Mason looked up to Zero with a surprised look. The Bloody Rose was near her chest at the place where her heart is.

"Zero, if you want to kill me, then do it. I'll die with no regrets now that I have seen you again." Her eyes soon started streams of tears of both joy and sadness. Dee stood there. Okay, this is not I planned for at all. Zero then drew his gun down and hugged Mason firmly. Dum turned around and his face went pale.

"Um, Onee-san, Boss is looking at you and it doesn't look like he's happy about you hugging your friend." Mason and Zero blushed and stood away from each other looking the opposite direction.

"So... What have you been doing in the past 4 years?"

"Um, just looking for Shizuka, found her, someone else killed her, and I fell in love with a human who turned out to be a pure-blood vampire who was suppose to marry my rival."

"Oh, I've been escaping some vampire hunters and that's pretty much it." Mason blushed. It's been an awful long time since I seen Zero. Then she felt a need to cry. But I know that he still probably has feelings for that pure-blood.

"ONEE-SAN!" Mason turned to Dum. "You should probably explain to Blood who he is before you know."She turned to Zero.

"Meet me at the clock tower, okay?" Zero nodded his head and went off. Mason casually walked to Blood.

"Been seducing men lately haven't you?" Mason sighed with anger.

"I haven't seen him in a long time. It's been since... since..."

"Since what?" Blood grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. That dream I had... this feels like it. "I know you haven't been telling me everything." Mason pulled away from him.

"Some things are better left not discussed." She walked off as Blood smirked. I wonder how many secrets she has been keeping herself. Blood's smirk quickly went away. That guy she was hugging earlier was lucky. I don't anyone near her, not even another outsider. I guess I have to investigate him.

"Dee, Dum, come over here. We have to go back." The twins ran to their boss and left.

"What the hell were you thinking, getting yourself bitten by Shizuka?"

"I told you, it wasn't my fault! Anyways, if there's anybody to be called stupid for being bitten by her, it should be you! I mean, you're a freaking vampire hunter for crying out loud!" Zero then took out the Bloody Rose and aimed it at her face.

"Well, I am and I'm not gonna be held back from using it against you, even if I did li-" Zero stopped himself half way, preventing himself from telling Mason his true feelings for her ever since they were kids.

"Even if you did what?" Mason paused a little while. She then put herself against Zero's chest. "I told you before, if you want to kill me, don't hold back." Zero looked down at her. She's just like Yuuki. Memories of her flooded back into Zero's head, even when she told him that she was going to marry Kaname. Just like her, a vampire. He felt the urge to put the gun to Mason's head and end her misery, but he couldn't.

"Mason, can't you just leave this place? I mean, we can go back and be away from here." Mason then looked up and leaned more towards Zero's head.

"Even if we did, the hunters would be after me. Not only that, but what about the vampires who might think that I'm inferior to them, they can kill me whenever they want. So you see, it's better for me to be here."

"Well, I appreciate you bringing Mason over here but ca you have your conversation somewhere else." Julius' interruption caused both Zero and Mason to step away from each other. They both nodded at each other and headed outside to get away from Julius. Sighing, she turned to Zero.

"There's no way I could go now, I have to refill my vial in order to leave."

"And I suppose you have your vial." That's when she sunk in.

"I wish so. I lost it." He reacted to this statement by hitting her on the head. "Hey!"

"You idiot! Now how are you supposed to go back!"

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