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This is my first Danny Phantom fanfic, so I'm SUPER stoked to see how this will go!So, in the summary, it may seem that this story is a tragedy. It's not. It's quite humorous, really.

Anyway, Danny get's a new power in this story. Danny's new power is being able to swap bodies with anyone he chooses. He doesn't know how to work this power completely yet, so when he tests it, he can't reverse it.

I actually hate it when people make up powers for him willy-nilly, so I don't know why I'm doing it. It was just a good idea and I don't want my good ideas to go to waste, so here he is, with a new power.

Anyway, rated T for awkwardness, and possibly some adult humor and language. POSSIBLY will turn out DxS, but I don't know yet, I'm still working the bugs out of it!

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It was around the perfectly peaceful time of 5:30: where everything was tranquil. Spring was just sprouting up in Amity Park. The crisp March weather was cool and perfect, so the kids cherished it while it lasted.

Two all too familiar citizens of Amity Park were at the center of the town: the park. More specifically, they were just chilling it out in the swings, which they look particularly stupid in, being that they were 14 and all. There was a Goth girl, and an undercover ghost boy.

The Goth girl, known as Sam Manson, raised her eyebrows in confusion at her best friends statement. Once again, he was blabbering on about something unimaginable, even being a ghost. Well, half ghost, anyway.

"Okay, Danny, I can believe about you having a new ghost power, but switching bodies with someone? That's not a ghost power; that's just freaky. No other ghost has that power, except maybe Amorpho, but that's technically not body switching. So why do you get it?"

"Well, hey, Clockwork said I would get it soon, and you know Clockwork. He knows everything, or so he says. He didn't say when, so let's see if I have it now!"

Sam shifted uncomfortably. "Can't you test it on Tucker or something? Why me? I don't want to have that awkward feeling of suddenly feeling like a guy…"

Danny rolled his eyes, as if Sam even suggesting the idea was out of the question. "Come on, Sam. You know Tuck. He won't let me test anything out on him unless it's been tested before. So please? I really want to see if I can do it yet!"

Sam outwardly sighed. "But…what if something goes wrong? I don't want to test it without Clockwork's approval…what exactly did he say, anyway?"

"Uh…he said when I get it, I might not posses the energy that this power requires so soon, but I guess that would be okay, right?"

Sam just stared stupidly at her best friend and coughed. "Um, Danny. Not possessing the energy that it requires means something going wrong and not being able to change it!"

"Please, Sam. I'm sure he was just bluffing. Please can we try it", he begged, shooting her those most adorable puppy dog eyes, piercing her heart with that icy blue.

Before she even knew what she was saying, she muttered, "Fine…" under her breath, not taking her eyes off those icy blue eyes he possessed. When he jumped up in glee, she jumped too. But only because she wasn't expecting him to be that enthusiastic.

"Perfect! So, the plan is, I try to switch bodies. If it works: We can walk around and act like each other. If it doesn't work: We'll just try again next week!" Noticing the troubled look he got from Sam, he said, "C'mon, don't be so worried! What could go wrong?"

~about 6 hours later~

It was almost 11:30. Sam was dressed only in her gray short shorts (the ones so short she wouldn't have worn if she had remembered that Danny was coming) and her thin black spaghetti strap tank top. Yeah, if she would've remember Danny was coming, she SO wouldn't have worn this.

Sam pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail, not caring that the bottom sagged. She was going to bed anyway.

She dragged herself to her bed and plopped down, not even bothering to pull the covers on her, despite how cold it was. Wait…why is it so cold? The heat is supposed to be on…

She lazily looked up and groaned to see that the window was open. Half asleep, she dragged herself over to the window to shut it, only to see her best friend floating out there, wearing that all too familiar smirk.

That woke her up. "Danny! What are you doing here?" she practically screamed. Danny opened his mouth to explain, then looked down at her clothing only to see she was barely covered. His face turned a dark shade of pink.

"Why are you…" Sam's voice trailed off as she looked down at her attire. Realization struck her as she ran off into her bedroom to find something to cover herself with. The bottoms of her shorts kept flopping up while she ran, only leaving her more exposed and leaving Danny turning a deep shade of red.

Only when she found her old baby blanket to cover herself with was when they both stopped blushing.

Sam suddenly realized something. She furrowed her eyebrows and demanded, "What are you doing here, Danny?"

Danny looked confused, and simply stated, "Don't you remember? We were going to sneak out to see about that new power?"

It was Sam's turn to be puzzled, then her expression became as if she had just comprehended his words, the reluctance.

"Danny, at this hour? No way, it can wait till tomorrow after school. I don't know about you, but I'm going to sleep. Good night, Danny!", she exclaimed as she grumpily stomped over to her bed and sank inside the covers.

No way. I didn't fly over here in the rain to be cancelled on. She's going whether she likes it or not, Danny amusedly smirked to himself. It only took 2 seconds for him to become intangible, go under Sam's mattress, turn her intangible and fly the both of them out of the mansion.

Sam screamed out in surprise at two things. One: the sudden feeling of being forced out of bed against her will. Two: the wetness that she unexpectedly felt against her skin. She looked up to see water plopping onto her face.

Sam sighed loudly in annoyance, but decided not to protest against it, knowing that she was too weak against a ghost. So she let him take her wherever he wanted to go. She even tried to doze off because she was so tired, but with no luck, courtesy of the rain. So, she decided to make small talk until he reached their mysterious destination.

"So, how do you do this creepy body-swapping thing anyway?" Sam asked, half of her really wondering.

"I managed to annoy Clockwork enough to get him to blurt out the instructions." Danny chuckled and smirked in remembrance. "The only downside is you have to prick your finger for a little drop of blood to put into a potion."

"I thought you said it was a new ghost power?"

"Oh, it is. I have to fill the potion glass with my ecto-energy. It's a certain kind of new ecto-energy that I somehow just developed, according to Clockwork."

"Oh…", Sam shrugged it off, still not totally getting it.

Finally, Danny slowed and came into a meadow. It would've been peaceful if it weren't for the pouring ran. After Danny playfully dropped Sam three feet from the air, they ran under a nearby Oak tree for shelter.

"Okay, first: the potion bottles." Danny then reached inside a backpack that Sam didn't even realize he was carrying until just now. He pulled out two bottles: one green and one purple.

"Next, the needles," Danny pulled out two separate needles and carefully placed them down on his lap where he knew where they were at.

"Now, the ectoplasm." He said as he placed his hand to the purple bottle, giving it an ectoplasmic glow. When the glass was full of the green liquid, he carefully set it down and picked up the green one. He did the same to this one, and handed it to Sam, along with a needle.

"Here, prick your finger and get a couple of drops into that bottle." Sam did what she was told, then handed the bottle to Danny. Danny took the purple one, pricked his finger a couple of times, and handed it to Sam.

Sam began to swirl it around to get it all mixed up. "Wait, why do I have your blood and you have mine?"

"It's a part of the whole trick. You have to…er…drink, I guess, the opposite persons' blood and vice versa. Now here."

"I have to drink your blood! That's disgusting, Danny."

"Well, that's how you work it! Now" - he held up his glowing hand, indicating to put hers against it - "The final touch to make it work."

She pressed her hand against his, and she had felt that well-known glow feeling she was used to, due to being best friends with a ghost boy. She and him were glowing green. She picked up the glass, Danny mimicking her movements.

Sam smirked nervously, and said, "Cheers" and clinked glasses with Danny before chugging down the odd glowing liquid. The taste made her and Danny both start gagging at the same time.

"Oh…that's revolting…" Sam complained, still choking. Danny silently agreed…well, not completely silent, on account that he was gagging as well.

"Well, duh, it's ectoplasmic blood, of course it's going to be revolting." Danny said. "Hey…" he started. "I don't feel any different…do you?"

Sam stopped for a moment to concentrate. "No, I feel like regular old Goth girl Sam…"

"I guess it didn't work, then."

"Guess not."

"Bummer." Danny said, looking down. "Well, let's go ahead and head back home, I'll drop you off to your place." Sam agreed to that. The ride home seemed a lot shorter than when they came, and both teenagers were content with that, both wanting to get some shut-eye.

They said their farewells as Danny dropped Sam off at her balcony, then headed back to his own place.


Danny awakened suddenly to the sound of…rock music in the morning? Danny frowned. That couldn't be right. His usual alarm was his sisters' loud mouth shrieking at him to get his lazy butt up. Maybe mom or someone got me an alarm clock…

He got up to shut off his alarm, only to realize his alarm clock looked nothing of what his mother would get him. He looked around the room, expecting to see that familiar blue, but only getting the familiar black of Sam's room.

Huh? Did I crash out here or something? Wait…why am I in Sam's bed? He scrambled up only to see that he was the only person who occupied Sam's bed. He looked down at his clothing to see what he saw another person wear last night: gray short shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top.

Those aren't mine.

He looked down at his hands, then felt his hair. Small, soft hands and silky, shoulder length hair.

That' s not mine, either.

His hands hesitantly traveled to his back, to the top of the shorts, then gripped his butt.

He blushed a deep, deep red and thought, that's DEFINITELY not mine!

Forgetting all about the potion of last night, he sprinted to the mirror hanging on Sam's closet door, hoping to see himself. But, instead, he saw Sam Manson. He let out a high-pitched scream, which he knew was definitely not his, either.


"Danny! For the last time, come down and get some breakfast already!" Sam heard Jazz yell from a distance.

Danny? Why is she saying Danny? Wait, why is Jazz here? Where is Danny, anyway? All of those question sank into her mind, last night not answering none of them, since her memory is so blurry because of reasons unknown.

She decided to get up to see what was wrong. As soon as her feet touched the hardwood floor, she knew something was wrong. My floor isn't wood, it's plush… she thought suspiciously.

She was suddenly wide awake. She snapped her eyes open and whipped her head all around, getting a good look at her surroundings. Did Danny take me hear last night instead of my place? Wait, I'm in Danny's bed…

She shrieked as she jumped up, expecting to see her best friend there, only to find the bed was empty. Now she was really confused.

She scratched her head, trying to figure all of the out. When she touched her hair, she didn't touch the flat silk she was so used to, she touched a somewhat spiky and messy hairdo instead.

Whoa. My hair's not like that.

She looked down at her clothes: nothing but a pear of red polka dot boxers; not even a shirt!

WHOA! Hello! That chest is NOT mine. I have boobs! She started to panic and scrambled to the nearest mirror she could find. What she saw wasn't what she was expecting at all: she saw her best friend, Danny Fenton, in the place where she was supposed to be. She started screaming uncontrollably, and out came the scream of a cracking teenager voice instead of her usual girl scream.

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