remember anything before I woke up on the bus this morning. Be more specific when you say 'magical stuff'."

Coach raised an eyebrow at her. "Watch it, cupcake. Don't get snippy with me."

"Don't call me cupcake. I am not one of your students and I want answers," she said harshly.

Coach snorted. "Right. Don't worry, kid, you'll find it all out when the extraction team shows up. That is, if you don't already know."

"Know what?" Reyna nearly shouted. She narrowed her eyes at the coach. He just shrugged.

"About demigods, of course," he answered simply.

"Demigods?" The name sounded strangely familiar. "I just told you I don't have any memories from before this morning."

"Alright, alright. You might be telling the truth," Hedge allowed.

"Of course I am," she replied.

"Sure. Right."

Reyna gave the coach a death stare. "Explanation. Now."

"You smell like a half-blood," he said instead. "Which may be good or bad, considering it just puts one more person in danger of the monster I know is somewhere here..."

"Monster? Half-bloods? What are you talking about you old-" Coach Hedge cut her off.

"Hey! Don't go disrespecting just because you're a bit confused, got it, kid? It'll all be explained in due time. Geez, it's not enough that I have to protect three demigods instead of two, one of 'em has to have an attitude problem, too?" he added, more to himself.

"When will due time be?" She pressed on, about to strangle the coach for answers. She managed to keep herself relatively under control.

"That extraction team better get here soon," he grumbled. "This extra package is more than I can deal with."

"Extraction team from where? And what package?"

"Camp," Coach told her. "And youare the package."

"How do you know that?" Reyna tried to see if she remembered any camps.

"Because I can smell that you're the only other demigod in the group," he explained impatiently, obviously getting fed up with her constant questions.

The feeling was mutual for Reyna only with Coach Hedge's lack of answers. "I told you at least twice that I have no memory of the past."

"Yeah, I got that by now," Hedge snapped.

"Just tell me what is going on," Reyna said. She tried to keep herself calm. Blowing up at the coach was not going to help her considering he was the only one who possibly understood her situation.

Coach Hedge sighed. "Do you really have no memories?"

"Did you even hear what we were arguing about a minute ago?" Lightning crashed around the skywalk.

"Look, just sit tight. Reinforcements from the camp are coming. We'll settle this with the director."

"Director?" The wind picked up in speed, sending worksheets flying around the air.

"The director of camp," Hedge said, raising his voice to be heard over the wind.

Kids screamed and tried to grab onto the railing for support. The wind whipped violently over the group. "Everyone off the skywalk! The cow says moo! Inside!" Coach Hedge shouted through his megaphone.

"I thought you said we would be fine out here!" Reyna yelled.

"We were supposed to be!" Coach shouted back. Piper and Dylan were at the doors, holding them open and ushering kids through. Piper's expression remained calm and determined the entire time.

The wind picked up into a miniature hurricane. Reyna skidded across the slick floor and got whacked in the face with a backpack. A mixture of the groups belongs flew around her. When she saw Leo, she grabbed onto his jacket for support, also helping him from falling over the railing. But, he slipped from her grasp and went over the rail. His shout echoed throughout the Grand Canyon as Reyna stared after him in horror.


The doors slammed closed once the last person entered the building. Piper tried to pry the doors open as kids pounded on the windows. "Dylan, help!" Piper yelled. Her snowboarding jacket flapped wildly.

Dylan just stood back and grinned like an idiot. He seemed to be enjoying all the chaos the storm was causing. "I'm done helping, Piper." He flicked his wrist and sent her tumbling back into the doors.

"Piper!" Reyna tried to move forward. "Leo fell over the deck!" Coach Hedge pushed her back. "Let me go."

"Kid, stay behind me," he ordered. "This is my fight. I should have known he was our monster."


The coach's cap blew off his head to reveal two bumps- possibly horns. Coach Hedge lifted up his baseball bat to reveal that it was no ordinary bat- it was a crudely shaped tree-branch type of club.

Dylan's grin only widened. "Oh, come on, you old goat. Give up. You're getting too old for monster fighting. That's why you were sent to this school. I've been on your team this whole season and you didn't even know."

This only fueled Coach Hedge's anger. "That's it cupcake! You're going down!"

Reyna looked down to check on Leo. He was dangling by his fingers on a cliff about halfway down the canyon. "Can someone help me already? A rope would be nice!" he called up.

Coach Hedge cursed. "Here, take the club. I don't know who you are, kid, but you better be good. Keep that thingbusy while I save Leo." He tore off his pants to reveal fuzzy goat legs. He then kicked his sneakers off to display his black hoofs.

"You?" Reyna watched as he swung right over the edge of the railing.

"Isn't that cute," Dylan fake-gushed. "Now it's your turn, girl." He turned towards Reyna, ready to strike. On instinct, she pulled out her Swiss army knife. Dylan just laughed at that, apparently finding it a pathetic weapon.

Reyna growled. She let her instincts take over and flipped the knife out. It slowly turned into a sharp seven-inch long dagger made out of gold. She tossed the club at Dylan, hitting him in the head. She no longer needed it.

Piper slowly rose up and grabbed the club before Dylan could come to. But before she could strike, he rose with blood- golden blood- trickling from his forehead.

"Nice try, girl." He glared at Reyna. "But you'll have to do better."

The skywalk shuddered. Hairline fractures appeared in the glass. Inside the museum, kids stopped banging on the doors. They backed away, watching in terror.

Dylan's body dissolved into smoke, as if his body was coming undone. He still had the same face, only now his whole form was composed of black vapor that was crackling with electricity. He sprouted black wings from his back. To Reyna, he looked like some sort of evil angel.

"You're a ventus," Reyna said. "A storm spirit." Where that word came from, she didn't know, but it was definitely what Dylan was.

Dylan's laugh sounded like a tornado tearing off a roof. "I'm glad I waited, demigod. Leo and Piper I've known about for weeks. Could've killed them at any time. But my mistress said a third was coming—someone special. She'll reward me greatly for your death!"

Two giant tornado-like funnel clouds appeared on either side of Dylan. Now they were a gang of venti- all shooting out sparks that could probably kill Reyna.

Piper pretended to still be dazed, still gripping the club. Her face looked a bit pale, but she motioned for Reyna to keep them distracted while she brained them from behind.

Violent and willing to strike. Reyna wished that she remembered having a friend like her around.

She gripped the hilt of her dagger ready to strike, but never got the chance to. Dylan shot a volt of electricity at her. Luckily, she managed to dodge and the blast only charred a backpack lying on the deck.

The storm spirits were laughing as the storm raged on. Piper screamed, but her voice got lost in the current. From the corner of her eye, Reyna could see Coach Hedge climbing up the cliff with Leo on his back. Piper was now on her feet, desperately swinging the club at the spirits. The club only passed harmlessly through them. And Dylan loomed over Reyna, who was trying to get back up.

She pulled herself up with the handrail and got into a defensive position. She held her dagger up, ready to strike.

"You're an irritating little girl aren't you?" Dylan snarled. He reached his hand up and was about to shoot another volt of lightning at her, but Reyna lunged at him before he could. She slashed blindly at anything her dagger would strike.

Dylan backed away from her. "Well? Kill her!" He ordered the two other venti.

The other spirits didn't look too happy with that assignment, but flew towards her anyway. Reyna swung at the first spirit. Her blade passed through it, and the creature's form turned into a gold powder. The second spirit let loose a bolt, but she dodged and with one quick thrust disintegrated the monster.

Dylan wailed in outrage. He peered down at the dust as if once he did it would re-form, but it got blown away. "Impossible! Who areyou, demigod?"

Piper was staring at Reyna as well, her eyes bulging and her mouth hanging open in shock. "Reyna...how...?"

It was then that Coach Hedge made a reappearance on the skywalk, with Leo slung over his shoulder. He dropped him right onto the floor like the teenager was a sack of flour. Leo groaned and grumbled something unintelligible.

"Spirits, fear me!" Hedge hollered, flexing his short arms like a bodybuilder. He looked around and only saw Dylan. "Curse it, girl!" He glared at Reyna. "Didn't you leave any for me? I like a challenge!"

Leo got to his feet, his chest heaving. His hands were raw and red from scrambling at the rocks and he looked utterly humiliated. He avoided Reyna's eye. "Yo, Coach Supergoat, or whatever you are- I just fell off the side of the freaking Grand Canyon! Quit asking for challenges!"

Dylan hissed at the group, but Reyna could clearly see the panic in his eyes. "You don't know how many enemies you have awakened. My mistress will destroy all demigods. This war you cannotwin."

Above them, the clouds broke apart and made rain pour down onto the deck. Reyna crouched to keep her balance. She looked up to see a hole forming- a swirling vortex of silver and black churning like a whirlpool.

"The mistress calls me back!" Dylan said gleefully. "And you, demigod, will come with me!"

Dylan lunged at Reyna, but Piper managed to tackle him from behind. Both of them went sprawling. Reyna, Leo, and the coach tried to help, but Dylan let out a forceful bellow. A gale of wind knocked Reyna and Coach Hedge flat on their butts. Reyna's dagger got knocked out onto the deck. Leo hit his head on the railing. He groaned and curled up on his side.

Piper was tossed off the spirit's back and crash landed over the side of the skywalk. She quickly grabbed the railing and held on for dear life. "Help! Somebody!" She pleaded.

Dylan seized Leo's arm and began to rise into the vortex. The storm spun faster, pulling them up like a vacuum cleaner.

"Kid, go save her!" Hedge yelled. "I'll get the boy!"

Hedge lashed out at Dylan. His hooves knocked Leo free from the spirit's grasp. Leo dropped safely to the floor, but Dylan grappled the coach's arms instead. Hedge head-butted Dylan, then kicked him, and even called him a cupcake.

Reyna heard Piper scream again and acted quickly. She got a firm grip on the other girl's arm and pulled her back onto the skywalk. They collapsed on the deck in shock. Once they were able to stand again, they ran over to Leo.

"Are you alright?" Reyna asked, hovering over Leo and looking at him with concern. He grunted in response. His army coat was drenched from the rain. His curly hair glittered gold from rolling around in monster dust. But at least he was still alive.

"Stupid...ugly...goat," he muttered.

"Where did he go?" Piper asked.

Leo pointed straight up. "Never came back down. Please tell me he didn't actually save my life."

"Twice actually," Reyna said. Leo groaned loudly and looked pretty much like he wanted to crawl under a rock.

"What happened? The tornado guy, the dagger...I hit my head, right? I'm hallucinating?" Leo asked hopefully.

Reyna went to reclaim her dagger. She scooped it off the deck and inspected it to see what would make it turn back into its original army knife form. Her hands moved directly to the hilt where she saw a small mechanism on the bottom of it. She pressed down on it to turn it back into a Swiss army knife.

"Yep. I'm hallucinating." Leo confirmed out loud to himself. Piper shivered. Her clothes were soaked with rain and her hair matted to her forehead.

"Reyna, those, those things-"

"Venti," Reyna corrected, "or storm spirits."

"Okay, fine. You acted like...like you'd seen them before." Piper squinted at Reyna. "Who areyou?"

"That's what I have been saying. I don't know."

The storm diminished. The other Wilderness School kids looked out the glass doors in horror. Security guards worked on unlocking the doors to no avail.

"Coach Hedge told me he had to protect three people," Reyna recalled. "I think he meant us."

"Ya think?" Leo asked.

"And that thing Dylan turned into..." Piper shuddered, looking disgusted. "I can't believe he-it was hitting on me. He called us...demigods?"

Leo stared up at the sky on his back. He didn't seem concerned with getting up. "Well I don't know what demi means, but I'm not feeling to godly. You two feel godly?"

Reyna rolled her eyes. Cracks began to form in the skywalk that sounded like twigs snapping. "We need to get off this thing. Maybe if we-"

"Okay, somebody look where I'm looking and tell me that those are not flying horses!" Leo interrupted.

At first, Reyna thought Leo was really hallucinating, but then saw a dark shape descending from the east. As it got closer, she could see winged animals- gray, four-legged, like horses- but with a twenty-foot wingspan. They pulled a brightly painted box with them: a chariot.

"Reinforcements," Reyna said thoughtfully. "Hedge said that there was an extraction squad on the way for us."

"Extraction squad?" Leo struggled to his feet. "That sounds like something medical. Which means something painful."

"And where are they extracting us to?" Piper questioned.

The chariot touched down on the far end of the skywalk. The horses tucked in their wings and cantered nervously across the glass floor like they sensed it was about to break. Two teenagers stood in the chariot- a tall blond girl around Reyna's age or older and a bulky guy with a shaved head and a rough looking face. They both wore orange shirts with jeans, shields swung over their backs. The girl jumped out before it even stopped and headed for the group of teenagers while the guy stayed behind.

"Where is he?" the girl demanded. Her gray eyes were startling and steely. She seemed frighteningly familiar to Reyna.

"Where's who?" Reyna said.

She frowned like the other girl's answer was unacceptable. Then she turned to Leo. "What about Gleeson? Where is your protector, Gleeson Hedge?" she asked sharply.

Leo stifled a laugh at the coach's name and cleared his throat. "He got taken by some... tornado things, I think."

"Venti," Reyna explained again.

The blond girl raised an eyebrow at Reyna slightly incredulously. "You mean anemoi thuellai? That's the Greek term. But anyway...who are you? And what happened, here?"

Reyna didn't want to say anything to the girl. Something about her intense gray eyes made her feel like she couldn't trust the other girl. Reluctantly, though, she poured out the whole story, starting from when she woke up that morning on the bus. About halfway through the story, the driver of the chariot came over. He stood there glaring at them, arms crossed. Reyna noticed an unusual tattoo of a rainbow on his left bicep.

When Reyna finished, the blond girl still didn't look satisfied. "No, no, no! She told me that he would...she told me that if I came here, I'd find him. I'd find the answer."

"Annabeth," the bald guy grunted, "Check it out." He pointed at Reyna's shirt. Reyna looked down at herself bemusedly. She was only wearing a simple purple t-shirt.

"The girl with the purple shirt," he elaborated. "She's the answer."

"No, Butch," the girl insisted glumly. "She can't be. I was tricked. Can't say I'm very surprised though." She glared fiercely at the sky as if it had done something wrong. "What do you want from me?" she screamed. "What have you done with him?"

The skywalk shuddered under the weight of the horses, causing the cracking noise from earlier to continue.

"Annabeth," the guy, Butch, said, "we need to get going. This thing won't hold us for much longer. Let's just sort this out with these three at camp."

"Fine." She fumed and gave Reyna a resentful look. "We'll deal with this later." She turned on her heel and stalked back to the chariot.

"What's her problem?" Leo asked nobody in particular. He glared after Annabeth angrily.

"What did she even mean by taking us to camp?" Piper asked.

"I'll explain on the way," Butch said, "just come on."

Reyna shook her head. "There is no way I'm going anywhere with her." She may not have remembered much about herself, but she did know that whoever this Annabeth girl was couldn't be trusted. She surveyed the scene to see if there was any way she could avoid getting on that chariot.

The doors were still shut tightly and the security guards stared right at them. If they managed to get back inside there, they would probably start asking questions Reyna couldn't answer. She could run, but they were still in the middle of nowhere. With nowhere at all to run. She sighed.

"Annabeth's okay," Butch said hesitantly. "You gotta cut her some slack. She had a vision telling her to come here, to find a girl with a purple shirt. That was supposed to be the answer to her problem."

"What's the problem?" Piper asked.

"She's been looking for one of our campers, who's been missing three days," Butch explained. "She's going out of her mind with worry. We had hoped he'd be here."

"Who?" Leo said.

"Her boyfriend. A guy named Percy Jackson."


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